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  1. Does Sly Stone have a Nashville connection? We all know Jimi Hendrix got his start here.
  2. Probably, Las Vegas would be next on the list. But Nashville will not lose the team.
  3. Yes, we totally understand the passion you all have for this subject and didn't want to restrict it (as if we could), so we want to bring the discussion to a place that wouldn't push other conversations about specific development proposals multiple pages back in their topic. Thanks for your help.
  4. A rough sketch of what the KVB Roundabout neighborhood could look like a few years from now if the Lincoln development, Cypress plan, One KVB, 805 Lea and the Station District are complete. I have no inside info on two of the proposals, just guessing. I had to sketch in the JW in as the maps have not been updated. And like I said, it's rough. And ignore the blue triangle, it's a tool I use for making these cards and forgot to erase. Per comment below; One KVB is probably dead, but their website is still up.
  5. Gresham and Smith Architects Nashville Yards page has been updated with newer, much more detailed renderings including the two office buildings south of Church Street. It shows some vertical lighting on the corners of the buildings. My card using the new renders....(the heights are my estimation)…. If Amazon does indeed occupy those other two buildings, their Nashville 'campus' would look like this....
  6. I would think that River North would be a good alternate location for the soccer stadium . They might be welcomed as an awesome neighbor to help recruit other tenants while having adequate parking and access. And infrastructure may not be as costly.
  7. An interesting 'proof of concept' video posted in Vimeo in November, 2019. I wonder if this is for the revised height. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=peabody+union+nashville&view=detail&mid=641DFF48C7B9331EFBC1641DFF48C7B9331EFBC1&FORM=VIRE Screen caps...
  8. Not the best framing, but a nice shot anyway. (mine) The old and the new.
  9. There was some discussion on the Avalon Midtown topic about the possibility the City may be considering some sort of transit line from downtown to Midtown. I have made a few sketches with a suggestion on how to route it to the West End/White Bridge Road area. First I would recommend using a 'street car' such as what Atlanta has installed in their downtown... … rather than a trolley such as what Charlotte is installing.... The trolley resembles a tour bus and may not be readily identifiable as rapid transit in Nashville. A comment was made that a Church Street/Grundy Street/Hayes Street route was under consideration. I would suggest a Commerce Street/Nashville Yards/Grundy Street/ Hayes Street/ Elliston Place/ West End/Murphy Road/ McCabe Golf Course/Nashville State/White Bridge Road (whew!) route as shown below... A few points about this plan; Church Street is very narrow and I thought Commerce Street would work better with a right-of-way provided through Nashville Yards who I would think would be delighted to have a street car station in the heart of their development. It would look good rolling down the street in front of the AEG/MGM Hotel. Bridges would have to be built across the RR tracks and I-40 to carry the line away from existing over crowded viaducts and bridges. Hayes Street may have to lose its parking spaces The route would take it down West End to Murphy Road and up to McCabe Golf Course. The route would cross the City owned McCabe GC which has 27 holes. The construction could be arranged to allow golf to continue on 18 holes. When the route is compete, the course could be rearranged to allow 27 greens with underpasses beneath the tracks for golfers. The route the goes through a section of Nashville State CC to and then down White Bridge Road to St. Thomas Hospital. Those are the high points, but mainly, it eliminates the portion of West End west of I-440 from controversy and keeps it off Broadway. It would serve the following attractors; Lower Broadway and downtown Nashville Yards/Live at Nashville/Amazon The booming Broadway/West End split area and pass three blocks from the Music Row Roundabout. The Midtown hospital complex and Vanderbilt. Centennial Park and the Vanderbilt sports complex. The Murphy Road roundabout retail and residential neighborhood And finally, the White Bridge Road/Harding Road district with St. Thomas West Hospital. It's just a suggestion and something I wish the City would consider.
  10. There had been talk about a trolley line using that route as a condition for Amazon's relocation during the recruitment period. The route would have begun on Commerce Street instead of Church, but I supposed Nashville Yards is in the way now.
  11. Talk to former Governor Phil Bredeson about that. It was his call and his call only.
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