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  1. Just copying this to this page so it doesn't get lost too soon and I'm adding a copy of the current status of what's proposed and under construction from the marketing report River City Company had done. There are some interesting facts about the hotel market in Chattanooga. And this find of mine is not official, but some of the renderings of the 'The Bend' project show a hotel on the riverfront with what appears to be a 'W' logo on the highest part of the building. Hmmm. A 'W' hotel would be a huge get.
  2. One of the 'Flatiron' buildings on Georgia Avenue is undergoing an interesting transformation. Downtown is experiencing a lot of growth in residential rental and condos. From the Chattanooga Times Free Press; The other 'flatirons'. A recent study done by the River City Company as this survey of residential building proposals around the city.
  3. I found a rendering of the HIEx/Candlewood from the developer's web site. I put it on this slide.
  4. I found this information and rendering on the architect's web site. I'll check on the status. It's beautiful. It needs to be another 10 floors.
  5. The city of Chattanooga is looking for recommendations for improving two important properties in the downtown area as needed to accommodate the rapid growth the city is experiencing. One is Hawk Hill where the current minor league ballpark is located. The other is the current convention center where the city will hire a marketing firm to determine if additional space or maybe a new convention center is a better option. First, about the Hawk Hill location; The River City Company had a survey to ask citizens how they think the property would best be used. My recommendation was to request proposals from developers who might want to build on the property. The request as I suggested would include requirements that a 20+ story residential building, a low-rise short term rental building, a large park-like area for gatherings and viewing the skyline and a 2,000-seat performance hall. I did this about three weeks ago. Hawk Hill; The current 312,000 sf convention center will be examined by the CSL consulting firm to determine which direction the city should go regarding expansion or a new building. And then there was this.... from today in the Chattanooga Free Press (not free!) ...bold type by me... I am taking full credit for this until someone who knows tells me different.
  6. Did I read somewhere on this topic that one of the M2 owners is married into the Marriott family? The Marriott family owns Ritz-Carlton as I also understand, so the Ritz owners walking away from this project would be problematical. Can someone confirm or correct this?
  7. Shouldn't that be Commerce Street rather than Church Street where they started clearing for construction of the current Federal Courthouse? The Bennie Dillon Building is in the distant background.
  8. Supposedly to start soon per the Bend Web Site, And the card.... EDIT; Added an aerial view from the site's movie.
  9. The Southern Spear Properties are promoting on their website, the rehab of a 9 story building built in 1915 to contain 46 condos which can also be used as short-term vacation rentals. My card with renderings from the 'Spear' website. The Chattanooga Free Press had an article a few days ago. A few of the bullet points..... No start of construction date for the $22 million project was revealed. Their hope is to remove the current metal cladding and reveal the original stone facade. Condos will range in price from $220,000 to $550,000 with the full floor penthouse likely going for $2,700,000. Pre-sales are nearing 50%. Valet parking will be provided.
  10. The local municipality owns all street lighting, not TDOT or the electric company. TDOT will design and install the lighting as part of a larger project, but contractually turns ownership and responsibilities for maintenance and replacement over to the municipality, not the power company, even on the interstates. The municipality may turn over the maintenance responsibility to the local power agency later, but that's not a TDOT concern.
  11. Plus a museum of Nashville Rock & Roll music and all on the East Bank where the scrap yard is (only cleaned up)!
  12. Yes, those rectangles apparently represent flyovers. This project will eliminate one interchange along that section of I-75 and much of the associated merging-diverging delay and safety issues.
  13. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) will be making improvements to the entrances to the very busy Hamilton Place district which features one of the busier shopping districts in Tennessee. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press (not free!) it will cost around $50 million. Per the CTFP; My diagram which combines official TDOT renderings with some of my labeling;
  14. Has this been reported? Tempo Hotel Midtown. EDIT: It's at Hayes and 20th
  15. My brother-in-law had an older World Almanac and I photo'd the Nashville part of the tall buildings page, here. The height on the Andrew Jackson building should be 286' and not what is shown. I don't remember the year.
