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  1. It looks to me like this (13%) of the total development will be very classy and has the backing of people with a reputation of getting nice things done.
  2. Happy retirement, my friend. And good luck with the Notre Dame proposal. It is striking and unique, something the French love in their architecture.
  3. First. the 1200 Broadway Apartments block the two mile view down West End of the AT&T Tower, now the Broadwest towers will hide the 1200. The drive down West End will be 'big city' impressive.!!
  4. Kingston Springs is getting a Highway 55 Hamburger franchise at the I-40 interchange. It will serve shrimp burgers among others. And they are prepping land for a 55 unit apartment complex. I don't know if we can stand all this sophisticated progress. !! P.S.: We are the 28th safest small town in America and the hometown of Tennessee's best Pizza place. And, in the past, the occasional getaway place for a certain internationally known music celebrity (but we are not supposed to talk about that). As President McKinley said on his visit to the spa here, "What happens in the Springs stays in the Springs". Or he would have said that, but he got shot.
  5. ^^^^Yes, I was an Owl for a year. I even painted a picture of one in art class there. Cheatham County sent Kingston Springs sophomores, juniors and seniors to Bellevue because it was so much closer than Ashland City. That ended for some reason, my junior year, when Tennessee schools were desegregated.
  6. Hastings Architecture has designed an incredible 'High School' facility for the relocated Hillwood High in Bellevue at the site of the former mega-church on the hill overlooking the Harpeth and I-40. The city has already installed hiking and mountain bike trails on the site. The link. The video is awesome. I went to Bellevue High for a year long before it was shut down, but I would think the Hillwood nickname, the 'Hilltoppers' would be a perfect fit for here,
  7. Not the perfect thread for this, but I did this map of recent proposals along the banks of the Cumberland at four locations. I don't know if any of these will happen (maybe River North, then TSU), but it would be cool if the river were lined with mid to high rise development. These would make a good start. Then install a river ferry transit system.....
  8. A like for having smelly hamburger and diff eq in the same post!
  9. Printer's Alley is hot,hot, hot! Many years ago, a developer had proposed a 40 story (IIRC) hotel on top of the garage at Church Street and Printer's Alley. Maybe that idea will rise again.
  10. That's funny in an ironic sort of way. I was just at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall yesterday to watch the presentation of Carmina Burana. It was incredible!! The Nashville Ballet performed to the piece. The Symphony Hall is my favorite building.
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