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  1. Yes train show, but it was down at Cobo over the weekend.
  2. You had quite the sporgy of a day! Great shot from the CoPa. I really like how from the stadium, the Ren Cen is not isolated or dominant in the skyline. I can only imagine of what it was like to be there last night. What a dramatic win by the Tigers! Downtown must have been hopping all night.
  3. baldy

    Detroit Off Topic

    Try Elmwood Cemetery Very cool place. I took a Detroit History class and the teacher runs this place, so as part of our class we had a field trip here. He'll probably give you one if you call ahead of time and set one up There are a lot of famous Detroiters buried here, most recently, Coleman A Young. Here are just a couple of pictures I took when I was there.
  4. baldy

    Detroit Off Topic

    Doug was 44. He acomplished a lot in a short amount of time and will be greatly missed.
  5. Here's another which shows some of the extravegant sites around the cemetary.
  6. The Alger tomb at Elmwood Cemetary
  7. It was for back when there was the trolley running. I believe this is where it ended.
  8. ^that's a great shot! You mean this photo pardon my ignorance, but what are these supposed to mean?
  9. That picture makes me cold! Cruel on a 70 deg Nov day......
  10. No rendering, but here's what it looked like as of Saturday
  11. Thanks Allan. Besides the roof, I thought the inside was cleaned up which included removing of the seats and other misc stuff. My memory isn't so good any more and I don't remember how this nugget of info got put into my brain, so maybe this isn't the case.
  12. Who owns the national theater? Wasn't it cleaned up a few years back? I can't believe all the discussion about parking garages, but then again that's the majority of the construction activity downtown!
  13. I noticed there is now scaffolding on the front of the National Theater. Does anyone know if this is for permanent or temporary occupancy? I thought I heard someone was going to use it for the Super Bowl, but not much more.
  14. Oh yeah, the R Hirt Jr company. One of my favorite places to shop since they have such a great variety of meats and cheezes which they'll let you sample before you buy. yummy. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
  15. Wednesday, Sept 21, 2005 The last day of summer ....
  16. It's good to see others adding to this thread! Keep it up. Aaron, great photo! Sarcasm is the often misunderstood language of the forums I thought it was witty Since its been awhile ... Sept 20 Tiffany lights located inside the recently opened Cock 'n Bull Irish Sports Bar in downtown Detroit
  17. Friday, Sept 16 Vincente's Cuban Restaurant in downtown. In addition to having great food, the restaurant is set up with a dance floor in the middle which is used to provide evening entertainment on the weekends. If you haven't been here yet, I highly recommend stopping by.
  18. I really love the urban feel this shot gives downtown Detroit and it shows its great architecture. A little bit of new, and a lot of old. Plus, with the construction of 1 Kennedy Sq, and a crane on the left (don't let people know it's a parking garage), it really looks like downtown has it going on.
  19. I would have liked to have seen lights shining on the crown, specifically the "KALES" part. I know it's the photo, but it kind of looks like flourescent lighting under the arched windows at the top! Agreed, it's good to see the building lit up, but most importantly, to see the windows lit up.
  20. Monday, Sept 12 Saturday was Red Bull Dragsterday in downtown. Unfortunately, I was not able to see a race and find out what it was all about.
  21. Yeah, Allan has been so quick at posting the photo of the day, the rest of us haven't had a chance! LOL! Here's some pictures I took of the C-mart fountain from Jazzfest last weekend.
  22. baldy

    Detroit Off Topic

    Great find Lmich. I've always liked Town Center One, but I'm a big post modern fan . Isn't Rosetti the architectural firm on this? I knew the occupancy in Southfield, like much of the area, isn't that great, but didn't think it was that low. A couple years ago it had a Sterling Bank & Trust sign on the top of the building, and now it has changed to US Bank.
  23. edit: DOH! See below for location.
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