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  1. Great description!
  2. Not sure how recent this news is. From SBI...just reported yesterday. Sounds like a big step. Also... So, if the Mayor is proposing issuance of $150 million in bonds to fund the stadium and the State has provided a mechanism to payoff the bonds, it seems like Nashville is in a good place right now!
  3. The WUS UP BRO district. West Union Station UPtown BROadway part of town (I'll keep pushing this until it becomes a thing),
  4. No pictures, but just flew out of BNA this am and caught a grand view of the skyline. Once the cluster of hotels at the western end of the MCC are finished the skyline will really stretch out from that angle. I was thinking if the Buckingham were built, it would frame the western side of the skyline even better. Git 'er built!! Also, Durham NC has a few cranes and a new tallest on the skyline. Impressive growth.
  5. This particular location is called the 'Mound Bottom' site near the Narrows of the Harpeth State Park. Indeed it is now a part of the State Park per the request of Mr. Street who owned the site prior to his death. I attended a meeting with the Ranger in charge of the park making a plea for interested citizens to create a 501c3 organization called "Friends of Mound Bottom' to support the site through publicity and fund raising. I discussed this with several people, including an accountant (necessary for a successful 501c3), but didn't get a lot of interest. What the Ranger really wanted was a swinging bridge over the Harpeth to connect an accessible part of the park to the mounds. My cursory Engineering calculations concluded a nearly 300 ft. long bridge would be required to stay above 2010 flood levels. That's an expensive bridge! But, you can access it by canoe. Morgan Freeman recently visited the site while filming his National Geographic series, "What is God?". So in short, there won't be a Taco Bell here, although the throngs of week-end canoeists leave enough garbage on the banks to make you think there could be one.
  6. TBT; Kingston Springs, 1100 A.D.
  7. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning...going to be a little rough the next few days.
  8. An update of my Hotel Pipeline card... No One World Hotel or West End Summit. EDIT: Per comments
  9. From Vrtigo's incredible post above. My crude splicing of two of the photos.
  10. I think at street level it (the 'W') will be just fine. The sidewalk experience is what's most important about the Gulch, not the skyline. My gosh, the Thompson Hotel at street level looks like the fanciest hotels in Chicago. The Gulch will be the most awesome place to walk around, especially when(if) the pedestrian bridge is built.
  11. Sounds like 'Plaza' is going strong in that SoBro location and may not be moving anytime soon. I always wondered if that property was too valuable to allow operation of a one story retail (it's right across from the City Winery), but if Plaza is buying studio space, they must be planning on sticking around. It's always busy when I go in and get materials for my artistic endeavors. They have a small room in the store for the many art classes and open studios they sponsor, so the new building must provide more room to present these classes. There is certainly a demand for workshops and I can see it being quite successful. No, it's not an apartment block, but it is much needed niche retail in a City whose arts scene is growing exponentially. Jerry's, Nashville's other art-only supply store, will relocate from its current Antioch/Hickory Hollow location to one at Five-Points in East Nashville. That's where they need to be.
  12. Saw the flagpole on top of the existing building flying a flag with the Turner (Construction?) logo on it. LOL!
  13. /\ /\ /\ Is that where Steve McNair was killed??
  14. According to the facebook site, the AMC Theater at One Bellevue Place will have "spacious rocking seats, luxury recliners, innovative menus, IMAX, Dolby and Premium" experiences. Doesn't say when they expect to open, but I can't wait. E