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  1. The city just told them to scale it down. Just another example of the powers that be wanting to keep Tampa looking like a small hick town. Crescent should forget about Bayshore and go to DT or Channelside. Even in those places, somebody is going to beotch that it's too big, too tall or blocks a view. I hope the land that's left down there doesn't get wasted on "sclaed down". I hope someday Tampa looks like a mini Miami, not a big Zephyrhills.
  2. I'm just as curious as you are. The building is awesome looking. It doesn't look like the typical south Florida condo's. It looks more like something in Atlanta or the north. A lawyer (Keith Brickelmeyer) was involved in this but I don't have the guts to ask him in an email. I keep looking for updates in the Tribune and other websites but there has not been any info. It may be dead, Trump may have klobbered it or there is an agenda that's not being released to the public. Who knows? If Tampa could market itself as an alternative to south Florida maybe there would be many more condo's popping up. Four Seasons would have the tallest. Don't know if you know this, but the FAA has a height restriction on Tampa of 630 feet (I believe). To build taller than that, the developer would have to fight with the FAA and get a special permit. I don' know why the FAA put this restriction on Tampa. It's not like the airport is adjacent to downtown. In Atlanta & Miami the moon is the limit. It's like those two cities can get what ever they want.
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