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  1. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I haven't seen these renderings posted before...from the Gettys Group out of the 306 Gay Street location. The UP Development tracker indicates it is to be a 156 room Towneplace Suites by Marriott. It's obviously a conceptual/massing diagram, but nevertheless, it's interesting to see a proposal for this lot illustrated. This would go a long way towards replacing some of that post, 1960's urban renewal c**p that still lines James Robertson Parkway.
  2. Soccer in Nashville

    Sorry, not a link. Just a fuzzy image....nevertheless... Still sounds strange.
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I am posting this chart from another website as it puts in perspective Nashville's recent MSA growth as compared to other cities. Obviously it was developed by a poster from Texas as those cities are high lighted.
  4. This mural from the public library shows the square from an aerial point of view, probably around the same time frame.
  5. Nashville International Airport

    BA promotion of the Nashville route.
  6. Because..... ... I now know some of my erudite comments on this subject are being read by some of the powers-that-be in Nashville and beyond, I am posting a copy of my response here to a grossly misinformed poster on another web site as related to hers/his comments regarding a misplaced statement as to "the lower tier status" of Nashville's University stock. Newspapers, CofC, Mayor, feel free to cut and paste (with attribution to UP). Drops mike.
  7. At some point, probably in the 50's, this was proposed for the site. I don't know much else about it.
  8. I've wondered why the city doesn't send all the networks some digital and video images to use on their green screen interviews that are better than always having Parkway Towers always in the background.
  9. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    So how much of the existing house was saved? Or did they build it all from scratch, which would be cool also if they did.
  10. I put this chart together using my spreadsheet of all buildings in Nashville, existing, rising, or proposed, 200' tall or higher. I may have left one or two out and I tried to estimate the heights of some the best I could, but the result is still mind blowing. Feel free to comment and correct. For example, the NCI Condo is now 550' (as we all know, things change hourly).
  11. Nashville Public Art

    More on the Nashville Walls project. I didn't know this. Interesting, short article. So they came to Nashville and founded Nashville Walls Project.
  12. SKY5 just keeps on delivering.
  13. I have attended several theatrical performances there and it is not a place that would lend itself to renovation and still serve as a large, quality performance space. There was a plan, some years ago, to build a new, but small regional theater, but unfortunately, the fundraising did not go well and the owners of the regional theater company, used the funds to pay operating expenses. As a regional theater, they had paid actors from all over the country who were provided living space and a salary for appearing in most of the plays presented in a season, and that gets expensive. I don't know how big the facility will be but hopefully they can host touring Broadway shows and musical acts. Oddly, Austin Peay has one of the nation's top 10 performance halls a few blocks away, but it is only 600 seats. Nevertheless, a performance hall would help define Clarksville as an important city and a better place to live, work and play.
  14. The City of Clarksville is planning some impressive projects appropriate for city of it's size (150,000 +/- population). One project that is getting some early attention from the City is a proposal for a performing arts center on the site of the Roxy Theater in downtown. The city has budgeted money to begin negotiations for purchase of the site. This will be a great and much needed addition to the City.