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  1. Aerials of North Carolina's five major cities. Charlotte Raleigh Greensboro Durham Winston-Salem
  2. When I look at Durham, it seems like a hybrid of both Greensboro and Winston-Salem to some degree. But when it comes to theaters and arena, Greensboro always goes over the top. When the Carolina Theatre opened in 1927, it was billed as the Showplace of the Carolinas. The Greensboro Coliseum Complex is one of the largest and one of the most unique facilities in the United States. And now the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing will be the largest performing arts center in the Carolinas when it opens in the spring dethroning DPAC in Durham as the state's performing arts crown jewel. The Tanger Center will have a larger stage than any other in the state and seat more than 3,000. That's one thing I can give Greensboro credit for. The city does it right when it comes to these kind of venues. The Tanger Center will likely remain that crown jewel until Charlotte realizes that it must build an even larger and more extravagant performing arts center. Charlotte likes to be on top haha. Some have had doubts that The Tanger Center will not be as successful as DPAC. But based on early deposits for Broadway shows, it will be just as successful if not more. Matt Brown: "To reach our limit of 12,000 early deposits seven weeks ahead of the public on-sale date is an extraordinary accomplishment,"
  3. I know this is an older post but I had a similar situation like a few years ago. I had a minor run in with a security guard while taking photos in downtown Greensboro. I was taking photos of Carroll at Bellemeade during the early construction process on the east side of the development where Lindsay Street ends. I was stopped by a security guard who asked me why I was taking photos and what I was doing with them. He told me I was not allowed to take photos. Keep in mind I was on city property when I was taking the photos, not on private property. Of course I ignored the dude and just took photos out of his sight to prevent a situation from escalating. I know my rights. Since many of us on the forum take photos of development, I'm sure quite a few have run into a similar situation. I try to avoid taking photos from private property like on private parking decks. But I manage to slip into a few places to get high up shots. A big no no though is taking photos at places like train stations or city depots. I got stopped one time there. Mainly that's because of security with everything that happened on 911. They don't like people coming in taking photos of transportation infrastructure. But with smart glasses technology coming out, it will be easy to take photos discretely from anywhere.
  4. Construction has officially begun on the parking deck. You can see foundation work being done on the 8 story deck.
  5. Photos of the Christmas parade. Greensboro was the first city in NC that started using Macy Parade style balloons in its Christmas parade.
  6. Next to last leg of the Greensboro beltway to open December 31st. The last leg is already under construction and the entire loop will be completed in two years. https://www.greensboro.com/news/local_news/next-leg-of-greensboro-urban-loop-is-set-to-open/article_3470813e-d0ea-5208-a12c-34961e67716e.html
  7. GSOCITIZEN has some insight on some potential future residential development near the ballpark. He said Novare Group out of Atlanta is interested in purchasing property near the ballpark and that he heard representatives from Novare Group recently came to town and met with Mayor Vaughn and other city leaders. Novare Group is the same company that has built SkyHouse residential towers in both Charlotte and Raleigh. These rumors could be true because there were some reports of additional residential development near the ballpark and even Roy Carroll hinted in a tweet that there is other development planned and that he wish he could reveal what he knew. I would love to see Greensboro get a SkyHouse apartment tower. This could be in Greensboro's future near the ballpark....only time will tell But if I had to guess where it would go, it would be built on the corner of Bellemeade and Edgeworth Streets right across the street from the ballpark box office. The reason would have to be because that site is adjacent to the city deck going up and Skyhouse towers are usually built next to city parking decks so the towers will have parking. The city deck would be shared by Skyhouse, 400 Bellemeade (Project Slugger) and Carroll South of the Ballpark.
  8. Downtown Hotel updates https://myfox8.com/2019/12/03/work-continues-on-downtown-greensboro-hotels/
  9. The light from the "Where We Met" net sculpture at LeBauer Park beams through the fog.
  10. Correct 400 Bellemeade is the "official" name. But it will also be known as the First National Bank building which will be the home of the regional headquarters.
  11. Another few photos thanks to GSOCITIZEN. The digital board is turned on
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