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  1. cityboi

    Greensboro Opoly

    Just picked up Greensboro's version of Monopoly at Walmart today. Pretty cool! I've seen these posted on Facebook a number of years ago, in fact its been out for about 6 years, but I never knew where to get them and eventually forgot about it until it was recently advertised on TV that you could buy it at Walmart. The company that makes the game have similar games for Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and other cities across the country. Amazing that they avoided copyright infringement with Hasbro which owns Monopoly.
  2. Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts under construction with LeBauer Park in the foreground.
  3. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Day two of the North Carolina Folk Festival was a success. Couldn't tell the difference between the National Folk Festival which was held downtown the last 3 years. With the atmosphere, sounds and people, it felt like you were in a big city. 5 stages are spread out around downtown with the smell of food and people everywhere. If you haven't been, check it out tomorrow, the last day. Ranks as one of the state's largest music festivals and has attracted people from all across the state.
  4. Looks like interior finishes in some of the Carroll at Bellemeade Apartments are complete. Very nice.
  5. cityboi

    Triad Business Notes

    Publix picks Greensboro for its huge distribution center which will be the largest distribution center in the region. Along with it will come 1,000 jobs which will pay on the minimum side $45,000a year.
  6. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Bird e scooters are now in downtown Greensboro/UNCG. Last year Greensboro was the first city in the United States to have a dockless bike sharing program when California based Lime Bike launched its first such service in Greensboro. Now the city has a dockless electric scooter service. An electric bike sharing service will be coming to Greensboro as well. Bird e scooter services are in 30 major U.S. cities across the country including Paris, France. Charlotte and Raleigh have the service as well. There is controversy about these scooters across the country in regards to safety. Many people using them aren't wearing helmets and these scooters go up to 15 mph. Lime scooters require a driver's license. It appears Bird scooters launched their program in Greensboro without the city's permission and will likely need a permit to operate. Bird and the city are working things out. Meanwhile you can ride a bird e scooter in Greensboro. However there is a 200 pound weight limit. In addition to bird e scooters, LimeBike will introduce their own e scooters in Greensboro as well as a Lime electric bike program.
  7. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    More details Conceptual designs of the row homes, some of which will border the southern leg of the downtown greenway loop.
  8. I just don't see the reason why Greensboro should back away from building towers. Why is ok for Charlotte and Raleigh to do it but not Greensboro? Is development in their downtowns an example of poor planning? Of course there has to be demand but if developers can pull it off we should be supportive of that. 561 or a variation of it that Carroll had planned across from the ballpark made sense because there was very limited land and in order to build what Carroll wanted on the property he had to go vertical. So it wasn't him just wanting to build a tower for the sake of building a tower. Yes there is a lot more to vibrant growing downtowns than just skyscrapers but the truth of the matter is that a city is judged by its growing skyline because it's an indicator of a progressive urban city that's on the move. Greensboro will never be like Charlotte in my lifetime but I do want the city to grow far beyond a medium sized city that no one around the country has never heard of except for during the ACC Tournament, during the Wyndham Championship or a brief history note of the Woolworth sitins. I want to see Greensboro become a larger and more urban cosmopolitan city. A 561 tower in downtown Greensboro mixed use or office is doable. And 561 of office space can happen under the right circumstances. Consider this. If you were to stack the 1990 Lincoln Financial addition on top of the 1923 portion, it would exceed 561 feet in height and that's one company taking up all of that office space. It would be equivalent to a 55 story office tower with the Pyramid top making it close to the height of the Bank of America tower in Charlotte. If you were to add the office space Lincoln Financial is using in the former 5 story Bank of America building next to it that's equivalent to a 60 story office tower. Lincoln Financial in its building in downtown Greensboro along with the 5 story building next to it uses just about the same amount of office space Bank of America uses in its corporate tower in Charlotte. Ifattract more big corporate office space users, it can happen. Greensboro does need to attract more white collar corporations. To do that the city needs to take advantage of its history of being an insurance hub. This is the direction Greensboro needs to go to attract large white collar corporations. Greensboro can become a major player in the insurance side of the financial sector. But we have to have city leaders that really want to push Greensboro up into the big leagues. I would love for Greensboro to eventually attract big insurance companies like Met Life the same way Charlotte attracted the Bank of America on the banking side of the financial sector. Greensboro will never become a banking hub but it can become a major insurance hub. We already have those roots here with Lincoln Financial and Arch Capital's presence.
  9. The thing you have to look at is that Greensboro has a small downtown. So the city really needs to look at land uses for the next 50 years. Greensboro can't keep building low-rise to midrise structures. Smart planning for a downtown Greensboro's size is vertical construction. I'm not saying every building has to be 20 plus stories but Greensboro doesn't want to find itself in a situation 20 or 30 years from now where its downtown really can't grow because of sprawling complexes like CityView apartments. The purpose of skyscrapers is to maximize land use on limited property. Downtown Greensboro is not blessed with a lot of vacant land like some other cities.
  10. What ever goes on the News and Record property, it will like be a public/private partnership. Records show the developer of the future Westin, Greg Dillon is in the process or has purchased the site which raises a red flag this developer may want a small convention center across from his Westin hotel. More than likely it would be a mixed-use development with the convention center as the anchor. If the city gets involved, I sure hope they don't make a mess of it in regards to the process like they did withave the Tanger Center and the Westin/city deck. Why think small? That's not what forward thinking cities do. 15-20 stories down the road? Towers that tall have been built in downtown since 1923. Greensboro reached that level almost a century ago.
  11. I think what city leaders are looking at downtown is a smaller convention facility, not on the level of the Koury Convention Center. With the new hotels coming downtown it will generate a need for downtown convention space. In turn, the convention space helps fill the hotel beds. They would feed off of each other. Besides there is enough conferences and conventions to go around to have multiple convention facilities in the city and I think Greensboro should do more to market itself as a convention destination given the city's central location and transportation infrastructure.
  12. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Brew Peddlers trolley operating in downtown Greensboro. Pretty cool! The trolley with take you to bars and breweries and you can even bring your own alcohol to enjoy on the trolley. Everyone has to pedal. Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Asheville and Wilmington already have this kind of pub transportation and now Greensboro joins them. Several brew stops with more coming. BREWERY STOPS. Little Brother Brewing across the street from Natty Greenes, one of the pedal stops. Preyer Brewing is another stop Natty Greene's Joymongers Boxcar Barcade Cafe Europa Stumble Stilskin
  13. Believe it or not he still has an updated website looking for investors. Lol Ironically just about everything in his grand proposal is already happening separately by different developers. He planned a big music hall. Well the Steven Tanger Center is going up. He planned hotels, one of which would have been upscale/luxury. Well four are going up which includes an upscale/luxury Westin. He also planned office and residential. Well that's happening too. Finally his proposed convention center. Well city leaders are already hinting a convention complex may go up on the News and Record property near his proposed site for a convention center. Looks like he's a little late. Guess his vision wasn't so ridiculous after all. It's just not happening in one big complex. Everything is happening organically.
  14. I said the concept is realistic. Because of the change of events, it's not going to happen in this particular project unless he really puts ALOT of residential in the building which I doubt he would. It would mean well over 300 units in one single complex which is something we arent seeing in downtown at this time. The building sitting on top of the deck was key. Also the delays at Carroll at Bellemeade had nothing to do with residential demand.