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  1. Knoxville-Knox County approves site plan for Smokies Stadium;
  2. The eight story white building on Union Street was where the military draft board and induction center was. Good riddance!!
  3. I saw some 'Easter eggs' in the most recent Nashville Yards renderings for the Pinnacle Tower revealing that seemed to show a poorly hidden, 22 story residential (?) tower on Parcel 8 where a 6 story building was originally proposed. I noticed these first; Pictures on the right side of the above card are from these two recent renderings. Look to the right of and just behind the 38 story residential tower. The Parcel 8 mystery tower seems to be camouflaged (poorly). Then, when the AEG project was redesigned and renderings were revealed, I thought I saw a third confirmation of the taller, mystery residential tower on Parcel 8. My labeling of the newly revealed AEG/SWVP Entertainment district is based on some guesses along with some personal discussions I had with an individual connected to some early planning on this project. (S)he gave me the heads up about the change from two buildings to three towers on the 9th Avenue side of the AEG district. However, the Parcel 8 project is the most fun to speculate on. I would not be surprised if this tower was added to the renderings, but just not ready to reveal yet. When you compare the above rendering to one of the earlier AEG proposals, the mixed-use, performance hall and hotel (?) seem to fall in the same footprint although the newly branded hotel could be a residential tower, instead. Take it for what its worth.
  4. Sorry, I have deleted a bunch of files and don't have that one any more. Signing off of UP now and elsewhere. Adios! No drama, just moving on.
  5. Some points; I've had several planners actually tell me TDOT needs focus less on our safety regulations and more on planning stuff (whatever that is). That has actually happened. Planners! (eyeroll) Eleventh was 'planned' that way long before you showed up in town and before any significant development was present in the Gulch. There was no way to know where entrances and driveways were going to be, so building a uniform, three lane cross section was the smart solution at the time. The middle lane does not give 'more space to cars' other than to remove turning vehicles from the through lanes and make the corridor operate more efficiently, thus reducing pollution and increasing safety, It's about science and math (two things antithetical to 'planning' (whatever that is)), I would be interested to see your traffic analysis regarding any alternatives. And when they quit making cars, TDOT will quit making roads, not the other way around. That's the way our society likes it. Good luck with that. Thank you.
  6. Metro was recently awarded the maximum grant allowed from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) from the 'FAST ACT'. The Metro resolution approving acceptance of the grant and its conditions (Per development tracker); A diagram of the corridor; From the FHWA website; Details for infrastructure improvements available; This is hopefully just the start. Perhaps the city will consider using artificial intelligence to operate the system!!
  7. I agree, it was a somewhat flippant post. I should have mentioned that we are transporting an elderly relative to critical medical appointments and can't be without access to gas at all. That said, as a Boomer, I remember the energy crises in the 70's and the sacrifices that had to be made, so I loaded up out of an abundance of caution. I won't apologize for that.
  8. I know there is one line going through Dickson County cause it blew up one day a couple of decades ago. I felt it 20 miles away. And Mapco has it's refinery in Memphis, so it's supply should not be interrupted.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. As a boomer, I remember the gas crises in the 70's. My wife and I just went out and topped off our tanks after reading your post. It was extremely busy, but no lines of cars yet. And I filled my gas can for the mower. Go forbid I run out of lawn mower gas.
  10. Of all the options (expansion, relocation), getting the A's would by far be the best option. You get instant tradition and credibility. The Nashville Athletics!!...sounds good. However, with a relocated Tampa team, you have the Yankees and Red Sox coming to town a couple of times a years.
  11. Also from Hastings Architects Instagram; HASTINGS (@hastingsarchitecture) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. Hastings Architects have dropped some new renderings of the beautiful 2 City Avenue Building onto their website. My slide;
  13. This is fascinating news; Memphis airport now ranked #1 cargo airport in the world now ahead of Hong Kong!!!!; TNECD TWITTER; That came from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.
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