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  1. **ADMIN NOTE** Do *NOT* make a post simply containing a link. If you want to put a link in a post please post why it is relevant to the thread.
  2. I found this PDF doc online today. Portfolio pages taken from an architectual company in Charleston! They look like drawings for Morningside Village... not sure if they're the real deal or what, but they look great! Check out pages 8-9: keanemusty.com portfolio PDf
  3. Does anyone know where this project is going up in Plaza-Midwood? http://www.cedargablesmidwood.com/
  4. There is another Condo project going up on McClintock - right behind the Art Gallery.The four houses behind the gallery are going down. Another Drakeford Company project.... anyone else hear about this?
  5. It looks like the purchase of Morningside Apartments is listed on Charlotte.com. I wonder if they plan on calling the project "Morningside Village" - thats whats listed.. http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/business/15502088.htm
  6. Not sure if you guys would still consider this as Third Ward technically, but was wondering if the Walnut Hill Condos development has been discussed before or has a thread started already. http://www.walnuthillcondos.com/
  7. I heard a rumor today that someone purchased the Morningside apts off of Central. Anyone hear any new news on this? The company i heard purchased it is associated with this site http://www.ionvillage.com.
  8. I drove by Cedar Street and West Morehead the other day and it looks like new side walks are going in on Cedar. Anyone hear any new news for this part of town...? Looks kinda naked around there, but could also look like the calm before a storm How concrete are those Namour Wright / Landcroft plans for the West End Development?
  9. Does anyone have any new info on those houses being built "Lela Court" Have they been selling or not. There are two listed in the MLS but was wondering whats up with these houses... http://www.tuscandevelopment.com/lelacourt/index.html
  10. is this it: http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte...5/tidbits1.html
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