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  1. Sounds like a great project. We need more infill development.
  2. Looks like opening night was a success
  3. Another milestone. Greensboro gained almost 100,000 people in 20 years. I remember when Greensboro topped 200,000. Now the city quietly tops 300,000. Hopefully the city will begin to grow faster so we won't have to wait 20 years to see 400,000. I'm sure by 2040 Raleigh will have close to or over a million people and Charlotte will surpass a million well before then. But lol they could have found 65 people from under a rock to get to 300,000 people for the 2020 census. Greensboro is known for growing its population numbers before a census. Between 1999 and 2000 Greensboro grew from 198,000 to 2
  4. Thursday the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts will finally open after almost a year and a half delay due to Covid. https://greensboro.com/entertainment/greensboros-tanger-center-ready-for-showtime/article_5725e45c-09be-11ec-a3dd-73cef7f82d47.html#tracking-source=home-top-story
  5. First McDonald's in North Carolina opened in Greensboro on Summit Ave. on September 30, 1959. While it has be rebuilt several times, McDonald's is still at this location today.
  6. News & Record property for sale again. https://greensboro.com/business/local/once-under-contract-former-news-record-property-for-sale-again/article_969c6cec-e028-11eb-beb7-038b49c269dc.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  7. There are a number of projects in the works. Some have been completed. The 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts has been completed for over a year. Hasn't opened yet due to the pandemic. A new 6 story Hampton Inn and Suites is nearly complete. A boutique bowling alley/restaurant just recently opened downtown. As far as downtown projects under construction and future development, construction is underway on the Westin Greensboro which will be a 6 story hotel that will sit on top of a 6 story parking deck. Construction on luxury apartment complex on the edge of downtown is und
  8. Little Brothers Brewing will be opening a kiosk in LeBauer Park. In addition: " Slated to open in August, the kiosk also will include items from Counter Culture Coffee, Camino Bakery, Homeland Creamery and My Brother’s Cookies. The space, located across from the Porterhouse Burger kiosk, is currently being renovated with the addition of a wraparound bar and operable windows to create an open-air atmosphere, according to the release" https://greensboro.com/entertainment/dining/little-brother-brewing-to-open-kiosk-at-lebauer-park-downtown-in-august/article_
  9. U.S government released it UFO report today. Basically, they said there was no evidence of a foreign adversary and that it wasn't secret U.S. military craft. They also said no evidence of alien technology "but could not rule it out" the report stops short of saying the UFO phenomenon is extraterrestrial. There is something interesting about the report. The government said that of 144 sightings only one could be identified. They place general sightings into groups Group 1 Airborne Clutter - These are the explainable sightings like birds, balloons and man made aircraft. Group 2 N
  10. Actually February One Place will stay intact. The deck will go over the street. The arrival shelter of the Westin will be located along February One Place where guest and buses drive in. Cincy's restaurant across the street in the Dixie Building may benefit from getting more business but they need to expand their hours. Cincy's is one of the oldest restaurants in downtown Greensboro. It was there back in the 1980s. They are well known for their chili.
  11. The new Eugene Street deck officially opens. Roy Carroll should start construction on the AC Hotel phase of Carroll South of the Ballpark soon. Carroll stated he will come up with a new name after the SOB jokes. https://greensboro.com/news/local/new-parking-deck-opens-on-north-eugene-street-in-downtown-greensboro-city-says/article_e2be20ee-d433-11eb-8757-07a57830ebdb.html
  12. Greensboro's Carolina Theatre built in 1927 and was the first public air conditioned building in the state. It was built with 2,200 seats which was a very large venue for the times. By comparison the Steven Tanger Center has 3,000 seats. The Carolina Theatre was almost torn down in the 1970s, today its still used for performing arts, comedy acts, music acts and you can watch classic movies. There were a number of Carolina Theaters in the state including Charlotte, Durham and Winston-Salem (now the Stevens Center). But this was was the largest and the crown jewel. The theater had a second balc
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