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  1. TDOT has their "Smart Corridor" project underway on I 24 between Murfreesboro and Nashville. It is a $45 million project conceived and budgeted by some TDOT ITS Engineer before he retired. It will coordinate traffic for the entire corridor which includes 41A. If traffic is awful on 24, signs will advise a crossover to 41A where traffic lights will be synchronized and timed to accommodate rush hour traffic. It will help traffic flow significantly. You're welcome! Some of the structures going up; An overview of the concept;
  2. Baseball draws fans from a large area and the teams have regional followings. If Nashville had an American League team, it would fill a large area with no AL teams. If the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox or even the Minnesota Twins come to town, there's no doubt those fans would love to come to Nashville. If there are fans of American League teams living in the south, they would likely flock to Nashville to catch some games. Nashville is a destination City and coming here to watch your team play would be an awesome trip.
  3. Possibly Montgomery County? Clarksville was once called one of three cities vying to become the next Silicon Valley according to a Wall Street Journal article (behind the paywall). Yes, hyperbole to the max, but they did open a $600,000,000 Google Data center last year. A 'get' like that would transform the City and likely Austin Peay. If a county in the region is the Oracle target, Clarksville makes as much sense as the others.
  4. Audis per Nashville Business Journal (behind paywall).
  5. I'm going to 'guess' the 10th street bridge will serve as a materials delivery and construction staging point since it connects to almost all the AEG project buildings, as well as the Church Street Viaduct. Indeed, there seems to be considerable material already stored on the bridge, although it could just be leftover from the bridge construction. Anyway, you have your staging area ready to go once excavation is complete, and you can begin immediately on the construction of the buildings. As far the issue regarding the proximity of the bridge supports to the edge of excavation, if the bridge supports extend a certain distance below top shelf of the excavation, then there would be no significant lateral pressure on the subsurface which might lead to failure.
  6. An old card I made with the renderings that were presented at the time....
  7. I've wanted Major League Baseball in Nashville all my life and now we're getting two teams (move over NYC, Chicago and L. A.) and I can't watch them. Torture!!
  8. It's exciting to see progress being made on the Stadium construction. I saw that Hastings Architecture is promoting the stadium design on their website portfolio and wondered why. I thought POPULOUS was the chief architect on this project. I wonder who has what role in the project development. Apparently, POPULOUS prepared the contract documents..... Also, the Hastings web brochure for the project does also state (paraphrasing here) that the stadium will be significantly visible from I-65 as you enter the city. I guess I had never realized that. (Can't cut and paste as a quote so using a screen cap)...
  9. I think Portland, OR is a cinch to get an expansion team. They have their act together with great political support and awesome plans.
  10. A large part of the revenue stream for ownership of a major league sports team is major control over the arena they play in and the Preds ownership has that kind of control, so I understand. They make big bucks I'm sure over scheduling events in one of the world's 10 busiest arenas. The only way an NBA team could play in the arena is if the Preds owned them. BTW, the New Jersey Devils and Nets came very close to moving to Nashville 20+ years ago. Also, the Spurs (many, many years ago) and either the Timberwolves or the Hornets looked closely at Nashville for a home.
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