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  1. Greensboro based Moser Mayer Phoenix and Winston-Salem based West and Stem Architects designed the ballpark tower. I'm familiar with both of their design styles and I can easily pick out the elements in the building that both firms designed. I can say West and Stem did most of the design work particularly with the glass and rooftop elements and Moser Mayer Phoenix did most of the design work that resembles the stadium with the brick arches. West and Stem does great work and is one of the best architectural firms in the area. They also designed the Charles Aris corporate headquarters next to Carroll at Bellemeade and the planned midtown Greensboro development (Red Entertainment District) pictured below which includes a 10 story hotel, loft apartments, retail, fitness center, parking deck and restaurants all built around an existing movie theater. But I'm excited about the yet to be named ballpark tower and construction will begin in September! It will be the tallest integrated ballpark office building in the state. But that building is going to look really small compared to what will be going up across the street and its expected the design will look as good or better. Planned midtown development. West and Stem does excellent work.
  2. I absolutely love the design and the architecture ties in with the (FNB) First National Bank Field as well. I love the sloped roof with the awning like structure on top. The building is 9 stories but it has the height of an 11 or 12 story building. It appears even taller from the lower seating bowl inside the stadium. Maybe FNB will lease space in the tower for a downtown office location. Interesting that this news coincides with the FNB tower announcement in Raleigh. Here is the rendering of the office tower overlooking the ballpark. The Aloft mixed use tower which will be a 20 story building on top of an 8 story parking deck will stand across the street. Looks like the office building itself will be on the entry plaza in the stadium and this is a separate project from what Roy Carroll is doing across the street which will be a much taller project. Triad Business Journal shows more renderings. Construction will begin on the office tower in September and will be complete the following year. The developers are Gemcap Companies of Winston-Salem and Carolina Investment Properties. Others involved are Linville Team Partners of Winston-Salem, Landmark Builders and the architects are Moser Mayer Phoenix of Greensboro which designed the ballpark and West & Stem Architects of Winston-Salem. Also FOX video link Now we have 3 confirmed towers downtown you can see a completed Carroll at Bellemeade/Hyatt Place in the background. However its the first design of Carroll at Bellemeade which means this office tower must have been in the works for the past few years.
  3. Carroll at Bellemeade/Hyatt Place looking good. Just wait until the 28 story mixed use Aloft hotel/residential tower and office building goes up on the other side!
  4. A millennial campus is in the works ay UNCG. Basically its another name for a research park. This designation allows UNCG to compete and work with the private sector. Greensboro already has one millennial campus and thats Gateway University Research Park which is a joint research park between UNCG and NC A&T State. The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, also shared by the city’s two universities, is Gateway’s most prominent tenant. Other tenants include a U.S. Department of Agriculture office, a VF Corp. research center and several startup companies. The new campus near downtown will be a combination of existing buildings on the campus and new university development along the Gate City Blvd corridor. It will be divided into two districts. Health and Wellness and Visual and Performing Arts. Business/Research incubators and a black box theater are just a few ideas being thrown around. The arts district could include art galleries, cafes and maybe a small movie theater. This would bring a business and research campus closer to downtown. The goal is to spur innovation, student learning and regional economic development. Eventually this could all tie in with Union Square in the south end of downtown creating the downtown university district the city is wanting which is being modeled after the university district in Spokane, Washington. Spartan Village and phase II of Spartan Village along Gate City Blvd just west of downtown will be a part of the millennial campus.
  5. Even more development is planned around High Point's planned ballpark. Up to 300 apartments and a hotel is being proposed, similar to projects being built around Greensboro's and Winston-Salem's ballparks. Pretty big step for High Point. Its the first time they have planned anything major in downtown outside of the furniture market. Looks like Guilford County is going to have two downtown ballparks with catalyst projects surrounding them. We're the only county in the state with two sizable cities with urban downtown cores. If downtown High Point were much livelier and had more companies it would probably have a lot more downtown hotels than Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Downtown High Point would need many hotels for the furniture market. The reason downtown only has one hotel is because there is no demand for downtown hotels when the market is not in town. High Point hosts the largest home furnishings market in the world but its only twice a year, a week in the fall and a week in the spring. If High Point continues to think big and execute its plans for making downtown a place to be 365 days a year, that could all change. Much of the new development would be north of the tracks because over 12 million square feet of showrooms occupy downtown south of the tracks. I would like to see High Point get a highrise out of this development. A 10 to 12 story mixed use residential building could be feasible for High Point. Maybe 5 floors of office and 6 floors of residential. Downtown High Point actually has some decent density, there just needs to be more height. In terms of the design of the stadium and surrounding development, I think High Point should depart from the kind of architectural designs of Greensboro's and Winston-Salem's ballparks and surrounding development and go for more modern cosmopolitan architecture like these interesting buildings in downtown High Point. Because of the furniture market, High Point is nicknamed North Carolina's International City and I think its architecture should begin to reflect that. Less brick and more glass and steel. Maybe residential buildings similar to this. Or a modern stadium design similar to this.
