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  1. I have no guess as to where this goes from here. Maybe another short list, but they probably have seen the best that the candidates have to offer and wouldn't expect anymore concessions. They might divvy up the prize between several cities (giving Nashville a better chance for something) or they just announce the HQ2 goes to....... ....Atlanta! I'm not thinking Nashville is in the top five, but it's not in the last five (of the twenty) either. I would be happy with a consolation prize like a division HQ.
  2. It was also the home to the University of Tennessee's Nashville Extension in the late 60's where you could take nighttime college courses towards a degree. It was the precursor to UT Nashville which became a full time college as part of the UT system.
  3. PHofKS

    Soccer in Nashville

    That would make it the largest soccer specific stadium in the U S. per Wikipedia. The new L A stadium is 'only' 27,000 capacity, so therefore it would become the second largest. Cincinnati (whom I think will be awarded the other franchise soon) will build a 21,080 seat stadium and Phoenix (whom I think will get one of the other two franchises) will hold about 21,000. The third and fourth will come from Raleigh, Sacramento or Detroit. ------------------------- P.S.; Just for fun, I worked up some cards I was going to use to make a case on another website for Nashville hosting FIFA World Cup games in 2026. I never posted them, but here they are. And uh…...there was another card about infrastructure including airport upgrades and mass transit. Oops.
  4. The skyline from a building adjacent to Third Man Records.
  5. Photo du jour (nuit) stuff.....
  6. PHofKS

    Nashville Public Art

    I was told she has been living with her daughter and son who live in Kingston Springs and are caring for her due to recent serious health issues. She may be going back and forth to Hurricane Mills, but it was part of recent news story that a house her daughter had built for her, and which she lived in for a while, was sold to another country star. So, she is a Kingstonian (I made that up) in some part. I was told of the general location where she is staying by a friend of the family and it is in my neighborhood. I have no reason to believe otherwise. Disclaimer: this information is second and third hand, so take it anyway you want.
  7. PHofKS

    Nashville Public Art

    Hey! You're talking about my new neighbor. Watch it!
  8. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    If an apple falls from your neighbors tree into your yard, it's your apple. Enjoy.
  9. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Yeah, I did that.
  10. PHofKS

    More Accolades for Nashville

    From the Observer; What do Vienna (Austria), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Accra (Ghana), Beijing (China) and Nashville have in common? They are the five best cities in the world (that's WORLD; W. O. R. L. D.) with up and coming art scenes. As the New York Times once said; (to this effect) Nashville is a cosmopolitan metropolis on a smaller scale.
  11. PHofKS

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    You might move, say, 10 people per car with a gondola cab coming every 30 seconds. So you move 120 people every hour. Then there is loading and unloading time. And that's assuming there is no wind, thunderstorms, extreme cold, mechanical issues (one incident would kill ridership forever) or labor issues.
  12. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), per Wikipedia ..... They have a page dedicated to the proposed 151 1st Avenue South, 40 story condo. Some of the pertinent information they list for the project includes; The tower will actually be 539' tall, 11 feet sorter than the commonly listed 550'. The Tower is scheduled for a 2019 start and 2021 completion. The condo will have 232 rooms and the hotel (unnamed) will have 141 rooms. The developer is 151 Nashville LLC. The architect is Solomon Cordwell Buenz out of Chicago (who designed the 505CST) For what it's worth. It may not have been updated recently.
  13. PHofKS

    Nashville Public Art

    Um...........? No...........I don't wanna know.
  14. From something called Office Snapshots....interior scenes of Sony Music Nashville's new offices in the Capstar Building in the Gulch. I wish Sony Music had put it's name on the building instead of Capstar. The prestigious WME-IMG (William Morris-Endeavor) Company has their Nashville office in the building, also. From Office Snapshots, also...... That is a couple of powerful music industry giants under one roof!!