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  1. A few points from me regarding the remarkable and interesting discussion above... I overlaid the proposed soccer stadium footprint onto the Vandy campus where the current stadium is located and it seems there is no good option as a new stadium would eat up a large piece of expensive, Midtown property. I think it is very close to scale and validates the concerns the University has about proper use of it's campus. Secondly, just cranking out some crude numbers, it seems that Vanderbilt may be in a $10,000,000 per year hole as compared to other SEC schools in scholarship costs alone ($70k/yr. x 200 athletes = $14,000,000 for Vandy vs. $14k/yr. x 250 = $3,750,000 for typical NCAA school). I suppose that extra $10 million a year could go a long way toward funding a nice stadium at any school, but it's just not there for Vandy. Finally, does Vandy belong in the SEC? Ask if Nashville belongs in the SEC, instead. If the SEC dropped Vandy and picked up, say Virginia Tech, traveling fans and schools would get to spend the weekend in Blacksburg, Va. instead of Music City USA. And the Men's Basketball tournament could go back to Birmingham. Are we having fun yet? I have always thought Vandy should join the Big Ten along with Georgia Tech, instead. That would put the Big 10 in the growing Atlanta and Nashville markets in the heart of SEC country and it would be a much better fit academically for Vandy, anyway. It would be the SEC's and ACC's loss, big time. But I feel the discussion about Vandy leaving the SEC is nonsensical. Vandy is competitive in the SEC and nationally in athletics and the arrow is pointed up. They will not leave the SEC and will get the benefits of playing in a state-of-the-art football stadium (albeit off-campus) at a scale that befits the low enrollment of the University and the scattered national and international nature of their alumni base. From a guy with two diplomas from UT, I say, let Vandy be Vandy!
  2. I made quite a few trips up there during lunch when I worked in the Life and Casualty mailroom for a year many years ago.
  3. South Carolina's is two miles off campus. There are not many 'major, schools with off campus facilities, but Baylor, Miami, UCLA, Northwestern, Oregon, Pittsburgh, N.C. State, Temple, Connecticut and Memphis are a few.
  4. Chris Lee of Vandy was on 104.5 Sports talk radio this a.m. and said Vandy's participation in sharing the stadium is all but a done deal. He said Chancellor Zeppos has been supporting this deal from the beginning. The post interview discussion revolved around a few points. If Coach Mason goes to a bowl game this year and there is no facility (stadium) upgrade plan in place, he would most likely move on. Vandy would return to square one in rebuilding again. Vandy's administrators like the off campus solution because they want the land for growth. Since land is hard to come by adjacent to the campus, let the city provide (and help build) the football stadium land and tear down the existing one for the land. There could be some drop off among students and alumni on game day, but a modern, 'state of the art' stadium might encourage more local people to attend games.State of the Art implying all chair seats, selling beer(?), ample tailgating space, better concessions, modern technical provisions for WiFi and etc., better game day experience ...basically, a modern 35,000 seat NFL stadium, but for SEC Football. My question is...if Vandy makes the commitment, and Nashville is not awarded an MLS franchise, what's does Vandy do next? They've lost one to two years of progress toward improving their facilities. Still, I think it's the best option for Vanderbilt.
  5. Per Weather Channel... Weather looks to be somewhat favorable for viewing in this area on Monday. Not so much Nebraska, Kansas where I had planned to be.
  6. I want to see our City be big league in every way, but if there is no MLS in our future, I can live with a strong USL team here. But I would like to see the USL establish a 'Premier" , 16 team, division with the major metro areas represented in the league and some who will be rejected for expansion. If that division included; (No MLS feeder teams). Nashville Oklahoma City Pittsburgh and/or Cleveland St. Louis Phoenix Riverside, Ontario, Inland Empire, Cali. San Diego Northern New Jersey Indianapolis Charlotte Raleigh San Francisco or Oakland San Antonio or Austin Louisville or Memphis Las Vegas Omaha or Tulsa or Rochester or, what the h***, Charleston I left out Sacramento, Detroit and Cincinnati assuming they and one from the list above would be given an MLS franchise. There would be some significant population support behind it and be less of a second tier league maybe and more like a 1.2 tier league. There would have to be some minimal stadium requirements and salary floors and ceilings to make it stable and be around when and if the MLS crashes.
  7. Sport's Illustrated is already out with the news..... Interesting quote;
  8. ....and six times faster than the 5th fastest growing City economy. I'll repeat; Nashville's economy is growing six times faster than the nation's 5th fastest growing city economy.
  9. 30,000 seats sounds like they are hoping Vanderbilt will share.
  10. That's amazing. Palmer plaza is getting lost in the midtown skyline, now.
  11. Alrighty then. Explanation sounds good. That's why I posted it.
  12. Not seeing that.
  13. It's in the Main page - Stadiums - Soccer Stadiums of US & Canada forum. Or something like that. I cropped the original picture which included a rendering of the Raleigh proposal, so it is fairly recent.
  14. BTW, a rendering I have not seen before from a picture of an office at the MLS headquarters from SSC. Hmmm.
  15. Boom!!