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  1. What was the attendance?
  2. I don't exactly remember where I got this, maybe a Vandy publication, but it outlines what they want to do. Also, I remember them saying they could have gotten the entire amount from a few donors, but wanted alumni and others to have a 'buy in' on this effort. The $300m being spent on these particular facilities should upgrade the program to SEC standards, except for the stadium, of course. The basketball arena is passible and the baseball stadium is among the best, just not very big. I suppose the stadium upgrades will be the next big thing.
  3. I had to revise this a few moments ago, cause....!!! A mashup of all the 400 footers proposed, rising and open; some are just speculation.
  4. Again from BALLPARK DIGEST; As shown above, a preliminary rendering; More about the financing and the State's help; The city will own the ballpark and lease it out to the team owners, but the City can use it for concerts and festivals. This sounds like it's getting real. Good for Knoxville.
  5. My goal soon, is to get a high res picture of the Demonbruen Street canyon from the KVB Bridge. It will be spectacular, like this clip from above.
  6. Something I wrote about the River North site during Amazon's search for HQ2. It was printed verbatim in the Tennessean. I'd like to think this was shown to Amazon and now Oracle. I'll take all the credit. You're welcome.
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