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  1. I learned today that a new restaurant is going in the commercial space that's been for lease at the corner of Church and Bland. This is going in directly beside Lumina Townhomes so I thought it might be relevant to this thread. All I know is that a group is working on a lease. If anyone knew anything further I would greatly appreciate any info.
  2. “We reached out to about 10 of the development companies that are active in the Charlotte market and solicited applications,” Bishop said. “We then went through a winnowing process and chose the ones that seemed to be the most serious, and finally narrowed it down to one.” Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2015/01/06/5427727/source-sale-of-charlotte-observer.html#storylink=cpy
  3. Just an update on Lumina Townhomes. We sold our 8th townhome out of 13 just prior to the holidays with only 5 left to go. With this type of movement you can bet on similar infill projects popping up soon.
  4. Haha. I noticed it right after I posted. I was almost about to respond to someone's joy in discovering the sign of 1300 Tavern below the Arlington. I was going to let them know the bad news. Hilarious!
  5. Last week I met with a long time RE contact and who is working on several sites for an uptown condo project. The developer who hired them has a few they're considering but at this point they're thinking 20 some stories, less than 200 units, 500k plus price point and all of them larger floor plans. Can't believe we're back to pre-construction speculation but it's real interest at least. This will require a pre-sales minimum and a hefty deposit for buyers so I'm skeptical to say the least.
  6. Pretty sure you're thinking of Abbeydale. This is a high end men's suit custom shop. It's in about 500 square feet but still very cool and better than nothing. The owner has an excellent reputation by all accounts and I know several who have purchased a suit there and were very happy.
  7. I had a client purchase a townhome at Bryant Park last week. We were both impressed with price and everything included even though it's Ryan Homes. Entry price was 163k which isn't bad for a 3 bedroom. I agree the area has tons of potential and some great views of uptown. My client is single female which also is interesting given that she was comfortable enough with the area to move to.
  8. Lumina Townhomes which is located at 1412 Church Street will start construction this week. We've sold 7 out of 13 already and still receiving quite a bit of interest. The project is scheduled for completion this summer. Thought I would give you guys an update. http://www.luminatowns.com
  9. I can't help but wonder if this building is the beginning of the end of our view for us Trademark residents.
  10. I still have about 8 of those along with a dozen or so Silos koozies. I worked for the developer and yes that project was going to be really cool. I was quickly taking reservations for the condos at the Silos and it was clear we were going to have half under contract in no time. Not sure if this board ever caught wind of it but the 22 story residential high rise that was a part of phase 2 of the Silos would have been something else.
  11. We haven't had any investors purchase yet but we are confident we can get around $2500 per month for one of Lumina Townhomes. Our property management services around 600 homes in the uptown and surrounding areas and this is what we're getting for comps. It's really tough to find a 3 bed 3 bath, 2 car garage, over 2000 square foot home this close to uptown with a price tag around 400k. I could certainly see an investor purchasing one, renting out for a few years at $2500 per month and then selling for a nice profit.
  12. I don't know the answer to your question but there is currently an effort to revitalize Greer Heights. A year ago or so I considered buying a rental home in Greer Heights for 15k. My concern was that if I went to sell it in 10 years I could only sell it for 15k. Since then some builders/investors have come in and bought up some houses and are building new homes. The great think about Greer Heights is that it is the least expensive real estate within the Myers Park high school district by a long shot. I can't tell you how many times I've had clients tell me to only show them homes for purchase in the Myers Park high school district. Now these clients aren't considering Greer Heights but its only a matter of time before the area is transformed due to location and schools.
  13. Below is a link to a new townhome project I'm involved with in Southend. Lumina Townhomes on Church is a 13 unit project that includes 3 bed 3 bath, 2 car garage and all are over 2000 square feet. The townhomes start at 395k with construction starting in a few months and completion in Summer of 2015. The project was just announced and interest is already very high. http://www.luminatowns.com
  14. They're definitely for purchase. I know the developer. In my opinion they're priced a little high considering the square footage. I'll be selling another similar project in the Southend area this summer that's priced a little better.
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