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  1. Had an oddball thought about why Nashville is stuck with a 30-ish story skyline. Parking! With the parking garages integrated as a base for most of the newer buildings, the limiting factors seem to be the height of the parking garage base (which is usually 7 to 8 floors since people would not want to drive any higher) and the number of tenets that amount of parking can serve. In other words, 20 floors of office space require a number of spaces that 8 floors of garage would provide. With land prices being what they are, separate garages are rarely viable. 505CST has the benefit of a large, separate garage that can provide adequate, convenient parking for 45 floors of apartments. Does that make any sense or are there other determining factors involved?
  2. ^^My perspective may be off a little, but I was showing a 550+ footer for fun. And, for what it's worth, AIG, this forum's long shot wish for a corporate relocation to Nashville, is rumored to be looking at a 47 story building in Atlanta for relocation, per a poster on Skyscraper Page (So it must be true). It would look good in the Mainland Tower.
  3. Plug in the Mainland Office Building (my guess)....
  4. Some pictures of the architectural details on the Aertson (apartment side). Maybe the best new project with regard to design features. and a bonus picture of the M-Res (aka The Morris)
  5. Nashville has got to be allowed to host the Grammy Awards in the next 5 to 10 excuses!! They belong in Music City USA at least once a decade. Nashville will have the all the necessary, first class hotel stock within walking distance of the arena. Yeah, I know. They don't walk and their feet never touch the ground, but it is a short Limo ride to the arena or MCC from any extra nice hotel. Nashville knows how to and can put on a major, red carpet event like the CMA Awards, CMT Music Awards, Hockey All-Star game, etc., etc. Nashville would provide aggressive readiness for any weather event. Most of Broadway and SoBro would be closed to outside traffic anyway, so immediate and persistent snow/ice removal would not be hindered by traffic jams and panic. And I-24 to the airport would be equally, aggressively maintained at any cost to avoid shutdowns. Plus, the Awards are on Sunday night,so only Friday evening through Monday afternoon would significant road closures be required. The talent would show up, no doubt. Only the organizers seem to be the Cali-snobs. Have separate charter flights to and from L. A. to help VIP's avoid check-in delays. Nashville will be ready!!
  6. Toyota has had a history with Nashville. The annual end of the year 'Toyotathon' was filmed at the studio (converted movie theater) on Franklin Pike some years ago. Nashville's advertising industry has a national reputation and respect but flies under the radar locally.
  7. I wonder if this the a rendering for the old, cancelled project? Is there a link to this article? EDIT: My apologies. Link here; NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL
  8. Maybe you can get a five dollar milkshake...
  9. I think you just scooped everybody!! Congrats!! And what a concept. It is so Nashville.
  10. New fence going up around the Virgin Hotel site.
  11. Nashville's block and a half of Manhattan.
  12. A side by side comparison would look something like this.
  13. Visiting Granddaughter today. Priorities!!
  14. If you want fast, you'll have to pay a premium price for it. The re-build of the I-40 bridges downtown a year ago was a brilliant example of how fast something can get done if you want to pay enough. Of course speed and night work on this project was necessary for safety and congestion mitigation purposes, so the high costs were not factor. The Federal Courthouse has been delayed for years due to politics, but now they are in the process of preparing plans for an innovative, design-build process that will allow the contractor to make important construction decisions and save money. It probably won't save much time, but as low bidder, it is in their interest to finish the job quickly so they can move on to the next one.
  15. A couple more...from my new Galaxy S7...