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  1. Tower joins old, new High-rise condo project would preserve police building BY LAURA YUEN Pioneer Press The new vision for St. Paul's former police headquarters would preserve a piece of the past while pushing the boundaries of St. Paul's architectural comfort level
  2. There's so many bridges over 35E and 94 through downtown, I doubt it would be that hard to just make it all one large tunnel, like the Big Dig in Beantown or what they are doing down in Miami.
  3. Landmark Hotel in Minneapolis Joins Starwood's Prestigious Luxury Collection; The IVY Hotel + Residences Will Add a New Luxury Experience to the Vibrant Minneapolis Downtown Market WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 31, 2005--Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT) announces a long-term agreement with The IVY Hotel + Residences, a luxury mixed-use development with historic origin, to join Starwood's prestigious Luxury Collection portfolio of hotels and resorts. The IVY Hotel + Residences, a Luxury Collection Hotel, will be built to include three distinct structures
  4. According to TCS, a major hotel will be announced as the flagship for Ivy Tower quite soon. Possibly, Westin.
  5. sushi...you must, because it's been 50's and 60's into December the last 4 years. Our last three winters have placed in the top 7 warmest in recorded history. Until the middle of January last year, Atlanta and Charlotte had more measurable snow than Minneapolis did.
  6. Wow, dude. It was 94 degrees today. Winter isn't that frickin close. It'll be 50's and 60's well into November and December. People are so ignorant about Minnesota winters, it's not even funny.
  7. Why no pictures of The Bridges?
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