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  1. I went to HOM for the first time last night as well. The only way I can describe it is "Amazing". I think I may have embarrassed myself as my mouth was wide open from awe the entire time I was there. If you go with a group I suggest you have a "rally point" like families have at amusement parks. It is easy to get lost in the enormous space.
  2. I stopped in and talked to the owner yesterday. The interior looks much better than Corner place. There are maybe 15 tables, and a small bar. The owner, from Long Island, has a lot of restaurant experience. He informed me that he previously owned an Italian restaurant and an Irish Pub. He says that Crisp will offer an upscale salad bar, soups, small pizzas and a wine/beer bar.
  3. This may be completely out of line, but could they build the underground deck before they inplode the above deck, so there is a seamless transition for the BoA Corporate workers?
  4. I WILL be walking to this center. I walk 2 miles, from the 7th/Ridgeway area to Tryon every day. A friend of mine lives near Freedom Park and walks to 7th and Tryon most days, we both have cars. It seems to me that if only a handful of people are willing to walk to this area it will be better than the amount of people that walk there today. I actually work at Rock Bottom at 7th and Tryon. You can't imagine the amount of visitors that ask about a Target or some other equivalent general merchandise store. I have to tell them that it is going to be about a $25 cab fare to the nearest Ta
  5. If this has already been posted, I apologize, but I hadn't seen it yet... http://www.collett.biz/Properties/Met-Video.aspx
  6. I work at a restaurant Uptown. You would not believe the number of out-of-town guests that are searching for a theatre.
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