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  1. Downtown Greensboro Construction update Carroll at Bellemeade / Hyatt Place hotel construction update I love the wood paneling!
  2. Pay wall article. Looks like construction will soon begin on a third downtown hotel. Site work begins on the planned Hampton Inn and Suites downtown site work on the future Hampton Inn and Suites
  3. Actually we are finally seeing some progress. Exterior brick, wood panelling etc. Are finally being installed on the buildings. The exterior of the Hyatt is almost completely done.
  4. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    Actually I saw work going on yesterday. I wouldn't worry too much about that. That little issue will be worked out,
  5. cityboi

    New High Point Stadium

    Construction on the stadium is underway. Here is the final rendering. BB&T Point ballpark.
  6. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Sweet! A bowling alley/bar lounge is proposed for the site at Lewis St and Elm st. The building on that site has already been torn down.
  7. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

  8. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

  9. Ground level construction photos. They have erected the big crane. Won't be long before we see a tower crane erected for the Westin hotel.
  10. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Old Cascade Saloon renovation before and after. The building was built in the 1890s. The shape of the building was so bad it was almost torn down because it wasn't structurally sound. If it had been torn down, nothing could have been built to replace it because it is in the railroad company right of way. There would have been a void on South Elm Street and downtown would have lost a gem.
  11. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

  12. cityboi

    New High Point Stadium

    Wow didn't realize construction was that far along.
  13. Construction photo update Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts
  14. Pay wall but it looks like the Triad's first Sprouts is coming to Battleground Ave in Greensboro
  15. cityboi

    Publix in midtown Greensboro

    More on plans for Publix in midtown looks like the parking deck and store will be stacked. This would be the second Publix in the Greensboro area. The other being at Grandover Village. It was also be the third in Guilford County. High Point has a traditional Publix store.