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  1. CtownMikey... thank you for mentioning Dubai in this forum... now as for me, i had no clue what so ever about dubai... after reading this post and doing my investigation... i can only say, i was speechless.. i had no idea , projects of this immense size was going on.. i think it'll be a great idea to start a new post about dubai and UAE. Not only because of all the construction and ideas going on, but the philosophical idea behind it all. I dont know about anyone here, but after reading soo much, i plan to visit this so called "greatest" city in the world.
  2. My name is Marvin lopez and im a realtor from Red Realty. I would like to say that our company thrives on making our customers happy and satisfying them with what they want... plus we only charge 3% commision rates .... but if anyone needs help with real estate, u can contact me at redrealty.net
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