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  1. http://www.newport-now.com/2009/09/16/wind...ver-middletown/ Aquidneck Island is in the process of receiving its third wind turbine, this one at the Aquidneck Corporate Park, between Valley Rd. and Aquidneck Ave. in Middletown. It's not quite as large as the two in Portsmouth, but it is one more step toward making Newport County a leader in wind energy.
  2. The crane between near the Superman Building would be for Waterplace, right? I think the two towers are sort of blending into Superman and the State House from this angle.
  3. http://www.projo.com/ri/newport/content/EB...v5.411ad1f.html An article from the East Bay section of the Projo about the makeover of Long Wharf Mall...excuse me, the Shops at Long Wharf... that I mentioned a while back in the House of Scrimshaw thread. The new look is quite nice. I'll have to take some pictures now that work is wrapping up.
  4. ^After the last eight years, I wouldn't put anything past the criminals running the executive branch. They've already committed far more far-fetched crimes than opening their biggest threat in years to possible elimination.
  5. Yes, that is the official explanation. To accept it at face value, one must completely disregard the fact that the Secret Service's purpose is to ensure officials' safety, not to provide crowds for photo ops. Bag checks and metal detectors have been standard practice at concerts and sporting events for years now, and it would be highly unlikely for officials at such events to disregard security for the sake of getting the crowd in a little faster.
  6. Here's a conspiracy theory for you. Why did the Secret Service order Dallas police to stop screening people for weapons as they entered a Barack Obama rally on Wednesday, despite the fact that the local officers were uncomfortable with the security risk? Other reports have said that this has happened at previous Obama rallies as well. I can't imagine similar risks being taken at events involving Bush, or any other such high profile figures for that matter. One has to wonder if the powers that be want Obama out of the picture. Or perhaps the present administration (of which the Secret Se
  7. Two pics from the past week. NYC: Providence:
  8. That depends on just how much more advanced the alien technology is compared to ours. Show a computer to people from the middle ages and they'd never figure it out. On the other hand, show it to engineers from the 1930s and give them some time, and they'd probably be able to decipher much of the technology behind it. As someone pointed out, modern physicists already have a theoretical understanding of how interstellar travel could be possible, even without the technological knowledge necessary to build an interstellar craft. If a hypothectical alien craft is based on principles not complet
  9. Salve Regina University a couple nights ago. Ochre Court: Wakehurst:
  10. ^Ages ago I saw pics of that view on some architecture forum or other. It is indeed incredible to see the massive skyline rising out of the featureless lake. I've seen an aerial photo of the Bryant University campus in which the Boston skyline was clearly visible in the far distance. However, it looked like it was taken from closer to 1000 feet, and the hilly terrain looked like it would obscure the skyline from much lower than that. You might be able to just see a couple of the tallest Boston buildings from the Hospital Trust, but probably not more than that. Since I'm posting in
  11. Not to debunk the entire "UFOs on the moon" conspiracy (which I believe to be possible), but both of these anomalies are easily explainable through the limitations of photography. Cameras can't discern extremes of light and dark anywhere near as well as the human eye. What this means is that if the camera is set to properly expose the brightly lit foreground objects, the relatively faint pinpoints of stars will be underexposed to the point they aren't visible. Go outside on a clear, starry night and take a picture of something brightly-lit. You won't see any stars in the photo. The anom
  12. Perhaps inspired by the success of the turbine at Portsmouth Abbey, Portsmouth voters this week overwhelmingly approved a $3M bond to build a wind turbine at Portsmouth Middle School. The arrangement would be similar to that at the Abbey, with the turbine powering the school and excess power being sold to benefit the town.
  13. That does sound odd. Maybe the overturned truck was carrying weapons, chemicals, nuclear material, or something like that. I can see the military wanting to keep the public far away from the scene of such an accident, both for public safety and for security. Strange that it wouldn't be mentioned on the local news, though.
  14. Did I post anything that isn't a verifiable fact? If you look at the facts of what have happened in the years since the 2000 election, along with the long-term strategies being produced by right-wing think tanks in prior years, there really aren't many unanswered questions or topics for speculation. What is happening is what they wanted to happen. If the "official" story is to be believed, then we've got a bunch of incompetants running the country, bungling everything they attempt yet somehow managing to personally profit immensely from their gaffes. Frankly, I find this idea far mor
  15. Project for a New American Century (Neoconservative think tank) laid out plans for invasions of both Iraq and Iran, as well as increasing control over the American people, way back in the mid 90s. Step one was to get a Republican president in office. Step two was to await (cause?) what they referred to as "another Pearl Harbor" to scare the public into supporting the invasions and giving up their constitutional rights. All of this has come to pass in the last several years. Do a web search for PNAC and you'll see that the neocons didn't even keep this agenda secret. They felt free to pub
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