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  1. Yep, I knew it, and yep, I agree!
  2. Yeah, the deck is pretty much complete, or should be soon complete. They are really going to town on that project.
  3. They should open up a Maggiano's uptown! A dude at my church is the general manager of the one at SP, a good friend of mine is a busboy there, call for any free hookups yo
  4. Were there many employees standing around at the rallies and stuff?
  5. I can't even tell what it was. You all had our hopes up.
  6. Yep, the only reason we will lose this is because of politics.
  7. I think 12 to 2 PM is the best time. There are several rally points, I believe the major one will be at Trade & Tryon of course.
  8. Yes, wear yellow!!! I am going to try to get off work that day to show my support!
  9. So, how long, from the time it breaks ground to the time it tops out, will construction last?
  10. Yep, Daytona loses. I'm only worried about ATL and KC, we should be getting this thing. Most people, regardless of where they live, would probably agree.
  11. oooo, I want to go!!! When is it?
  12. I dk, this facade seems smaller to me. I would think it would run a little cheaper, maybe $80k.
  13. Poor Verna. Well I hope he can get this off the ground, this would just boost my hopes cuz I always thought it a dead deal.
  14. When do they make a decision on this?
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