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  1. Thank you, Spartan, for the link. I have been so blinded by my dislike for the traffic pattern promoted in that report that I had actually forgotten about all of the truly great stuff that was presented. I withdraw fully my hope for the demise of Doxiadis' company.
  2. I remember seeing that report. I believe it was called the Doxiodus (sic) Report, named after the Greek city planning company that drew up that despicable document. I pray that they have since gone out of business.
  3. Attempting to join 277 and 126 is a bad idea no matter from which angle you look. All you have to do is read up on the Portland, Oregon, experience. The short version is that downtown Portland was dieing even though there was an overhead expressway carrying a multitude of traffic. They tore down the freeway and converted it to a wide landscaped boulevard and, voila, downtown Portland revived and is now quite vibrant. The HOV lanes are another kettle of fish altogether. They seem to work very well in northern Virginia entering Washington, DC, and a few other spots I have seen, however, I really don't think that Columbia will benefit from them. I have viewed the traffic on the surrounding interstates during rush hour and seem to observe that only .1% of the cars would qualify to use the HOVs. First, they would go empty and all of the traffic would be squeezed into the remaining lanes, then, discouraged by seeing the empty lane, the non-qualifying drivers would just ignore the rules and use them anyway. Thus, IMO HOVs would end up being a grand waste of money here. IMO, if we are to continue to be automobile intensive and shun high speed rail and other forms of public transport, all of the surrounding interstates for at least 30 miles out from the city should be 5 lanes each way with the fifth lane ALWAYS being exit only. The real moral and long term solution, of course, is public transportation.
  4. I agree that that is one of the worst jobs of re-surfacing I have ever seen! It's like speed bumps whenever you attempt to cross Bull Street. Another job that is only half done or one lousy jog, Main Street between Hampton and Blanding. Come on city hall, WAKE UP! Come the next election I will vote against every incumbent.
  5. Doug L

    Five Points

    I agree about the tunnels, Cap'n, however, I do think that the Wales Garden residents, city hall (Daniel Rickemann and Belinda Gergel in particular) are small minded and have a death wish for Columbia in general and Five Points in particular. Please forgive me if I sound mean; but, frankly, I'm mad as hell! And, I live in the immediate vicinity of what is going to now look more like it belongs over in Lexington County and not in the center of Columbia.
  6. c'on Matt! Flying is GREAT! Especially in a small plane. I had my pilots license until I could no longer pass the annual physical. If someone volunteers to take me up, I'd love to go and take lots of aerials of Columbia. I'd be glad to share them with you, Matt.
  7. I agree! I wish I could get more aerial shots for my web site.
  8. Have you seen how tiny the parking lot is? Sunday I went to the park entrance next to the water works and it was full. I think the city is being very short sighted. The park itself is going to be a jewel. I will be taking pics this week and posting them on my web site.
  9. Doug L

    Five Points

    Yes! Really good shots. I can hardly wait for three more fountains to photograph.
  10. Doug L

    Five Points

    One in the same, waccamatt.
  11. Doug L

    Five Points

    I Will have current pics in the next few days on my web site (which I cannot mention). PS.....The fountain IS dyed green!
  12. Doug L

    Five Points

    I am so grateful that our city council has had the fortitude to put the parking in FPS! This building IMO will add a new and dynamic dimension to the Five Points Village. We NEED to boost the density of population living in Five Points as well as increase the available parking. IMO a 5 or 6 story building will in no way distract from village feel of Five Points; but it will add a punctuation that, right now, is sorely missing. Almost anything is better than open, surface level, suburban style parking lots like that if front of the Food Lion. It is a shame that so many people are opposed to change just because it is change. There is no reason that our heritage can't be preserved along with looking forward.
  13. Doug L

    Five Points

    The map accompanying the article in the State showed FPS as specifically being exempted.
  14. I think it is a great thing that we are getting a new Darla Moore school and essentially have the feds pay for it.
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