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  1. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Git 'er done!! I want it all!!
  2. Greer Stadium site redevelopment

    One site that moved me on my many retirement travels was the Little Big Horn National Monument which the National Park Service labels as a place of reflection. It is a mostly undisturbed place with a visitors center, a few roads leading to the major points of interest, some art work and a monument marking the location where Custer fell. It tends to tell the story of the battle and aftermath without being judgmental. Perhaps the Ft. Negley site could offer the same sort of understated presentation with regard to the battles and the institution of slavery as it was used to create this fortress. The surrounding beautiful Montana countryside; Typical markers with information... And the place where Custer fell..... The planners of the Nashville park would do well to learn from the Montana park. Keep it understated. It is indeed reflective, without being overbearing.
  3. The equipment was relocated some time ago. The building is still occupied.
  4. Soccer in Nashville

    Minneapolis, Chicago and Vancouver apparently pulled their bids in the past few days paring the US candidates down to 17 from 19. And the last time the US went for a bid, I recall frank discussion about some cities being played against each other to elicit better deals from some potentially recalcitrant NFL owners (Dallas, D. C., etc.). I don't think Nashville is in that situation now, so the list may be 2 or 3 shorter than it seems. However, there is some doubt the United Bid wins over out over the Moroccan bid as they have a lot of support from Africa and Asia. But all that aside, as for the strength of Nashville's bid, I have read on other blogs where Nashville is a 'niche' bid, whatever that means. They seem to think bigger is better, but I have to laugh at that and dismiss it as a bad case of the 'Nashville Envy' that seems to be sweeping the nation lately. My debate points include: Market size is not as important as it seems as people will travel long distances to participate in the event. Nashville is within 500 miles of most of America and filling up a stadium should not be a problem. Also, Nashville's gravitational pull as a party city will increase it's World Cup market considerably. FIFA wants festivity, and we can provide that to te max with a downtown stadium in America's Music City And Hotels and Entertainment?? We got your downtown hotels and entertainment venues within a ten minute walk of the stadium. Eleven of the cities on the list can't claim that and will need a lot of public transport. You can sleep, eat, play, watch and party without needing to hail as much as a rickshaw. And finally, I'd bet if you asked international World Cup fans which five cities they would like to watch a game in, Nashville would be on that list. I think our bid deserves much more credit than it is getting.
  5. Thanks to my Brother who pushed for the relocation and succeeded. That building is in a flood plain which is not good for all the servers taking care of the State's business.
  6. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors

    It's probably just me, but it feels wide open and claustrophobic at the same time
  7. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    On West End? That would be interesting.
  8. That news is a really big deal. I always had a notion, that the three mid rises along the western front would go up next. Maybe details will be announced soon. (And not the Western Front in France, BTW)
  9. West End Summit

    B J Thomas sang a song about 'Sea Gulls in Nashville' years ago.
  10. I would seriously doubt it. This decision where to locate is too huge to be decided over local politics. Obviously, the list was pared down to 20 with a mix of states with politics from both sides of the aisle. There are more important factors involved here such as land availability, transportation, talent accessibility and local contributions. And in the end, Amazon will bring a tremendous influence on local politics that will serve to primarily protect it's own interests through sheer numbers of new voters (and their partners, family) and it's economic power. They would be wise to spread their HQ inventory into a couple of other congressional and legislative districts. The only politics they are concerned about is the vote to approve their tax breaks.
  11. A hundred times WOW!
  12. More Accolades for Nashville

    What about the new Soccer Stadium?
  13. A card I made (I've got to get another hobby). ....and also below... Didn't mean to bump this informative post ^^^ to a back page, so here it is again.....
  14. Will Nashville ever get a super tall skyscraper?

    Could be. I'm not claiming this new way of measuring the height of a building is the definitive last word, but I'm persuaded that the Google tool does present some compelling data. And I feel that it is as or even more accurate than relying on some of the almost anecdotal numbers used to describe the height of a building. I have always seen heights of buildings numbers that seem totally wacky and have learned not to take them at face value unless I see the plans or have trust in the source. The 16 story HCA Parallon HQ in the north Gulch Capitol View project was listed as a 240 ft building when first proposed. However, when I saw the PDF plans and it definitively showed a height from sidewalk to top of equipment roof 257 ft, I wondered if the shorter height listing was an attempt to present the tower as staying under a certain limit. Who knows. I see other buildings that are apparently understated in their dimensions in a likely attempt to maybe not alarm locals that they are building a (omg!!!)... 'FORTY STORY' building into the sky in their quaint neighborhood. They are listed as 38 stories instead which sounds so much less apocalyptic. My engineering spider instincts tell me to trust but verify on these matters. Your eyes don't always lie, so until I get a reliably measured answer, I will accept that the 5th/3rd is significantly shorter than advertised.
  15. That was the first home of the Grand Ole Opry, before they moved to the Ryman. The National Life and Accident Insurance Company, who moved from the 12 story building to the new tower, owned WSM radio, clear channel station that could be heard all over the US at night, needed programming and broadcast local talent from a studio in the building. It was later named the "Grand Ole Opry' because it follow ed the weekly broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera. Fun fact; there is a massive abstractish sculpture hanging on the wall over the ticket counters in the BNA lobby which represents a vocal waveform of George D. Haye saying 'the Grand Ole Opry'...