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  1. Coming up next week....Would it be these three lots and what information will we get? Is this the next big thing?
  2. Preds fans rockin' Broadway.....
  3. Bank of America put it up as I recall when they acquired the previous tenants (Nations Bank?) who owned the property and building as a gesture of good will to the City. Nice gesture! We need more moments like this.
  4. With all these hotels being added to the area, Printers Alley is going to be (already is?) a hot, trendy place to go in Nashville. It will be interesting to see where all this goes and how big it gets. It will probably lose its speakeasy like charm, I'm sure.
  5. 505CST from a couple of weeks ago. The sunspot effect was added.
  6. Seventy six buildings ten floors or more under construction or in some phase of development??? I did a count of everything in the urban core of Nashville that is either under construction or has been proposed or is strongly rumored and counted 76 buildings. Even those that rhyme with 'jest bend gummitt'. I counted all the individual buildings rendered in the River North and Uptown Nashville Yards (in the 'Wus Up Bro' District), a mysterious building to replace Crescent Bldg. next to the JW Marriott and the 3 buildings proposed in the Elmington Capital project on Demonbruen and on and on. I'm not going to list them individually, but I think you all have had a sense of the scale of the amount of energy being applied to transform the skyline. Now there is a number to measure that energy. I know 50% may never be built, but most of those will be replaced with new, more viable proposals at some point in the not too distant future. Nevertheless, that number is still mind boggling.
  7. I scanned that 'bar code' into my phone and got this.. .
  8. Edit; Fixed it. I hope.
  9. I tried to relocate this data source once but couldn't find it, but I saw a few years ago where the Nashville MSA had a ridiculous number of million dollar homes. It was much higher than most of our 'peer' cities and as many as some higher tier cities. Wish I had found it.
  10. From last night...
  11. No, it's the beginning of a bad novel... It was a dark and stormy night. Bobby was on his way to the club to meet Holiday Jones; she had a lot of moxie. But he knew Joseph would not be happy. But Thompson wouldn't mind one bit. After all, she was a dream, but no longer his.
  12. I did an overlay of the Fairgrounds with a stadium site included some months ago. I have now updated it with the City's release of a plan to improve the Fairgrounds in such a way that leaves a footprint for a major, MLS stadium. The stadium shown is an aerial view to scale of the Houston Soccer stadium. Where is the parking, though?
  13. I'm probably not much help as TDOT had particularly well trained and educated people to design the road surfaces and I never was involved in that aspect of highway design. As for the concrete vs. asphalt issue, those decisions were made at much higher paygrades than mine. I can talk about it more at the next monthly meeting.
  14. Very good recollection and assessment of what the future prospects are. Also, it was not to have a continuous, six-lane section as per the requirements of the original Environmental Impact Statement. Thus the current dropping of the extra lanes at interchanges was implemented over the years. I would be interested to know how they can legally get around that, now. And here's a fun fact. A short section of I-40 at its western end, just before it intersects I-40, is on a true north 0.00.00 degrees/minutes/seconds bearing. So, if you need to check the calibration of your compass, this is the place!!
  15. No problem. Have at it!