  16. The census is an obsolete way of measuring the size of a city. It just counts the number of people who sleep in a house in the city and doesn't truly measure the daytime population. which may expand or shrink. It was a few years ago, but I was talking to a Jackson city official about some projects and he told me that Jackson is a regional city for most of West Tennessee as it attracts people coming to their jobs or shopping or even tourism. He told me that Jackson's true population during the day was 100,000 (compared to a little over 60,000 actual census measurement at the time). He said on weekends the city's population was closer 150,000 and on the weekend before Christmas there might be 250,000 shoppers and restaurant visitors. Even though they returned to their homes around western Tennesse at night, during the day they required all the services provided to the citizens. They required police, fire, EMT protection and traffic control, water and sewer, and power, same as the counted citizens. Jackson is a big city and is growing as a regional city. However, Jackson's gain is likely Brownsville's or Milan's and other town's loss. I can't begin to imagine what Nashville 'real' population would be. And surprisingly, a Planner friend of mine recently told me Dickson was becoming a regional city for the area west of Nashville. A lot of cities have a far bigger population than what the census says.
  17. The City of Chattanooga has hired the firm of Dover, Kohl and Partners Town Planners to guide the effort to, as they describe it, My card with the location and limits, Apparently, this effort has been going on for a while as public meetings have been held and on-line surveys are being conducted. The people in charge of this effort have settled on three scenarios for the public to ostensibly choose from. The website is here. The three scenarios are as follows, Plan A Plan B Plan C Oddly, Broad Street already has a tree canopy, a median with planters and marked bike lanes in both directions. It seems the City could build on what they have already at a lower cost but still achieve much of what they are aiming for. It won't be a Las Ramblas in Barcelona, but it could provide most of the benefits listed in the summaries above. The current view toward the beautiful Tivoli Theater. Cutting the laneage down to one lane is a mistake in my opinion. It will create additional delay at the signalized intersections which will require more green signal time for Broad Street thus subtracting time from the busier cross streets (3rd and/or M L King Blvd). Reducing lanes does not uninduce demand. The problem becomes exacerbated at the intersections on Broad Street and also transferred to adjacent streets such as Chestnut and Market. And I could argue that pedestrian safety could be challenged at the intersections on Broad. They should hire an independent Traffic Engineering firm to evaluate the impact on congestion and safety through proper research and evaluation.
  18. I'm going to re-post in this topic some of the News about the Bend I've posted elsewhere. This is a major project and deserves to have its own topic where news about recent events can be posted and immediately sourced. I'll start with some of the older slides and include the most recent news. And as I was about to think this project might be struggling to get off the ground, they started teasing with some unusual renderings. It looks like several low-rise apartment buildings may start construction soon. From the Instagram site. So, maybe, just maybe it is starting to rise.
  19. The location is not that bad. Here is a slide I posted in the "Downtown' topic last November. On another subject, I guess this topic, Area News, is the default topic for posting about Chattanooga development. We need to create separate forums for Chattanooga and Knoxville. You can pin topics like General Development, Broad South, Southside, etc. and posters can create individual topics on unique subjects like River Bend, New Courthouse, and Reimagining Broad Street. We need smeagolsfree's help.
  20. The Bend will apparently begin construction on some residential units on the project site. A 'sort of' reveal was made a few days ago. I'm not sure where exactly these are. The Instagram site. And a few of the more interesting renderings. I guess we'll see more when the curtains are pulled back.
  21. Yes, I know you jest, and I enjoy your posts also, but, if the NFL team actually left and we converted Nissan Stadium into a nice baseball stadium, we'd have a team to occupy it within a week. We would have to modify it significantly, but at a lot, lot, lot less cost than any of the NFL stadium proposals. And yes, I said 'we' even though I am not a 'citizen' of Nashville. I am a citizen of Tennessee which has $500,000,000 input into these projects, so I have skin ($200+/- worth) in this game.
  22. I check the Nashville Development Tracker at least once a day and a few months ago, I found a quizzical bit of information when I clicked on the Nashville Yards Parcel 9. I thought maybe we were going to get some information (and hopefully renderings) on the two 36 and 38 story residential towers proposed for the Live at Nashville Yards project. There were no renderings, just the information listed of the application table as shown below. The link was quickly removed after I found it and has never been re-posted. I made a rough, unauthorized representation of what I thought the 'revealed' data was implying. I thought it would likely be two residential towers on an office building base. I used scematics of other Nashville Yards buildings to create my fantasy rendering. Of course, Ron may have known about this and will provide better information. I hope so.
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