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  1. There were some TDOT officials who were very upset when they came in Monday morning and learned the City had put up planters (made from RR crossties) without notice or consultation. I know how that conversation went because I was in the room at that time, back in the 70's. They were removed fairly quickly.
  2. And it looks like the Sacramento MLS expansion franchise is in trouble......from ESPN.
  3. A timeline of the FIFA 2026 world Cup host city selection process. I still suspect the recently released improvements to Nissan Stadium were intended for the FIFA selection committee, but they may need to start pouring concrete by Q3 to demonstrate a commitment to the proposal.
  4. I follow a Vanderbilt sports blog (yeah I know) and a couple of months ago, someone posted about something they heard on a local sports talk radio station from John Ingram (Nashville Billionaire/Vandy Sports Booster/Nashville Soccer Club owner). I clipped it off the page and added it to my PP slide about the Vandy Stadium (I obviously have too much time on my hands).The information presented is interesting, but the posters reaction is priceless.
  5. Some images and information from Hastings Architects and David M. Schwartz on College B and College C at Vanderbilt. It is a 310 ft. tall tower. My edited cards.
  6. I've been working on helping a community theater decide on how to build or obtain a building to become an event and arts space and I see where metal, pre-fab buildings are popular with churches. I think this had a steel frame, but not 100% sure. There are framing 'kits' (exterior only, with windows, doors and roof) available from Lowes for as little as $60k that we are looking at also. I'm always curious as to what a building like this would cost, but they sold their former facility in the 12 South area, so they could afford something nice, I suppose. A little off topic, but here are a few ideas we had; An open air proposal
  7. The series of ONE C1TY cams.... The 'Bandshell-ish' where the Nashville Shakespeare Festival is now doing their summer shows. I will be involved in the set design, a little bit, for this summer's show (if they have one).
  8. Future outdoor NHL games??
  9. From the Vanderbilt Twitter Account as shared by the Urban Planet Twitter Account...Fantastic!!!
  10. From Channel 17 Nissan Stadium Cam...our little town is all grown up.
  11. Clarksville has had an interest in buying the old Roxy Theater in downtown which has been home to a professional, regional theater for some time, but is currently struggling. According to the Clarksville Leaf Chronical the matter of purchasing the land for a future Performing Arts Center for $810,000 has been approved in the Council.... No details have been given, but a conceptual rendering was circulating some time ago. I had made this card to display the two renderings. The article indicates some elements of the historical facade may be preserved in the new building. The current Roxy, I have been there numerous times to watch some quality plays. But, it's nice to see the City think big. The City already has one of the 10 best concert halls in the nation at Austin Peay, according to an article in Robb's Report some years ago. I kid you not!!!
  12. A comparison of the Shelby Bottoms Walkway ped bridge to the proposed crossing site at River North. RN would require 33% greater length to keep piers out of the river. (Dimensions are taken from Google Earth Pro).
  13. There were some awesome Mountain Biking trails in Bowie Park in that area 'back in the day' with moguls, creek crossings and long, fast exciting descents. But the City, 'dumbed it down' later and restricted the bikes to boring service roads to allow the equestrians right of way on the best trails. Grrr!! I finished 3rd by the way.
  14. I remember the 'Wedding Cake' proposal fairly well. There was a better aerial rendering of it, but I have been unable to find it anywhere. As I recall, it was to have been built within a block or two from the former Octagon Building. I actually liked it and thought it would add some character and quirkiness to the area.
  15. So, last year, the Mayor made the team owner and site developer, Ingram, give concessions on building layouts for nothing?
  16. Ron, that's actually one I made and uploaded to YouTube. I used a free movie maker program. The music came from 'Free Music Archive' where I've downloaded stuff before for pre-show , etc. music for theatrical productions. No royalties are required.
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