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  1. Everything you want to know about the proposed Moore Office building except 1. When does it start and 2. If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
  2. In June of 2018, I recommended on this forum restriping Division Street from the Music Row Roundabout to 12th Avenue in the Gulch from four lanes to three lanes and even two lanes across the I-40 overpass. I even made some sketches as shown below. I also recommended the addition of bike lanes. Well on my drive today I discovered exactly that has happened.... The project is obviously not finished. Another lift of asphalt may be in order with higher quality marking material being applied. It makes more sense now with the scooter invasion. The city needs to make many more streets such as this one, a scooter artery and require scooters to use such scooter arteries to navigate around town.
  3. At the last monthly UP meeting I attended, I learned the hard way they had raised their rates. $30+ bucks!!!
  4. Funny that this picture is shown. Fred Cobb, a police officer, went to see this show and afterwards he had it shut down for profanity. It made national news, but was reopened soon after. Cobb was a friend of my Dad's (everyone went to East High back in the day). I went to most of the Movie theaters downtown, but my favorite memory was eating chili at Varallo's and going to the Crescent to watch 'The Time Machine"
  5. The Montgomery County Commission met Monday night to hear comments from both sides of the issue about the funding of a project to build an events center in downtown Clarksville. From Clarksville Now.... The proposed project... This sounds like it's becoming a serious project.
  6. Start at 1st and Broad and drive up Broadway to West End for this.......
  7. No need to go into a "Is Houston in the Southeast?" discussion. My post merely echoed the claim by the L&C Tower developers at the time of being the tallest commercial building in the south. I'm sure they had intentions in the regard that were self promoting and not any attack on Houston. I enjoyed reading Baronakim's account of the early 50's in Nashville as a story of how far the city has come, and didn't intend to distract from that.
  8. From Sunday. Beautiful, non-daylight savings time sunset. Sean blackdog was out and about at the same time taking photos.
  9. Ha. You must have been right behind me.
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