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  1. Don't know how Charlotte is going to respond but from Raleigh's point of view, this would be great for downtown. Its the only major city in North Carolina without a downtown stadium and it could be Raleigh's only real chance to get one. The stadium will indeed help spur nearby development and it will be explosive development.
  2. Charlotte needs to put together some renderings. I think the Raleigh rendering is pretty good but the design could be even better.
  3. Intial rendering for Raleigh's proposal
  4. Remember when the Triad tried to land a major league baseball team.
  5. It certainly willl be an anchor in the innovation quarter that will attract more residential. Hopefully they'll announce the entertainment elements soon.
  6. Plans for a fourth downtown hotel are underway. Not sure if the Hampton Inn and Suites flag has changed but Greensboro based CN Hotels had planned a Hampton Inn and Suites on the site. The company is currently building one in downtown Winston-Salem. If built, downtown Greensboro would then have a total of 6 hotels. Marriott Downtown Biltmore Greensboro Hyatt Place Westin Greensboro Aloft Greensboro Hampton Inn & Suites.
  7. Not sure where it comes from but its a big improvement from those sketches. The building on the right is pretty cool though and would be a decent addition to Greensboro's skyline. Clearly the renderings were superimposed in a photo of downtown Greensboro. The brick building in the background is the Greensboro Cultural Center. I am puzzled by the office/residential tower on the left. Theoretically if this were built, the Davie Street Parking Deck would have to be demolished. The hotel and convention center / entertainment pavilion on the right sits on land that is currently a parking lot owned by Lincoln Financial and a piece of property owned by developer Marty Kotis. I do think with a partnership with the city and veteran developers use to building these kind of projects, a scaled down version that is right for Greensboro could work. It just so happens that the mayor suggested building an office tower on the News and Record property across the street and Greensboro developer Marty Kotis, who is redeveloping midtown suggested building a convention center on the News and Record site as well, both of which are a part of the Triumph Center Ardent Square vision. A 12 story tower half the height of the mixed use tower on the left in the rendering (6 floors of office and 6 floors of apartments) is feasible for downtown because if Roy Carroll moves forward with project 561, there wont be much demand for significant office space downtown so office space in the Ardent Square would have to be scaled back.
  8. Work on the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts has finally begun. Grading and utility work will be complete by October with structural work beginning afterwards.
  9. If they had closed a portion of Mint St and cut down the size of Romare Bearden Park by one third, they could have fit a major league park on site. They could have built the minor leauge park inward and designed it for expansion. Then they could have created a temporary plaza outside of the ballpark.
  10. I question if there is even a political will on tearing down BB&T Ballpark after it was just built. Its a spankin brand new ballpark. They tore down the Charlotte Coliseum but it was a good 20 plus years old and even then people complained about that. Id love to see major league baseball in Charlotte but maybe city leaders should have listened to Jerry Reece who filed law suit after law suit to stop the construction of BB&T Ballpark. Charlotte could have stuck it out another 5 years or so in Ft Mill. It seemed like Charlotte wanted to quickly jump on the bandwagon of having a downtown ballpark after several cities in the state built them. A little patience and we could be talking about a plan right now for a state-of-the-art major league ballpark in uptown Charlotte. Jerry Reece saw it coming. At the very least the city or county should have purchased additional land and closed down a street or two so the stadium could have been designed for expansion. I agree that location is great for a ballpark and I would have supported closing down some streets for that location. I do think once the stadium has aged some years there will be an appetite to tear down and rebuild. Charlotte will eventually get a major league team. Its only a matter of time. Charlotte is a hot market and is one of the largest cities in the nation without a major league baseball team.
  11. Haha Mr Isaac Cain isn't giving up. Everyone is ignoring him but you gotta give it to him. He has vision even if what he is proposing may be ahead of Greensboro's time. Now you have to register to see the project summery. The two towers on the rendering were superimposed on Davie Street. The tower on the right is situated on the parking lot that Lincoln Financial owns and is diagonally across from Center City Park. I can tell because I can see the Greensboro Cultural Center in the background on the rendering. That lot is also diagonally across the street from where the Westin deck is going. It's good to have vision and I would love to see these tower built. The tower on the right looks cool and is a major upgrade from the hand sketches that was on his website in the past. 2017 Greensboro Triumph Center - Ardent Square It's suppose to include: an upscale highrise hotel and convention center residential mixed use office tower entertainment pavilion
  12. Fox 8 News video link and article on the future Westin Greensboro.
  13. Agreed. Charlotte's business climate is totally different from Greensboro and Winston-Salem, even from Raleigh. You are not going to see that kind of demand for office space in the Triad's downtowns. Historically just about every decade there is at least one tall building built in downtown Greensboro. However the city has gone almost 30 years in this case. Greensboro saw the biggest spurt back in the 80s. Two towers were built in the early 80s and three taller towers were built at the end of the 80s. RTP in the Triangle does hinder the construction of office towers in Raleigh and Durham. Like Greensboro, Raleigh and Durham both have small skylines for their respective size. Durham is not that far behind Greensboro in population and its skyline is smaller than Greensboro even with the new 28 story tower that is going up. Raleigh is getting close to 500,000 and it should have a larger skyline. But much of the office demand has been at RTP.
  14. Don't know but it will be interesting to find out. Since the Westin is going to be attatched to a conference center, additional hotel rooms could make sense. A duel hotel development would be ideal. Maybe the Dixie Building could be converted to a mid range hotel since the Westin is upscale. It gives people attending conferences options.
  15. Here is a news link on the purchase of the property for the parking deck.