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  1. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    I also love the downtown Greenway, the only one that loops around a downtown and then connects with the city greenway system. The Greenway loop still has a few more legs to complete with the west leg having a water stream. The greenway even has pocket parks such as Woven Works Park and Morehead Park. Another great addition to the downtown park system. All those great photos below and the greenway isnt even 50% done! In addition the greenway is attracting development. There are apartments, a grocery store, bars, restaurants and even a speakeasy along the greenway so its very in its concept having art, being a loop around downtown and what borders the greenway. In other cities they are pretty much just linear green biking paths with little attractions bordering them. Future phases will have a water stream, bridges and much more. And last but not least there is Center-City Park. Downtown Greensboro still has a little ways to go but its beginning to look as lush as Greenville, SC. I think the next step which is underway is improving the streetscape throughout downtown and Id love to see even more water features. There are more park opportunities along the railroad where there is brown space and an abandoned rail yard. Action Greensboro had proposed a park at the old railyard across from the depot complete with a chain of ponds resembling a little river. It would be a great place for an outside concert venue which could serve as a permanent stage for several thousand people and many events including the North Carolina Folk Festival. There is a road block though. The railroad company is not selling the railyard at this moment. But further down the railroad in the southwest portion of downtown developer Marty Kotis owns property that could be converted to park space adjoining his planned entertainment venues. That part of the railroad area also connects with the greenway. But I would love to see a concert/amphitheater venue at the old rail yard. It think permanent venues such as that are a much better alternative than temporary tents in parking lots. The LeBauer Park stage was used as a stage for the National Folk Festival but the rest of the stages were set up tents. In addition to parks id like to see downtown have one or two urban public plazas which have more brick and concrete than grass. One such plaza could replace the parking lot on South Elm Street just north of McGee Street. It could have a large cafe seating area for people who want to get take out from the nearby restaurants and sit in a plaza environment and eat. There could also be a street zone on the Greene Street side of the lot/plaza for food trucks. Another urban public plaza could be built near the ballpark around Roy Carroll's future mixed use tower.
  2. New High Point Stadium

    Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is supporting High Point's ballpark project. Cool looking hotel in rendering if built as designed. High Point's ballpark will rival Greensboro's and Winston-Salem's
  3. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    some more photos of downtown Greensboro I just love LeBauer Park. I stopped by and played a little golf on the putting green while taking photos. People were out there playing ping pong. Very cool and unique park and the way it transitions into Center-City Park. LeBauer Park is truly an activity park and it will feed right into the performing arts center. Its the heart of the cultural district with the Greensboro Cultural Center, Greensboro Central Library, Greensboro Historical Museum and Greensboro Children's Museum all bordering the park. Watch a movie on movie night on the great lawn or sign up for yoga classes in the park. There is even a dog park and an urban childrens playground. There are ornamental gardens and an outdoor reading room next to the library. You can grab a bite to eat at the park's two restaurants and just sit down and relax admiring the lighted air sculpture, one of only a handful in the country designed by Janet Echelman. Downtown Greensboro is becoming more and more lush and beautiful. LeBauer Park and Charlotte's Romare Bearden Park are the two most beautiful urban parks in the state and they are shining examples of what urban parks should look like and what activities can take place in them. Other LeBauer Park photos. Greensboro Children's Museum near LeBauer Park
  4. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    I found out based on city documents pertaining to the parking deck agreement with Roy Carroll and the developers of the 9 story building, the mix uses in Roy Carroll's tower above the deck. In reference to that tower it says: "Future retail, office, hotel, and residential building located above and below the new city parking deck" We know the Aloft hotel will be in the tower, but just as I expected there will be residential and it mentions office space. The retail will be on the street level of the deck. The city council just voted 9-0 in favor of entering into an agreement with Roy Carroll and the ballpark tower developers to build the deck. So Carroll's tower is a go. After more than 25 years, Greensboro will finally see some new additions to its skyline, 3 exactly when you include the Westin hotel/deck. Three tower cranes will be a fixture in Greensboro's skyline over the next few years
  5. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Some downtown photos including updated construction photos of Carroll at Bellemeade. Carroll at Bellemeade / Hyatt Place The foreground plaza is where the 9 story office building is going. To the right of the plaza across the street is where the 20 story tower on top of the 8 story deck is going. 911 Memorial on South Elm Street. The sculpture was made from the actual steel from the World Trade Center twin towers. Southside
  6. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    True but I guess it depends on where you sit at the ballpark. If you are sitting at the Go Triad bar area and the outer grassy berm area you will get a view of Greensboro's skyline, Carroll at Bellemeade in the foreground, the ballpark office tower and Carroll's tower at the same time. That will be a breathtaking view. But really those two new towers will be a part of Greensboro's skyline im not sure if we will see the Westin hotel tower from the ballpark. The Lincoln Financial Building along with the ballpark office tower may obscure it. But at least we have 3 confirmed towers for downtown. Im not sure if Carroll's tower is the Project 561. I say that because it doesn't make sense that he is mum about this tower project but at the same time he publicly talks about Project 561. If they are two separate tower projects, his tower near the ballpark would likely just be a mixed use residential tower with the Aloft Hotel while his project 561 would be built next to his Center Pointe tower. Keep in mind his ballpark tower would still surpass the Lincoln Financial Building in height and become Greensboro's tallest building. So we could potentially see two new towers surpassing the height of the Lincoln Financial Building. Roy Carroll is really stepping up his game in Greensboro. He is even planning to build a hotel next to High Point's planned downtown ballpark. Carroll has become Greensboro's next Joe Koury. If a downtown convention center gets built on the News and Record property, he may have a convention center named after him as well.. Haha.
  7. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    City Council discusses building an 8 story parking deck accross the street from the planned 9 story ballpark office tower. The article says Carroll will build a 15 to 20 story mixed use tower on top of the 8 story parking deck. The Mixed use building will include the Aloft hotel. "The 1,050-space deck would provide the foundation — quite literally — for the 15- to 20-story mixed-use building that Greensboro developer Roy Carroll is planning." Carroll was tight-lipped about what he plans to build atop the deck. “We’re going to build on our property a city parking deck and we’re going to retain the air rights above the parking deck,” he said. “We’re not ready to talk about what’s going to be built above the garage.” The parking deck will also serve the general public and the ballpark tower (below) soon to be under construction. Carroll's tower across the street will be about 3 times the height of the ballpark tower.
  8. Had a blast at the National Folk Festival in Greensboro the past two days. I've noticed license tags all across the country including as far away as California. Look forward to this tradition continuing in Greensboro after this year as the North Carolina Folk Festival. Tomorrow will wrap up the National Folk Festival.
  9. Triad Business Notes

