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  1. I have heard that the Monroe-Market St. corridor has been selected as the final routing. I'm disappointed. I liked the Ottawa-Ionia corridor better.
  2. That kind of funding could lead to a resurgence in intercity railroads, not to mention more rail for public transit systems nationwide. Frankly, if we did this 20 years ago, we wouldn't be in the situation we are in now.
  3. Disabled or not she's in the wrong. If the Rapid made exceptions for every person who was just over the boundary line it would ruin their budget. She has known about this issue for three years and isn't facing up to the reality of the situation. If she wants relief, she should get her local government to join the Rapid. Or, move back into the service area.
  4. In the words of Mark Twain, "news of my death is greatly exagerated".
  5. She lives outside the funding district and the service district. She made a bad decision moving out to BFE, not thinking about her mobility needs, and now is trying to lay the blame on the Rapid. She's one of those wacko's who are oblivious to the world around her and needs to blame someone else for her troubles.
  6. By combing the alignment over that piece of Monroe they can save the cost of building additional stations. I'm not a big favorite of this alignment. I would have preferred something up Ionia or Ottawa, splitting the downtown more in half. It would give more incentive to develop lots 4 and 5. I think this alignment favors certain wealthy property owners in the Market corridor.
  7. The property south of the current RCS is for a future move of the AMTRAK line, not for streetcars.
  8. I think the 800 student number is spread between the East Lansing and Grand Rapids campuses.
  9. Weslin's cost per passenger trip can be calculated as follows: $2,000,000 annual cost divided by 1,500 daily passengers divided by 255 weekdays of operation equal $5.23 per trip. Since I do not have the actual numbers from the report, this number is reasonably close to the $5.39 per passenegrs figure quoted in the Executive SUmmary. I do not understand your comment about the "corresponding reduction in capital costs". What reduction in capital costs?
  10. I think we're talking about just a building. It's only the MD medical school.
  11. MDOT can do a good job. I was heavyily involved in the redesign of Grand River (M-43) through East Lansing about 7-8 years ago. While MDOT wouldn't buy parking on the street, the citizens group, through a charette process was able to get MDOT to reduce the number of lanes, add generous sidewalks and beautiful landscaping. There is hope. But the key is citizens involvement. In East Lansing, the citizens were often better informed than the MDOT staff on the project. Eventually, they had to listen to the truth.
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