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  1. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    I would love to see Church St be turned into a "Lincoln Road" type of venue. It looked like it was getting closer to that reality back in the 90's, until Church St. died. Now that there are more residential towers being built in downtown, it's a perfect opportunity to turn Church St. into a pedestrian mall. Thoughts? I think it could work. Granted, Lincoln Rd is huge, but Church St. could be a smaller, double-decker, version. It's something besides another theme park...
  2. Hmm...after my $20 trip downtown using the toll roads, paying $15 to park, then getting mugged in Parramore, how can one NOT have a great time at the Scamway Arena??? No thanks.
  3. ^ agreed! We have too many effing toll roads in this joke of a town. Why is Orlando the ONLY major metro with one Freeway in the state of Florida? Miami and Tampa, yes, have toll roads, but they also have at least one other Freeway! Jacksonville has NO toll roads! Ugh...I used to love Orlando, but too many money hungry, good ole boy politicians run this town. Crotty is the W-O-R-S-T!!! I hate it here now.
  4. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    Ugh...the ugliest building in Orlando is also the EMPTIEST building in Orlando. Maybe they'll want to use it for another "explosion" scene in a movie..."Lethal Weapon 5" maybe?
  5. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    ^ what? only interested in patrons with large assets? (sorry, couldn't resist).
  6. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    ^sigh...I rest my case.
  7. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    I wouldn't call it "hate" per se; more like disdain for what's come to fruition. For all the hype, broo ha ha, and pomp given to 55W before construction began, I was expecting something akin to a "feather in the cap". Instead, we get a "bend in the rim" of this cowboy hat. Not to mention this ugly building took 5 years to even get off the ground. I would prefer to see commercial development downtown rather than empty, cavernous, condo buildings being sold to foriegn investors. And let's not start with the fact that over 75% of the proposed buildings downtown have gone the way of the dodo. At this point, I'll take the big open cube on the skyscraper roof anyday...at least the pizzutti plot would've had a building on it rather than a field of grass. Just my opinion...
  8. well, it's all easy enough really...I-4 West goes South and I-4 East goes North. Turnpike North goes West and Tpk South goes East. It should be simple for an out of towner to figure out...
  9. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    i guess. IMHO, 55W is the ugliest building downtown. it looks like it belongs on Disney property, not an urban center. Oh well...density is density in Orlando.
  10. depechecureguyorl

    55 West

    you're right. i thought this building would be taller...it's very squat the way it looks.
  11. I heard on the news that the Apopka Bypass/Maitland Blvd extension is under construction. Anyone know how far along the project is? I've noticed a lot of construction going on around the Hwy 441/Mtld Blvd intersection, but that's the extent of what I've seen.
  12. In 25 years, Orlando will finally get a 600 footer to offset the sea of 400 feet buildings. The ORL skyline already looks denser than Tampa or Jax's, but no where close to Miami's...what we lack in height we compensate for in density. Oh, and in 25 years...Orlando will look like...ORLANDO.
  13. there is. the article says it expires in 2 years and Mica is unsure if he'll push to extend it. i hope he does. Had Mobility 20/20 included options to free up congestion on surface roads and options to convert the existing toll roads into freeways, then I would have voted "yes". As it was, however, toll lanes on I-4 is rediculous; especially when they want to use the money for more buses and "some light rail". Jeez...
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