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  1. mandrws1

    General Memphis Photos, Past and Present

    WOW!!! Please post more. I've been logging on everyday waiting for your pics. Keep up the good work!
  2. mandrws1

    murfreesboro pics

    Is that an area in close proximity to MTSU, or is that just a very pretty neighborhood?
  3. mandrws1

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  4. mandrws1

    Introduce Yourself

    Whats up everyone? I'm your neighbor from Memphis. I had to check out Arkansas' forum after my recent visit to Little Rock. I've only passed through Little Rock until I recently visited the Clinton museum. I have to say that downtown Little Rock is beautiful! Everything looks so new and clean. I noticed that yall have a trolley system too. How old is it and how far does it go. Up until now, the only thing that I associated with Little Rock was Dillard's department stores and gangs from watching an old HBO special and one that aired recently. That has all changed now. Although downtown wasn't that dense, it was still gorgeous! You should be proud.
  5. mandrws1

    Providence/RI Photo of the day - by Garris

    Wow, nice photos. I never knew how beautiful of a city Providence was! I'll have to plan a trip soon.
  6. mandrws1

    The South's next rising star(s)

    Memphis is my pick also. The city has so much unrealized potential. Louisville and Birmingham also are up and comers.