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  1. LeBauer Park update The steel towers for the massive art sculpture over the concert lawn have been erected. The sculpture will glow at night. It will be one of a kind for North Carolina. Greensboro has really stepped up its game with high quality urban parks. with Center-City Park across the street its really going to feel like one big park and both parks were financed privately without city tax dollars thanks to non-profit organizations and very generous citizens. In fact most of downtown recent civic projects have been financed privately like the ballpark and even the future Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts across the street from LeBauer Park. Half of the money for the $65 million venue was donated by wealthy individuals and companies with the rest being financed with hotel/motel tax and user fees. Greensboro has figured out a way to build these transformative projects without taxpayer bonds. Otherwise they wouldn't happen. This is not in LeBauer Park but its a fountain in an alley along South Elm Street
  2. Construction on LeBauer City Park is well underway with a set opening date later this summer. The large sculpture over the concert lawn has been revealed and will be lit at night time. In addition, a small performing arts venue is under construction next to the future LeBauer Park. The venue will be added on to the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center and is part of an emerging cultural district which includes the cultural arts center, the main library, the children's museum, the Greensboro Historical Museum, the future Stevens Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Center - City Park and the future LeBauer Park ties all these cultural attractions together. link below includes photo
  3. Marty Kotis just purchased additional property adjacent to the theater going towards downtown. Kotis says the additional property would help his mid-rise project grow in size and scope. The new property could be the site of a high-rise hotel.
  4. streetscaping is well underway along the Gate City Blvd Corridor and they have finally replaced all the "High Point Rd" exit signs with Gate City Blvd along the interstate.
  5. Lets hope the transgendered bathroom fiasco wont hurt chances of industry coming to the airport.
  6. Downtown construction update. The first building of the Union Square interuniversity campus is looking good. The Hyatt Place hotel at the Carrollat Bellemeade complex is coming along nicely. The cranes will be rising soon. construction has also started on the apartment buildings
  7. Use correct grammar lol. "Posts are" not posts is lol
  8. Rendering...there is another large apartment building not visible in the rendering. This is going to look great overlooking the ballpark! The entire ballpark district is booming with development. There is already a grocery store, other apartments and new restaurants and breweries opening up. Carroll at Bellemeade (Bellemeade Village) website is up but still under construction. The ground level of the Hyatt hotel is clearly rising from the ground
  9. Link
  10. First a House of Blues related venue and now a Wet Willie's will be opening up one of its largest locations in downtown Greensboro (at the Railyard). The chain typically locates in tourist destinations much like Hard Rock Cafe other locations are: Atlantic City, NJ Atlanta (Buckhead) Charlotte (Music Factory) Memphis (Beale Street) Myrtle Beach St Louis, MO Tampa Hollywood, FL Savannah, GA
  11. PTI airport in Greensboro is one of three sites being considered for a major company looking to expand operations. It looks like it's a pretty big deal. Construction on a large airplane taxiway over a future segment of I-73 opening up hundreds of acres of land for the airport could help seal the deal. Its being called a "very, very big endeavor" The Airport is currently home to the Mid-Atlantic FedEx Hub and the world headquarters of Honda Aircraft Company and its jet factory. GCEDA and Airport Officials Trying To Land Major Project - Rhino Times
  12. The first floor of the Hyatt Place Hotel at Carroll At Bellemeade (Bellemeade Village) is starting to rise
  13. Looks like developer Roy Carroll has become the next Joe Koury. He has become a lead developer in downtown development His major developments: - renovation of the old Wachovia tower "Center Pointe" (converted to a high-rise condo complex) - Carroll at Bellemeade (300 mid-rise luxury apartments with rooftop pools and Hyatt Place Hotel) - Project 561 (proposed 36 story office / retail / boutique hotel tower) Here is a map showing the project 561 site along with all the other development that has happened and is happening around the ballpark area. The area outlined in red would be a great opportunity site for a mid-rise or high-rise project at some point in the future. I predict there will be more development activity between the ballpark and the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts along Bellemeade St. Downtown Greensboro is finally starting to see the kind of large scale urban development that you see going up in Charlotte and Raleigh. I remember when ballpark naysayers more than a decade ago said a new downtown ballpark would never attract surrounding development........surprise surprise!! It happened in Durham and now its happening in Greensboro. The ballpark has attracted three upscale apartment complexes, restaurants, a hotel and now possibly an office tower and another hotel. Its going to be a pretty dense urban setting watching baseball games. BTW the ballpark is getting a new name NewBridge Bank Park will become Yadkin Bank Park since Yadkin Bank acquired NewBridge Bank. When you look at Greensboro as a whole, the city hasn't officially "arrived" yet, but its transitioning in that direction when you look at the high paying jobs and companies such as Honda Aircraft Company, Lenovo and Qorvo moving into the city. Upscale retail and restaurants such as Brooks Bothers and the Cheesecake Factory are opening up, downtown is booming and we are starting to see some large urban developments being planning in the "midtown" area. The city is quickly becoming one of the most progressive cities in the south when it comes to social issues and policy. Greensboro still has a ways to go before the city can be placed in the ranks among cities like Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville, SC. But the Gate City is certainly on its way. Its going to take a little time before the city's image catches up with all that is happening here. I do think the city can find a niche in the financial sector. While it will never become a banking hub like Charlotte, Greensboro can become an insurance hub. After Greensboro based Jefferson-Pilot Life was acquired by Philadelphia based Lincoln Financial Group, the company kept its insurance division headquartered in Greensboro. So there is a presence of a major U.S. financial company in Greensboro. The city once had the nickname "Hartford of the South" due to the number of its insurance companies. Greensboro leaders should focus on making Greensboro an insurance hub again because while its great that Greensboro is attracting high-tech manufacturing companies to the city, Greensboro needs more high paying "white collar" office jobs and that will lead to more office tower construction in the central business district, high end retail and other urban development. Sometimes you have to look to the past to move forward into the future.
  14. Speaking of which Roy Carroll has purchased property for his towering downtown 561 ft tall skyscraper. It could be built across the street from NewBridge Bank Ballpark and on the opposite corner of Bellemeade Village/Hyatt Place Hotel. However he has the option to build it next to Center Pointe. Roy Carroll said large and medium sized potential tenants are interested in leasing office space but he's looking for an anchor tenant for naming rights. The tower would have 28 floors on top of an 8 story parking deck and include street level retail, a restaurant and a boutique hotel. It would be the tallest building in North Carolina outside of Charlotte. Roy Carroll has had six meetings with various potential tenants, even showing them designs of the building with their corporate logos. "we've put a number of marquee logos on the side of our buildings" "i've got a whole secret file of renderings with different marquees on the side of the building"
  15. The exterior renovation of the Southeastern Building is nearly complete. The building has been converted to apartments, office space and a restaurant/lounge before and after Construction on the Hyatt Place Hotel in the Bellemeade Village development is well underway. ongoing construction of LeBauer City Park Welcome to "Jeansboro" Home of Wrangler