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  1. No one knows what Carroll is doing because he is not commenting on it so its a little premature to say hes not building a 561 tower. 561 is just a number. He can achieve that height a couple of ways. I think its safe to say its not getting built as first proposed with 28 floors of office space. If that were the case youd be right. The project seems to have evolved becoming more of a mixed use project and again that combined with 8 stories of parking and a spire 561 can easily be achieved regardless of the office market. The key is mixed-use. Thats really the only way Greensboro is going to get a really tall tower at this point. But yes I have to concede the possibility of it being downsized. But none of us will know until Carroll makes the announcement despite what we "feel" the market conditions are for a tall skyscraper. And we don't have all the details.
  2. Guess we'll see what Carroll announces 561 or not. The question I have is why is Carroll not announing anything about the project? We know its ago because of the Aloft announcement on Starwood's website and the fact that Carroll is building a 1, 000 space deck for his project to go on top of. Carroll stated he already has a few large and medium sized companies wanting to lease space in "Project 561" and they could easily fill up the space in what is presented in the rendering. He may very well scale it down some but its just odd that he refuses to comment on it at all even though everything that we know of seems to be in place to at least make some sort of announcement by Carroll that he is planning an Aloft mixed-use tower with office space. Carroll was not this quiet with Center Pointe or Carroll at Bellemeade. So it could be a sign he is shooting for 561. Maybe.... Maybe not. The only comment he has made is that hes working on a Legacy project for downtown and that it would be special. A downsized 24 story building is great for downtown but I probably wouldn't call it a legacy project. So we will have to see when Carroll finally makes an announcement 561 or not. Some people dont like the design of the tower on the deck. I do but its very possible its and optional design. I also would not read into the height based on the rendering either. I remember when Triad Tower was first proposed a "final" rendering was released showing a 14 story office tower. The rendering was later updated with the same exacted design but the height changed to 22 stories. That proposal never took off because the country had started to go into a recession at the time.
  3. True 561 height isnt a done deal. But from what I understand, the floor count is still unknown despite what the rendering shows. If Carroll wants to get to 561 he can just easily add 5 floors of residential above the hotel and office. In fact there has been recent discussion about doing just that. I dont know if that was factored into the rendering or if this is a recent addition after the fact. But even if you count 24 floors, add 5 floors to that and it puts it at 29. Add the 10 story spire and its 39 stories high, pretty much at 561. But until we know when this rendering was complete and whether or not the residential was factored into, its all just speculation at this point. 40 stories at 560 ft may be typical in an office building but not always. Whitacre Tower in Dallas is 580 ft at 37 stories. So even a 24 story building with a 10 story spire can be 561 feet. Not all office floor heights are equal. Nevertheless, the tower in the rendering looks like it could surpass the Wells Fargo Tower in Winston-Salem. But we really need a better rendering. Its a somewhat of a poor quality photo of a cropped off rendering.
  4. Looks like Carroll is still working out the floor count. But if you add 5 more floors on the rendering it would be around 561 feet tall. An average 40 story building is around 560 feet tall. The deck is 8 stories. Add 5 to the 17 floors above the deck and thats 22 floors on an 8 story deck. The total crown spire looks about 10 stories so that would put the overall height at 40 stories tall. Its an optical illusion with the spire which makes it look well below 561. There is not a lot of mass where the crown/spire is. If its project 561, looks like Carroll cheated his way to 561 lol. Im willing to bet this could be close to the final design because the deck below is the final design. Overall I love the architectural elements. If I had to criticize it I would say the deck could blend in a little more with the tower. Maybe get rid of the pertruding glass on the deck wall. But other than that I have no problem at all with the other elements. But keep in mind it is a rendering and shadows will stand out more in renderings giving it darker edges. I guess its just a matter of taste.
  5. North Carolina State Wide Development

