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  1. ^^That is gorgeous. Water so clear too!
  2. ^^ Beautiful pic, you got the angle just right there (oh wait a second it is a perfect cylinder, in that mind a little left next time ok ).-
  3. Interesting developments for ATL, hopefully they can pick up Southwest with all these additions!
  4. I hope Dallas can see that expansion as well, I know Pittsburgh is trying to expand their subway system to the northside and University district.
  5. I love how you put that Evergrey, I too am frustrated with some fantastic shots of the skyline etc. around here being interrupted by powerlines. I have just come to accept them in the ways you described Evergrey as a NE, Industrial Mid-West urban fabric.
  6. I love that shot of Houston, I really admire that city's "bigger then Texas" skyline. Hope you guys appreciated our Chevron and Pennzoil gifts (Chevron used to be the Gulf Oil corporation of Pittsburgh). Houston is one skyline I was always fascinated with! Evergrey, yet another classic picture of what makes Pittsburgh so unique, Polish Hill is truly something that makes this region stand out as something special!
  7. Evergrey, great shots of Pittsburgh's party central! What a saturday night that was, and a Pirates win too!
  8. I have heard about the maglev proposed between Washington and Baltimore. The light-rail proposal is news to me.
  9. Pittsburgh is doing pretty well, USAirways reduction (though we are still a focus city and they have just added more maintence jobs so things are bouncing back) is over so things have stablized there, in the last 12 months, Southwest added 12 or so flights a day to 6 cities, Midwest Airlines has added 4 or so a day to 2 cities, Northwest and Continental have expanded some, JetBlue is coming in with 3-4 flights a day to 2 cities, and Hooters and Independence Air have done great things (though sadly now they and their 4-5 flights a day are gone to Ch. 11). Overall it's been a healthy rebound but I'd still like them to get that 5th runway built and a few international carriers besides AirCanada (hard to do when there is such proximity to Philly, Dulles and JFK, something Charlotte is blessed to not have). Glad to see JetBlue fly into the Queen City (of the south at least) and that your fourth runway is progressing.
  10. Just wanted to extend my congratulations to the city and region of Charlotte and welcome you all aboard the JetBlue family of destinations. Long overdue in my opinion (I am still surprised Southwest doesn't serve Charlotte yet). Hopefully one day there will be a Pittsburgh-Charlotte direct on JetBlue, for the two major metros that joined in ol' 2006 (I don't consider Jax or Raleigh that "major" though they are every bit a "metro").
  11. C-Town I fixed it, it should link directly now, thank you for making the Ohio forum as good as it can be!
  12. Please realize that "cutting and pasting" of articles--even multiple sentences--can not be tolerated. Being a forum to discuss our opinions and views we should always aim to provide as much commentary and original thoughts to any linked news item. Although some quick quotes of certain news sources are tolerable if they are used to further a member's view and commentary, multiple sentences or beyond can lead to our forum violating copyright law. UP Admins--and I through their authority--are empowered to speedily delete any post, ban temporarily or ban permanently and without warning any member that violates this policy. For the UP policy on article posting please refer to: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=260 Thank you in advance for keeping the focus on our ideas, comments and reactions to publications without copyright issues.
  13. I've always marveled at Miami's city hall . . . where was it before it moved to the old Pan Am bldg? When did it move? Also the MOST impressive city hall I have ever seen in person is the one in Buffalo NY, who would have thunk it My favorite picture of Buffalo City Hall: I am so envious
  14. It is truly amazing what gambling can build.
  15. Sounds like a very good project, got any pics of it?
  16. Looks nice we need planners like this back in the states.
  17. Looks good! Couldn't help but notice though that the hockey teams mascot are the "Nads"? I don't know wether to laugh or to think those must be some tough dudes to where jerseys with that on them.
  18. those are great links . . . im jealous lol
  19. That first picture. . . WOW, makes me want to take out my LEGO set again!
  20. Car free is the way to go, every day I wish we were more like Europe in that way, less pollution, more rapid transit, better land usage.
  21. Looks like USAirways is gonna have tons of success in Pittsburgh and keep thousands on payrolls for a few more years at least, Bush can't afford not to: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...t=0entry31772
  22. That whole country is like the world's best SimCity player come to life. What 25 years of oil money can do (Houston and Dallas expanded this rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s too). Saw a piece on CNBC on Dubai and UAE, their airline is top notch, they are building Miami and Ft. Lauderdale like residential communities out into the Persian Gulf and giving away a few houses to world celebrities to draw attention to the communities, the building boom there is rapid fire, it will be an Asian century but not the Asia of the far east . . . the Asia of Dubai. Pittsburgh's vaunted Carnegie Mellon University (arguably the #1 Technology, #1 Engineering and #1 Arts University in the world) opened up a second branch campus there (the other branch campus is in Silicon Valley). Here's hoping Mayor Tom Murphy can get Dubai West going here in the 'burgh
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