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    55 West

    Funny, that "one bedroom" looks awfully like an alcove studio. Can you say false advertising?
  2. If people like me would stop sneaking into 3 or 4 movies on one ticket, maybe the lines wouldnt be so long
  3. wait, Post Parkside became a tower? when did they add the extra floors? Ive been out of town for a few months so I guess I missed the addition a bit of humor, don't be jumping all over me now.
  4. FrigginGr8est

    55 West

    There is an article in todays business journal that states that they are going to start leasing the units at $900 a month for the loft and studio apartments and the retail spaces this summer. Since they have silly rules about posting a link, go fetch.
  5. I thought the assessments were only to be on the Plaza businesses and the parking garage, not The Solaire condos. Why should condo owners in The Solaire subsidize the theatre? How are they(we) benefiting? By having more traffic in the parking garage and therefore taking longer to enter and exit? Where is the benefit to us more so then any other residence downtown? Remember, we the condo owners did not get any tax breaks from the city, the developer did and did not pass it along to us. In fact, the city tried to assess us a seperate tax on our parking spots even though they were included in the
  6. Can you post a link to the article?
  7. Heard a rumor that Ulster is closing Kress and the space will turn into another club owned by the owner of Antigua (Chillers, Latitudes, et al.)
  8. OK, I don't mind a little discussion on politics, and I do like to see other people's opinions on our elected (and some, by hanging chads, not so elected ) officials, but can we at least move this to the coffee house?
  9. I do not understand your comparison of a conductor on Amtrak making $75K a year plus full benefits (more then a pilot on AirTran makes) to punch tickets, to "15 year old illegal immigrants work cheaper". Just what is your point? Redstar does have a point that with salaries that average $59K per year on Amtrak, it will never be able to cover the expenses of running passanger trains. Tickets are ridiculously overpriced to cover these salaries. Who in their right mind would pay $250 one way to Orlando from New York City when you can fly for about half of that (or drive for that matter)??? Railro
  10. Can we all chip in and pay them to change the name? That thing is hideous.
  11. FrigginGr8est

    55 West

    As per the e-mail I received and posted from the sales office over a month ago, they said they will have an announcement in August regarding which hotel company is going to go in. It is now September. The bank building this project foreclosed on this project in a "friendly" foreclosure which became nasty in August. They included the remaining 33 holdout buyers in the new foreclosure suit they filed in August, trying to seize control and ownership of the deposit accounts. Speaking to my attorney, he explained that this was done as a scare tactic to get the remaining holdouts to ask for their de
  12. FrigginGr8est

    55 West

    OK, a new twist. So, Im sitting at home and my doorbell rings around 6 pm (in New York). This guy is standing there with a crap load (like 2000 pages) of papers asking me if I am me. I say yes. Turns out he's a process server I have been sued by the bank that took over the project. They are (as we already knew) foreclosing on the buidling AND they are laying a claim to my deposit!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?! Now me and the other 33 holdouts need to hire lawyers to answer this suit within 20 days. A pox on these people and their family.
  13. FrigginGr8est

    55 West

    OK, here's the deal. I just spoke to the sales office. Out of 300 sales, all but 33 (me being one of the 33) requested and received a refund of their deposit. The lender is now formally foreclosing on the project instead of just completing it, and is canceling the remaining 33 holdouts' contracts and giving their deposit back. The hotel will be announced in the next 60 days and the floors that the hotel will take over will require extensive renovations (don't know why they spent money on working on the interior). As the letter I posted states, they are starting a list of people interested in b
  14. FrigginGr8est

    55 West

    August 12, 2008 Dear 55 West on the Esplanade Purchaser: As I believe most, if not all, of you know, the Lender on the 55 West Project is in the process of foreclosing on the property. As part of this legal procedure, you will soon, if not already, be provided with a large package of legal documents that represent copies of all the documents that have been filed in the Court system surrounding the foreclosure process. This process forecloses on all interests of any nature on the property (project) which includes your purchase contract for your condominium. It is unfortunate
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