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  1. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Architects know how to design office buildings. And even the current Snodgrass building was well done back in the late 60's. It dominated the skyline with the height and all that beautiful marble cladding. Now if we can get the 38 story Buckingham apartment in The Gulch going , we will have a nice stock of SOM buildings.
  2. Probably Patriots fans. Don't feel sorry.
  3. With an aggressive approach from the city in installing safe bicycling routes, there are 10,000's thousands of good, existing (affordable?) housing stock available within a few miles. An easy bike ride or good afternoon run. I'm sure regular bus routes will be emphasized, also. I got the mileages from google maps which is based on the shortest road routes, and not 'as the crow flies'. BTW; I think the proposed light rail system would only have helped Cleveland Park and maybe a little of East Nashville. As some brilliant poster said a few months ago,"....they would be a short uber or bike ride away from home for 10,000's of their employees. That's better for the employees and the planet than shipping them to some distant 'burb by train".
  4. PHofKS

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I knew Mack Hatcher. He was the Williamson County Highway Office (?) manager years ago. I'm glad to see this project go. It gives me a quicker trip to Cool Springs!!
  5. I haven't seen this point elaborated on in depth anywhere else, but I look at the AHQ2.3 as priming the pump. The future of our world and national economy depends on having smart people who can write code and meet all kinds of IT requirements. The Amazon office has the following benefits beyond the obvious creation of 5,000 jobs; Most importantly, I suspect Amazon has a greater long range plan in mind for Nashville. I optimistically think they plan to grow 'with' Nashville and not ahead of it. There will be much more investment from Amazon as we solve transportation and housing issues and create smarter growth. Local planners will have to quit thinking small. It immediately increases Nashville's IT cred tremendously and may make it a top 20 metro for IT resources. However, state schools (TSU, Austin Peay, etc.) need the resources to build IT schools that rival the Georgia Techs and U of North Carolinas of the nation if we are to supply the home grown talent to take these jobs. Then, the entire state will see the benefits when high tech industry starts coming to Hohenwald and Union City. It will encourage other like industry to relocate to Nashville sooner than later. They will want to recruit Amazon's well trained talent for their own purposes. If we (Tennessee and Nashville) want to join the 21st century and not be left behind, we have to turn on a dime and head in that direction. So this may be the dime. There is a much bigger picture to look at.
  6. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    It was a regular green street sign at 11th in front of the HCA tower. I knew it was proposed, but I'm surprised it happened so quickly.
  7. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I saw a couple of signs on my drive through downtown this morning. Charlotte Ave. in downtown is now Dr. M. L. King (Blvd?). And the Moore office building in Midtown has a sign up with a rendering and a coming soon notice. May have missed previous posts about these, but noting it anyway.
  8. That picture is a little old. The movie theaters are now supposed to be bowling alleys.
  9. PHofKS

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    We've had Seattle weather lately. Cold and wet.
  10. This is my favorite project. They preserved the taller building, but only saved the façade of the shorter building and reapplied it when the new structure was built. Then they built a 10 story architecturally compatible addition to wrap around the two buildings.
  11. Add 2016 world cup games to the list, also!!