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  1. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    An interesting assessment from Credit Sesame of the 25 Metros with the highest disparity between wages and rents. Nashville was 10th and in the company of New York City, San Francisco, Boston, etc. I know it's click bait, but it seemed to have a valid foundation for determining the impact of rent levels in metro areas.
  2. PHofKS

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Brail Paul Hotel, etc. Some screen caps off a video the TENNESSEAN prepared in a March 21, 2018 article...
  3. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I saw traffic counts a decade ago that showed well over a thousand vehicles headed to Nashville in the morning rush hour and returning to Centerville in the evening at one specific intersection in Hickman County. It was unmistakably commuter traffic. And I'm sure there were other routes almost as busy. That seems like a pretty strong commute to me.
  4. PHofKS

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Why are Nashville, Raleigh, Cincy and others in the top 30 MSA's?
  5. PHofKS

    First Tennessee Ballpark - Complete

    Per Ballpark Digest, it looks like we are down to either the Milwaukee Brewers or the Washington Nationals. I think I would prefer the Nationals.
  6. Considering they are using a common Architect, I wonder if the developments didn't split the Taco Bell lot like this... Marks recent excavation picture shows the western edge of the excavation lining up with the front door of the cathedral. It begs the question, how are the two project developers linked together?
  7. PHofKS

    Soccer in Nashville

    Looks like Charlotte, Raleigh and Tampa are all out of the MLS expansion competition. I thought Charlotte would be in contention with the new owner of the NFL Panthers hinting at applying for a franchise, but I feel like Phoenix is now the prime choice for expansion with Sacramento and Detroit vying for the other slot.
  8. PHofKS

    Soccer in Nashville

    'Fairpark' was a year-round amusement park at the Fairgrounds with various rides including a permanent roller coaster and other somewhat tame rides. It was closed about when Opryland opened as I recall.
  9. I was wondering if the large hole was there to provide extra protection for documents from whatever.
  10. PHofKS

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Yeah, it's pretty disgusting. I'm not even going tp post a link to where I found the details. Anyone who wants to know can google it. This should bring some uncertainty to his connection to the auto dealership.
  11. How about take the usual group of competitors and divide them into two separate qualifying prelims, then put the qualifiers into the feature race. It would make an entertaining evening and help to avoid overloading the facilities. Just spitballin' here.
  12. I'm just sitting at home with a bad cold and nothing to do all day (and night) except surf the net.