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  1. When is this 14 story Fed Reserve building supposed to be constructed? Sometimes I feel like I hear of new buildings being constructed in the news and thats the last you hear. Two years ago they announced a 7-story condo building in Lakeview and I have neither seen or heard of anything since.
  2. Maybe if B'ham has something to go downtown for then it would be the necessary shot in the arm to revitalize downtown. How can you say that B'ham will "NEVER" get a pro sports team. 15 years ago I am sure people thought the exact same thing about Jacksonville and Nashville. B'ham is one of the largest cities I know of without an appropriate stadium and the city absolutely needs a nicer stadium and why not do it the RIGHT way. Giving more $ to education won't mean anything. Until you have the right leaders in charge of the schools then the B'ham city schools are the definition of a money drain. I am sure you could make the argument that every city that has a domed stadium could have used the money on something else, do you think that Atlanta or New Orleans have perfect school systems? Absolutely not. Unless there is a reason to come downtown there is no reason to invest in downtown. The city and county should support this notion.
  3. No, my name is not Matt Bailey but I do know who that is, he graduated with me. Did you go to Gardendale High School?
  4. When will this story break the news and when would they like to get started on this project. I was also curious to know when University Park in Homewood was going to beging construction, as well as the Leer and City Federal Towers?
  5. Yes I did. I graduated in 2004 and I now go to Auburn. What year did you graduate?
  6. Where did you get this information. A long time ago I knew that Brookwood was going to extend all the way to Vincents Market but I have not heard anything since the original renovation. My friends dad is the man in charge of that whole development for Colonial and I have not heard him say anything, but I have not talked to him about it in awhile. I also have heard that talks about what to do with the Mtn. Brook Inn stalled due to the fact that the property is on the line b/w Mtn. Brook and Homewood. I also have not seen any renderings on the new Summit hotel but I hope it is atleast 12 stories, that would be awesome. I also was wondering if you had any info on University Park. I have heard it be referenced several times but have not seen any renderings or really any details on the whole thing. I though Homewood was going to develop that site into soccer fields? All this info is really awesome, I hope it all pans out.
  7. Where did you hear this information and where would it be located downtown. This would be incredible, but in some ways I would like to see several 20 story buildings built than one gigantic building.
  8. You must not forget that the Cabana Hotel renovation is set to being soon which in my opinion carries almost the same level of importance as renovating City Federal. Another important project is that UAB bought the old Sears building and is renovating it to relocate their business incubator program. Both of these are very important projects.
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