    Rendering of the Aloft Greensboro / mixed use office tower. The tower will sit atop an 8 story parking deck. When you count the structural spire, the tower is about 35 stories tall. However the floor count is not confirmed and there could be more floors. This is clearly looking like Project 561. Starwood hotels website lists the Aloft opening in 2020.
  6. Don't know who it is. I actually love it! It reminds me of the Westin Charlotte in a way and another poster on another forum said it looks like a modern tower you'd see in London. It does look very European. It is certainly is a unique design for Greensboro. The curve midway up the tower obviously is a design element you see on the top of Aloft Hotels. But even though Greensboro's Aloft tower will have a mixed use component, it will certainly be the tallest Aloft in the state.
  7. Roy Carroll leaked the rendering of his mixed-use Aloft tower to be built on top of an eight story deck across from the ballpark in a Carroll Companies youtube video. Almost reminds me of the Westin Charlotte. youtube link Here is the rendering of just the deck the city released to the public. here is the tower on top of the deck.
  8. Photo slideshow of Round One in Greensboro. Its pretty nice.
  9. In addition, Four Seasons Town Centre will be getting another entertainment attraction as mentioned in the article above. All in Adventures will be locating in the mall. All In Adventures offers guests the chance to become real-life detectives during an interactive and immersive escape room experience. With 50-minutes on the clock, guests must find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher hidden codes to escape the themed room of their choice.
  10. Round 1 Bowling and Amusement Center opens at the mall Saturday. The facilty is similar to Dave and Busters. With 13 locations nationwide it will be the second location in the south, the other being in Atlanta.
  11. Amazon HQ2

    What stands out is that the NC Commerce Secaratary is biasly pushing Raleigh forward for Apple. They want it all, Amazon and Apple. Amazon is unlikely but hypothetically speaking if Raleigh got both Apple and Amazon, its a game changer for that area. It would attract thousands of more spin off jobs eventually leading to a big jump in population there closing the gap between Raleigh and Charlotte.
  12. Amazon HQ2

    I actually think and I said along Northern Virginia/suburban DC will get Amazon, especially the rapidly growing Tysons Corner area. Obviously Raleigh is on the list because of RTP but I still think Raleigh is unlikely.
  13. How about a decent compromise solution? North Carolina Triad International Airport (NCTriad for short) is an option. Basically replace Piedmont with North Carolina. It lets outsiders know the airport is in North Carolina (which is what the airport authority wants), with Triad included it pinpoints the location in the state. Its better than Central North Carolina which could be in Durham. Dont see much option considering they probably wont include the city names. Having all three city names is too long. But also North Carolina Triad International flows off the tongue better than Central North Carolina International.
  14. Greensboro Downtown University District

    While the first phase of the downtown Union Square campus is already open, planning has already started on the second phase. The first phased focuses on healthcare and research with a partnership with the areas colleges and Cone Health. The second phase will focus on cybersecurity and product development/research in the second building and the partnership will be with companies instead of the schools. "Business leaders are extremely interested in cybersecurity, Bryant said, because many companies have to protect enormous customer databases from hackers and other online threats. Business leaders say they’re having trouble hiring enough people for information security roles. The second theme, design, will focus on innovation and the creation of new products. Design is complementary to the cybersecurity theme, Bryant said, because much of it is done electronically and needs to be kept confidential."
  15. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Here is an article about Greensboro's skyline changing in the next few years. Its TBJ paywall..... But there is a glitch;) when you click on the article it briefly shows the article for about about a second. If you keep clicking and screenshot each time you scroll down the article, you can read the entire article. It may take a number of screenshots to get the whole article. The article mentions that Carroll will start construction on the 8 story Eugene Street deck and the 15 to 20 story tower above it in mid 2018. The tower will include an Aloft hotel and overlook the ballpark along with the ballpark tower across the street "Project Slugger". Construction on the ballpark tower will begin next month and barring any lengthy legal challenges with the planned Davie Street deck, site work will begin on the Westin hotel next month. CN Hotels also said it still intends to build a 6 story Hampton Inn and Suites in the south end of downtown. Carroll at Bellemeade and Hyatt Place hotel across from the ballpark will open later this year. Construction on the performing arts center is also underway. The article mentions this will be the biggest downtown development boom since the early 1990s.