  6. The Washington Post lists the Proximity Hotel as the greenest hotel in America. The hotel sits near its sister hotel The O'Henry on the edge of midtown.
  7. In addition he is raising money to build an events center, park and children's museum near the ballpark.
  8. Got a light show tonight. The new Lincoln Financial Tower LED lights are changing all kinds of colors tonight, everything from multi colors, red white and blue, solid blue, solid green, solid red. They were flashing and even chasing around the building.
  9. The Women's Hospital of Greensboro will eventually move to the Moses Cone Hospital campus.The Women's Hospital use to be Greensboro Hospital until Cone took the building over. Currently all births take place at the Women's Hospital. pretty cool rendering of the planned birthing center. The $100 million addition is being designed by HKS architects. My only complaint about that hospital is that it is so spread out. Feels like you are walking a mile to get from one end of the hospital to the other lol. They need to start going vertical. The hospital is located less than a mile north of downtown. The Cone Health system owns two other hospitals in Greensboro (The Women's Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital) as well as other hosptials, and medical centers in the Triad. The Cone Health System is also in collaboration with UNC Greensboro, NC A&T State University and Guilford Technical Community College at the Union Square campus in downtown Greensboro. When the women's hospital use to be Greensboro Hospital, Greensboro had three separate hospitals within a two mile radius. The city had another hospital on the east side of town call L Richardson Hospital but it eventually closed and its a specialty care center now. Both Cone Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital are surrounding by a number of Cone Health medical centers and doctors offices. Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital future birthing center This is the new main entrance and newest wing of the hospital that opened several years ago Wesley Long Hospital and Cancer Center near Friendly Center in Greensboro first building in the Union Square research campus in downtown Greensboro Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington Annie Penn Hospital Reidsville
  10. The new LED lights have been turned on on the Lincoln Financial Building. It has a purple hue and they also have them shining up the tower from the base. The old lights were amber. The new lights can be programmed to change colors. Greensboro Skyline
  11. Looks like Marty Kotis wants to slowly transform the brownfield. There is an aerial video on the link showing his properties and plans.
  12. People dont realize that downtown Greensboro is much larger than the Elm Street area where this is a cluster of highrise buildings. Downtown is a little over a square mile. The large brown field around the tracks in downtown Greensboro really needs to be redeveloped. Action Greensboro's downtown comprehensive plan from 2000 called for a chain of lakes resembling a river and green space bordering the tracks all the way to the depot. Today developer Marty Kotis who is building the midtown projects purchased part of the property and plans to create entertainment venues and a beer garden. The abandoned tracks link to the downtown greenway and I think they could be a great greenway extension to South Elm Street. I still like chain of lakes idea but I also see this property as a possible future extension of the University District with educational/research facilities and residential. Currently NC State and UNC Charlotte are the only universities in NC with architecture schools. Greensboro has been trying to get an architecture school and I think a joint architecture school between NC A&T and UNCG could be built in this part of downtown and include an arts park. The two schools already have programs to compliment it. NC A&T has an architectural engineering program and UNCG has an interior architecture design program. There is an opportunity to do something interesting here because it's such a large area but it may be a ways down the road since there is a greater focus currently in the ballpark area. This is clearly the most blighted part of downtown and has attracted hobo camps in the past.
  13. some construction photos of Carroll at Bellemeade Construction of the apartment building on the back side is well under way Almost time for the exterior facade on the hotel. I think it would be cool if they painted the road or at least at the intersection to look like brick with a Greensboro Grasshoppers logo. They also need decorative gates to close off Bellemeade during baseball games instead of using construction barrels and a police car and I would make the gates public art with a baseball theme. Get Greensboro sculptor Jim Gallucci to design it. Details like that can make a difference in how the area looks. This rendering shows a gray base stone facade but I have seen other renderings where the base is brown.
  14. updated ballpark development