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  1. The Caviar & Bananas in Charleston were pretty cool, too. Nice to see C&B, Husk, and Toast branching into Greenville. All were favorites of mine in Chucktown. Eggs Meeting Street from Toast is to die for.
  2. Just a reminder, folks...this board on UP is largely inactive because everything is being covered splendidly by Denver Infill Blog and Denver Urbanism Blog. If you are browsing around UP and want to see what's going on in Denver, that's the place for all of the info.
  3. Nice infill and another good residential alternative, just a short walk from downtown. I like it. It reminds me quite a bit of much of what's going up in LoDo near Union Station out here.
  4. Two of my favorite pieces of Charleston, coming to Greenville. The more al-fresco dining, the better! Love it!
  5. I don't suspect that to be the case at all. I suspect they're merely trying to fit better with the look and feel of DTGVL. Hello! :-P Me too.
  6. Where there's a will, there's a way. If there's not enough room, just build it out over the water. Look at what they've done in Tampa and Austin, for example. Tampa: Austin:
  7. Nice to see RiverPlace finally being rounded out. SO MUCH has changed since I was last in Greenville.
  8. Aside from the red firebird, I really kinda dig this photo.
  9. Greenville needs a Tilted Kilt...or maybe a Tír na nÓg ;-)
  10. Neat...although at first I thought it was a giant Sodastream! :-)
  11. Wow...that's, er, uh, unique. I want to like it, but I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it from just seeing the photos. It just kinda clashes with everything around it. I like this one ... kudos to whomever came up with this idea. Whoa...I am not a fan of the lack of grass. I had hoped there'd still be at least a few more living green things on this plaza to soften it. It's all way too harsh.
  12. Why not just put a huge parking garage surrounded by/clad in ground-floor retail/restaurant and upper level apartment/condo on this site and then replace the surface parking around the Bi-Lo Center with more of the same (retail and restaurant space facing N. Church Street and the Bi-Lo Center both with low-rise apartment/condo above it)? Just a thought.
  13. Although not quite what the original plan called for, that does seem to fit right in with RiverPlace and the timeline is aggressive enough that I think it will get done before the US economy gets thrown into the crapper again by greedy fiscal and economic policy decisions. That being said, I would still like to see another unique pedestrian bridge across that end of the Reedy connecting things back up with the Peace Center and closing the loop a bit.
  14. That sure is a mighty fine development going up on that site...and Brooks Bros. would not surprise me one bit. Y'all are no-doubt gonna freak when you see Phase III unveiled, if a) it truly is what the rumors are saying it is height-wise and b) it is crowned by something as interesting and geometrical as the rest of the project has been so far.
  15. I could be wrong, but I think CAP, LLC has long since abandoned any plans they had for that large tract across from Publix...it sure would have been nice to see all of the rumored stores materialize there, though...the plans back then "hinted" at Target (not SuperTarget), Circuit City, and Whole Foods Market...I don't think the demographics in that area would have supported it though.
  16. That Octocopter is pretty rad, isn't it? It nearly puts me into cardiac arrest to even think about attaching my 5D and 17-40mm L lens to that thing, though. I like my camera in my hands where it belongs.
  17. The husband of a friend of mine had fun flying an Octocopter around Greenville a weekend ago...here are the results (mixed with some earlier footage shot at the ground level from a few months ago).
  18. A few photos of the Peace Center renovations from this past weekend: I love the cover over the TD Pavilion. I'm also impressed with the stonework on the walls...definitely continues the Falls Park feel on to the Peace Center entrance plaza. Can't wait to return one day and see it all complete (fountains, lights, and all).
  19. Awesome photos as always, Charles! It's great to see you visited Charleston!!
  20. Is that storefront going to look something like this or be a little more watered down?
  21. As a former resident of the city and very infrequent user of downtown, I'd like to say that my interests don't matter; however, I still like what's been planned for that corner. Anybody opposed to it simply has nothing better to do with their time, which is sad on a number of levels.
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