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  1. cityboi

    Cary Towne Center

    Looks like IKEA is trying to avoid what is happening to other big box/department stores. There is a new concept for IKEA stores now. They are focusing on smaller stores in the downtown areas of "global cities". The new stores will be pretty different. You won't be able to purchase many of the things in the store right away. There will be showrooms and you'll have to use a touch screens to either order products for delivery or pick up. Also IKEA's customer base is not in the suburbs. They are in urban centers. Online shopping has hit brick and mortar stores across the board.
  2. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    I don't know but it looks cool. Could be shelter on the top level or solar panels lm
  3. cityboi

    New High Point Stadium

    Phase 1 of High Point stadium plan calls for 500,000 feet of mixed-use development. Looking at all the phases, this if very impressive for High Point.
  4. cityboi

    New Embassy Suites Hotel

    wow. Love that hotel.
  5. cityboi

    North Carolina State Wide Development

    More downtown Greensboro development. Proposed Aloft Hotel / office/ residential tower in downtown Greensboro. The tower will overlook the ballpark and sit atop an 8 story parking deck Proposed Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Greensboro. Hyatt Place Greensboro Downtown - currently under construction. Future Project Slugger office building overlooking Greensboro's ballpark Upscale apartments going up overlooking the ballpark. Construction underway on the 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. The developer of the Westin Greensboro just purchased the News and Record site which is an entire city block. Located across the street from the future Westin Hotel, there is some speculation it could be a large mixed-use development with a convention center as an anchor. The city already has a large convention center off of I-40. But city leaders say a downtown facility would not compete head on with the Koury Convention Center. The location is fitting with the Amtrak/bus station directly south of the property. It is also centrally located being within close walking distance to restaurants, entertainment venues, parks and cultural attractions. More than likely if a convention center is built it would be half the size of the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro which is about the size of the Benton Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem. A smaller convention facility would not compete head on with the Koury which hosts the larger conventions.
  6. cityboi

    North Carolina State Wide Development

    Final renderings of the Westin Greensboro downtown /city deck with street level retail. Rear of hotel facing Davie Street. The site has already been demolished for the hotel and deck. Official website Front elevation from Elm Street. The lower section in the front is the current Elm Street Center which has space for meetings.
  7. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    Westin Greensboro official website Rear of the Westin and city parking deck Front elevation from Elm Street. The lower section in the front is the current Elm Street Center which has space for meetings.
  8. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Funny thing is these kind of things are now happening now if you've been paying attention.
  9. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Major downtown convention space has been brought up as a potential part of the site development. Although it would not compete head on with the Koury Convention Center at I-40 and Gate City Blvd. A skyscraper, apartments , condos, retail and restaurants were also mentioned as possibilities. Convention space does make sense with all the new hotels going up and the Westin would be right across the street. This may be why the Westin Hotel developer bought the site to in part help benefit his future high-rise Westin across the street. So will a mixed-use development that includes a downtown convention center be on the horizon? Time will tell but it's a no brainer with a site that large. Not to mention the train and bus station are directly south of the property and two downtown parks and cultural attractions a block north. The site is tailored for a convention center. Map shows other downtown projects including Roy Carroll's Aloft / residential/ office tower across from the ballpark.
  10. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    News and Record has reached an agreement to sell its downtown site. But this is good news in regards to what potential development could go on the site. It's being sold to the developer who's building the Westin Hotel across the street. Other unidentified parties are also involved so it's going to be a pretty big development whatever goes there. Its an entire city block! Up until this point, local developer Roy Carroll was the only developer taking on major large scale projects downtown. This would be the first time an out of state developer takes on a large scale downtown project. News & Record reaches agreement to sell downtown property | Local Business |
  11. Hopefully it happens. There have been two efforts in the past to either bring a bowling alley/bar either downtown or on the edge of downtown. The current effort seems to have some real legs and with the success of Boxcar Barcade, I think bowling would be just as successful. Currently only Charlotte has a downtown bowling alley in the state.
  12. Downtown Greensboro may finally get a bowling alley !
  13. Another photo of progress at Carroll at Bellemeade.
  14. While slow, construction is progressing on Carroll at Bellemeade Apartments / Hyatt Place Hotel. The exterior of the hotel is almost completely done The apartments exterior is starting to take shape.
  15. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Carroll's Bellemeade deck which will feature a skyscraper with an Aloft Hotel, offices and residential on top is back on the table.