    The city of Greensboro has submitted a bid for an Amazon Headquarters. It would be a dual headquarters with the one in Seattle and the headquarters would create 50,000 jobs. If Amazon selected Greensboro it would be located in a city where one of its competitors are based (Greensboro based Market America). The company said it was inviting proposals for its new site, which it said could have a similar layout to its Seattle headquarters, including an urban downtown campus. This news comes at a time when the News and Record property downtown is up for sale and the city may be pitching that site to Amazon. There are also adjoining sites around the News and Record property that could be assembled for a downtown campus. It may be a long shot but you never know. One of the requirements is having direct access to mass transit. The depot which is a multi modal transportation hub and includes an Amtrak station sits right across the street from the News and Record property. This is why I believe the city is pitching that property and the timing of the sale couldn't be more perfect. Distribution operations could be located near the airport where the Mid Atlantic FedEx hub could help sweeten the deal. If Amazon were to build a downtown headquarters campus in Greensboro, it would be a game changer for downtown and thats an understatement. Their prescence would spur downtown residential development on a level the city has never seen before. We are talking about 50, 000 jobs We would also see more hotel proposals. Like I said its a long shot but if it were to happen, downtown would see an explosion of development.
  10. Interstate quality spur to I-73/74

    Interesting that a state leader is proposing another interstate being routed to Greensboro. It would connect I-95 to Piedmont Triad International Airport/I-73 via Hwy 421. It would be a 3 digit spur called I-X95 or I-X85. The purpose is to provide interstate access to the industrial mega sites along 421 in an attempt to attract big manufacturers. Here is a list of current and future interstates in Greensboro. I-40, I-85, I-73, (I-74 near Greensboro), I-785, future I-840 (loop), So an I-95 spur connecting to I-73 in Greensboro would give the city seven interstate designations. In fact there would be a rare scenario where a section of the southern loop would have three interstates on the same stretch.
  11. If NC we're to legalize gambling

    If casino gambling got state and public support and became legal, you would probably see land directly outside of the Cherokee Reservation being turned into casino resorts first piggy backing off Cherokee. I think you would see row after row of casinos near Cherokee. It would be the Las Vegas of our state. Coastal areas near Wilmington would likely be targeted next due to the area's tourism. Charlotte would likely become the first city in the piedmont to have a casino resort. Now if South Carolina made casino gambling legal Myrtle Beach would eventually turn into major casino destination among the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, NJ . Myrtle Beach has the tourism to support the casino gaming industry in a big way. There are already cruise ships in Myrtle Beach that go out into international waters for casino gambling.
  12. Don't forget, the third and final National Folk Festival in Greensboro begins this weekend Friday through Sunday. The weather is suppose to be nice all weekend. After this year, the statewide folk festival will take its place in downtown Greensboro like in many cities that have hosted the National Folk Festival. Organizers say you wont be able to tell the difference between the national and the state festival so that it stays on par with the National and generate the same excitement.
  13. New High Point Stadium

    High Point is getting a baseball team in the Atlantic League It's happening the funds have been raised and then some. Winston-Salem based BB&T will have naming rights to the stadium making it the third ballpark in North Carolina with the BB&T name. The BB&T name is on Winston-Salem's and Charlotte's downtown ballparks. A children's museum and park will be a part of the project and as I posted above, Roy Carroll will build a hotel overlooking the ballpark. Carroll will be working through the project's master developer. Residential is also a part of the plan. The plan is to have the stadium built by 2019. • Blue Ridge Companies, a construction and property management firm based in High Point, will build at least 200 new apartment units near the project site. • The Carroll Companies, a Greensboro developer, wants to build a hotel at the ballpark