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  1. I'm from Tampa which is less than an hour from Orlando, and I rather shop in Atlanta, than in Orlando because to me you have better shopping, less tourists, and people that speak ENGLISH. I can get a cheap ticket less than 100 bucks to fly there and get picked up by friends or family and go shopping or I can drive there in 5 hours or less. I know plenty of people that rather shop in Atlanta than in Orlando or Miami. Those places have fine shopping mainly to international tourists but people I know come from cities such as Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainesville and they go to Atlanta to shop and have a good time such as a weekend getaway. The only good thing orlando has is all of the outlets and theme parks anyways I'm sorry if I made a racist comment but I'm just being "real" shopping in Orlando/Miami is overrated I mean Atlanta just got news that H&M will be opening in the near future I think in 08' 09' in atlantic station or sumthing like that but I ain't heard of plans of one in Orlando yet. Atlanta got a IKEA first before Orlando and that's the 1st IKEA in the Southeast, I consider Atlanta the HUB of shopping in the Southeast and all of the other cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and other southern ciites with upscale shopping are "Mini-Hubs". I love going to Atlanta thats why I cant wait to move back to the ATL or Macon, GA in 09 or 10 So yes ATLANTA WINS BY DEFAULT!!!
  2. In Tampa, FL we have a proposed light rail system extending from Tampa International Airport to USF (University of South Florida) Pic
  3. Everyone always forgets about Tampa Metro and Orlando's metro I mean when some of you guys said from South Florida Up it's all hicktown I would say from Tampa and Orlando up excluding Jax....I bet 20-50 yrs Tampa and Orlando, is gonna be one MAJOR metro But I do agree Tampa and Orlando have more ties to South Florida than Tally or Jax I also have a question why is the University of South Florida, in Tampa? I'm from Tampa, but a-lot of ppl don't even consider Tampa in Central or South Florida so is it in Southwest FLA?
  4. Tampa is a big vibrant city, is in the Tampa-Orlando-Miami Megalopolis and it's wideley known and it's like a Miami Jr. City Population: 356.472 Metro: 2,157,936 many movies and super bowls have been held here and we have the SUPER BOWL IN 2009 GO TAMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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