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  1. Does anyone know who developed the Hilton Garden Inn?
  2. I did not realize that the BBT/Dennys Building was fully leased. That is impressive. I am glad to hear that the Marriot is doing well too. Many people that I know were concerned with the negative image and impact that would have been projected if it had floundered. By succeeding, it will continue to bring more investment into the downtown. The office market in Spartanburg must be warming up, with the new spec office building that Johnson Development is building, even with the vacancies or shadow space of the other office buildings.
  3. Does anyone know if the Graceland Cemetary rezoning went through on Woodruff Road/Hwy 14? I thought the meeting was on Tuesday night.
  4. I agree. Maybe it could go diagonal to the new Marriot. The BMW HQ in downtown Spartanburg would create a cascading effect on the entire office market. I am certain that in a short period of time the BMW suppliers would fill all currently available space in the area, including: BBT Building Extended Stay Building Montgomery Building Downtown Office Condos New Johnson Spec Offices on Main Street It also would keep the Marriot full as well.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I think that it is a truly productive function of the internet. Also, I still have a question that I am hoping to find the answer to: Does anyone know who is a good source on long-range SPATS? Other than the posting at the courthouse and the online link previously captioned, I was trying to determine what or whom would be a good source to determine the long-term plans (versus simply hopes/dreams)? Does anyone have a good source? Thanks
  6. I am glad to be a Spartan. We have much going on in our City/County to be proud of. There are a a lot of different leaders within Spartanburg who are truly redefining our community. You are correct about Floyd Road. I found a document on-line tonight that details several projects, but they appear to be old or only recommendations. This document includes the extension. Link is: http://www.spartanburgcounty.org/govt/dept...pplan/part6.pdf Details are on about page 12 or so. I can't remember.
  7. I was wondering where one would find the SPATS plans beyond 2005. The 2000 to 2005 plans are on display in the courthouse. I have heard of a plan to extend Floyd Street to intersect with Hwy 29 on the Eastside of Spartanburg (near the new Lowes) and just wanted to find out more about this and any other upcoming road work.
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