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  1. Will be in Durham, NC this weekend.
  2. Just a random thought... shouldn't the West Union Station Uptown part of Broadway be referred to as the WUS UP BRO part of town?
  3. If they would add another 15 stories, it might make a decent looking building....
  4. ...and a partridge in a pear tree!
  5. This is from a portion of a USA Today article published in the subscription portion of the TENNESSEAN this morning of which I subscribe to and why I am unable to provide a link. My takeaways from this are that the Predators connection is because of their ability to manage an arena which they have done super well in Nashville. Sounds like minor league hockey might be in the plans. And the seating is only to be 6,000. That makes a lot more sense. As I said before, Clarksville is a big City and still growing and accordingly will need better entertainment options. I hope this comes to fruition.
  6. 25,000 is ridiculous. A 10,000 seat minor league hockey arena along 101st Airborne Highway however, would be a great addition to the city. It would have easy access from Fort Campbell and the City of Clarksville (150,000 +/- population). I think something of that scale would work and draw the soldiers and families who come from all over the USA to serve. And Clarksville itself is full of transplants. Clarksville desperately needs some form of home grown attraction and not rely on Nashville for entertainment so much. I can see a Single A minor league ballpark going there some day. Bowling Green already has one. Austin Peay has a very nice, 10,000 max seating arena, but struggles to draw more than 3,000 a game in a good year.
  7. Looks like the year Opryland flooded. 1973? The river is pretty high.
  8. Staying with the meme of 'Historical Buildings I Used To Work In'...... I worked one year at Harveys' Department Store back in the days when Max ran the carousel and Cortella Clark sang and sold shopping bags on the sidewalk. I worked in the Display Department which was located in the top two floors (the big arched windows and the tiny arched windows). Awesome views. While I was there, I was once ordered to carry an unclothed, sitting position plastic female mannequin from one end of the block long store to the way of the Church Street sidewalk. I'm sure it was a prank (you think?). Nevertheless, I got to meet and talk to some interesting people along the way. Good times!!
  9. Somebody else following Kuharsky tweets?
  10. Shark fins? I'm thinking more like..... a nice, gentle as a kitten way, though!
  11. My point in doing these mashups is to portray the incredible amount of construction rising or planned. (Maybe should have left the World One out). Imagine driving through west Kansas and seeing this city suddenly. You would be incredibly impressed. This is just what is being added to Nashville at the moment....and it doesn't include Nashville Yards, River North, etc.
  12. Why can't they float or barge a WW II destroyer and/or submarine up here? They used to build ocean going ships during WWII at the Bridge Company. It would be the coolest attraction and appeal to locals. And add a ship and barge building museum. Wowsers, I'd buy a ticket. Then there's this. The Barkley Dam Lock is 600' long (soon to be 1,200') and 110'wide and the Cheatham Dam Lock is 800' long and 110' wide. Just sayin'. There would be 2 1/2 ft. to spare on each side. Maybe Ingram could pay to ship it up here using his barges and boats then put his soccer stadium on it....
  13. About a week ago. The building on the back left is a current medical building.
  14. From this morning....from my Doctor's office. He's an ENT, so no modesty issues involved here.
  15. Cool, I went to Durham, NC last week. The population increased by at least one (my new Granddaughter!). Not much else to talk about.