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  1. Charlotte's Urban Lowe's Home Improvement

    Didn't someone on here suggest they move the Garden Center to South and have an entrance on South?
  2. The Arlington

    At sunset it also turns the entire skyline pink.
  3. Charlotte's Urban Lowe's Home Improvement

    So is it possible to enter the store from South Blvd?
  4. Charlotte Off Topic

    There are not any vacant buildings in SouthEnd that have 300,000 sq ft of space to my knowledge.
  5. Charlotte Off Topic

    That would be so HOT if we got an IKEA!
  6. Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    There is a sign on N Davidson on a plot of land next to the junk yard that is advertising Artist Lofts....have not seen any action on it yet.
  7. Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    How many murders have occured in Optimist Park recently? I was not aware that it was the most murderous square mile in Charlotte.
  8. SouthPark Mall

    C&B has to pop up somewhere in Charlotte... Northlake? Midtown? Piedmont Town Center? Elizabeth? Carolina Place?
  9. Charlotte Off Topic

    The byline in that article says "Charlotte, N.C."
  10. Charlotte's Urban Lowe's Home Improvement

    If I lived in Olmstead Park I would be most concerned about the noise generated by 18 wheelers and also the light pollution generated by the lights in the parking lot. I would make sure that Lowe's does everything to mitigate these factors.
  11. EpiCentre Retail

    I don't think that downtown needs more service retail like the kind that will be going into Mercado in Huntersville...rather we need the service retail we already have to stay open past 6pm. That is changing as more and more people move downtown.
  12. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    The Main Public Library has the Master Plan that you can view and make copies of. I don't know of any online versions.
  13. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    The First Ward master plan calls for max heights of 8 stories at that parcel. The vision is that the heights taper down from Tryon as you get closer to 277. Thats why no one balked at Courtside (except for the old ladies at Autumn Place) since it is much closer to the skyscrapers on Tryon. Whereas this parcel is really close to 277. IMO anything above 5 stories would really stick out. Every parcel surrounding this land doesnt go above 4 stories (including the future Renwick). The taller buildings don't start till Davidson and Caldwell. I think something on the scale of SouthEnd Village would fit in nicely.
  14. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    My understanding is that new development at 7th & McDowell will be in the 5 story range...Village of Southend is a good comparison. If it gets to be much above 5 stories expect to see some resistance from the neighborhood.