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  1. RDU has Southwest airlines which attracts people from ALL over the area (there isn't another SWA for about 200 miles). Most of those rinky dink airports (excluding Myrtle) have USAir and Delta. If you want to fly another airline, you drive to RDU.
  2. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! That is NOT at all what he is saying. He is saying a college of 1300 students is never going to have a big time football program, (ie Div I-AA or Div I).
  3. And I used to wonder why you were nominated as "bad guy of Charlotte" in the Charlotte Observer last month. Just because you have an opinion about everything, doesn't mean you opinions are always right.
  4. I disagree with you on almost all of your points:: Most people get outta town when they go to college. That is the whole college experience. What DOES happen though is that graduates stay in the area they went to school after graduation. I have met more UNCC graduates here than any other school by far. Oh you are SOOOOOOO wrong on that one. You think the ten of thousands of Duke and UNC hat and shirts you see around here all went to those colleges? You think the millions of people who chear for Notre Dame every weekend went to that school? You think the 110,000+ fans at
  5. That site might be under-utilized, but...it borders next to the poop plant. If you haven't driven by on a hot august afternoon...please do. Ugh. Honestly I don't know how people live in those townhomes across the street in the middle of summer. Whatever might take over the day care almost certainly wouldn't be some grand plan. IMHO that is...
  6. Actually there is uptown...Sugar Shack on Trade St on the square. It is an evening cake, pie, ice cream and coffee place. Have visited twice now and deserts are wonderful and not really expensive. There is minimal service (you order at the counter and they will bring out to you). Check it out...
  7. I don't see any comparison to Buckhead. If you HAD to compare Buckhead to somewhere in Charlotte it would be Southpark...but no one outside of CLT will ever say they show any similiarities other than they share a few names at the mall. Anyways I am not bashing SouthPark...I have lived and worked in SP for 7+ years and love the area. But I don't think it resembles Buckhead in any way, shape, or form.
  8. Are you crazy? Buckhead esque'? Buckhead is a wee bit more than a few office buildings and shopping mall. There are more bars/restuarants in 1 block in Buckhead compared to all of SouthPark (There are 100 bars and restaurants within 2 1/2 blocks). Buckheads shopping is off the charts. SouthPark is getting better but we're not close to Buckhead esque'. Lenox mall is what SP strives to be and Phipps plaza is like nothing we have here. Hotels? Come on. Buckhead has the Ritz, Swiss
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