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  1. The Vinton Building is a beauty. The proposed project is also pretty interesting. I understand each floor will have only one owner, or roughly about a 4,000 Sq Ft unit. The views, indeed, are spectactular not only from the 12th floor, but even from as low as the 3rd & 4th floors. Imagine looking out of your living room window and turning your head to the right with a great view of Campus Martius Park. Then a look to your left and a view of the Detroit River and Windsor. Awesome!!! I can't wait for this project to begin.
  2. Unfortunately "the city" doesn't own the buildings/lofts and doesn't set the price. Downtown can be tough on a student's budget (I think you'd find that to be the case in most cities) but mid-town which is very close to downtown is very affordable and a pretty cool neighborhood. You should look there. In terms of project lists, I noticed demo work has begun in Porcher's Breakfast Joint at Merchant's Row.
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