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  1. -Mission demoed by April. -Construction targeted for Q3 -Will be built as 1 large phase; everything at once. -Finalizing Hotel partner
  2. According to the Sentinel the Dorm Tower at the UCF campus will be about 14-15 stories.
  3. Steel is rising; it is going vertical.
  4. Steel will begin rising in under 10 days and you can see the concrete form of some of the below grade stands already. They are putting together a very large mobile crane today onsite for the next phase of construction.
  5. Agreed...Just get it going. Looks better than a parking lot and a building that looks like a bunker.
  6. This has been resubmitted to the city with a reduction in units (396 to 350) and reduced from 26 stories of residential to 21 stories on top of the garage podium. Retail space doubled though from 7,000 to just under 14,000. It's going to look pretty stumpy now being this wide and with the reduction of 5 stories.
  7. I don't think Orlando is really far behind when comparing to similar cities in Florida like Jax or Tampa. Miami is really on a whole different level with all the international dollars pouring in. A lot of Orlando's recent projects have been infill which I think had been healthy and will further drive more vertical construction down the road when space becomes sparse.
  8. That's a little harsh....... I think we all wish Orlando had a little more original architecture then it does. However the reality is we need a lot more infill before we get to that point. I think this apt tower boom is just the beginning. The more density the better at this point. The only high rises we get will be short or copied for the time being. Anything else will not justify financially.
  9. That Church is going to look so out of place stuck in the middle of all this though. I'm surprised they have not come around yet. I wonder if Orlando City has gone directly to them yet now that the City is not involved. You would think they would want full control over this entire mega block.
  10. A development like the Yard at Ivanhoe would be perfect adjacent to this stadium.
  11. New stadium essentially puts another Grand Stand on Church Street side. Corners still not filled in so probably can be expanded further in future.
  12. There are rumors floating around about an additional Universal Park (Not the Water Park being built). This would have to almost certainly go on property next to Lockheed. That could possibly make more sense for this hotels location if it did happen. You would think Kirkman would be the new corridor connecting Universals Old and New Parks. Of course this is all here say right now. The Other Option would be building the new park where Wet n wild exists today. Probably could buy out quite a bit of land around there as well. The whole area between wet n wild and this hotel proposal would be primed for redevelopment.
  13. I feel like this would be better placed down by the Convention Center. I'm just not sure about this location. This end of I Drive is not screaming high end. Plus you'd think Convention visitors would be some of the major spenders in a resort like this and it's not connected to the convention center at all. The hotels in the immediate vicinity to this are all pretty low end.
  14. I square new renderings pretty modern.... I like this version better.
  15. I bought a unit at the Solaire during Pre-construction (and still own it). It was well known at the time that other proposals (Tradition Towers) would eventually block the view on the east side. It's only matter of time before something blocks the Solaire. Too many prime lots between it and the Lake. There was also a massive proposal by Cameron Kuhn directly across Magnolia from Solaire at one point during the Solaire construction and of course it died with the bust as well. So that's at least 3 potential lots that would block Solaire in the future. Not worth the fight. Probably more valuable for the Solaire residents long term if Downtown keeps growing and adding density. Speaking of Tradition Towers it would have been nice to see this proposal and Tradition Towers on the same rendering. I'm guessing they would have looked pretty sweet together. Also, would be curious to see this and the new University Club on the same proposal. Probably will really fill some holes in the skyline.
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