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  1. It has been said that Lithium, which is used in EV batteries, is the new oil. What is interesting is that North Carolina ranks as one of several states in having one of the largest deposits of lithium in the United States. Looking forward it will be interesting to see how that will affect North Carolina's economy decades to come. Look at what oil did for Texas. The lithium deposits are in part a reason why Toyota selected North Carolina for its North American battery plant.
  2. WFMY reporting TopGolf construction underway https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/topgolf-greensboro-north-carolina-construction/83-7e8ee90e-eab9-425a-b470-cda54d510844
  3. Thanks to Toyota, two separate companies investing in EV jobs in the Triad (Davidson County and Burlington) If this keeps up North Carolina and the Triad in particular could become a major U.S. hub in EV associated production. We knew that Toyota would attract suppliers to the area. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2023/11/27/matthews-industries-pittsburgh-burlington-nc-ev.html https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2023/11/28/japanese-manufacturer-ev-factory-lithium-battery.html
  4. I do know they were talking about a potential food hall at the other depot. I've always thought it would be a cool place for a blues club/bar. If there weren't so many breweries nearby, that would be a cool use for it as well. But whatever the use, it needs to be something different. Not the typical bar or restaurant.
  5. Redevelopment of Greensboro's first train depot from 1899 is in the works. No word yet on what it will be transformed into. But I hope they restore it to its original architecture. https://1899depot.com/ The depot before changes over the decades were made. Greensboro is lucky to have both historic train depots standing downtown. The newer and larger depot which was built in 1926 is the Amtrak station which is a part of the multi modal transportation hub.
  6. Renderings of the Crown Events Center for downtown Fayetteville. It will include a main event hall that can fit 3,000 attendees, more meeting and event space on the first floor and VIP spaces on the second floor. Its basically a theater and convention center all under one roof and will host concerts and even Broadway productions. Rendering of a planned 7 story hotel in downtown Fayetteville Stadium View Apartments will be built on top on an existing deck by the ballpark making it the tallest in downtown Fayetteville.
  7. Greensboro based Arch Mortgage Insurance aquires fortune 500 company RMIC Companies. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2023/11/14/arch-mortgage-insurance-old-republic-international.html
  8. Driving down I-40, I noticed steel rising out of the ground on the TopGolf site where the main building is suppose to go. Looks like its officially under construction Here are the plans on a bidding site. Plans show a two level TopGolf. https://www.mechworksinc.com/topgolf-greensboro/ This is not the actual rendering below but based on the elevations in the architectural plans, this is the version they are building.
  9. Job growth in the area is leading to more housing in Greensboro. The site will be annexed into Greensboro. The final approved plan called for 314 single-family homes and 193 townhouses. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2023/11/08/dr-horton-brookhaven-mill-southeast-greensboro.html
  10. High Point has a unique opportunity as well with its gorgeous showrooms which gives a more modern look to its downtown than its two larger Triad siblings. Yes the showrooms have gobbled up a good portion of downtown but just imagine if these showrooms could somehow transform into mixed-use properties that work for the furniture market and downtown High Point year round. Then there are the development opportunities on other vacant properties. It speaks volumes that developers from Charlotte and Raleigh are now looking at downtown High Point for building projects. High Point's downtown is not only unique in North Carolina but its unique in the United States as well. There is no downtown in America like it and the city needs to use that uniqueness to its advantage.
  11. Photo tour of Downtown High Point ("North Carolina's International City") one thing that is unique about Guilford County is that it is the only county in North Carolina that has two cities with urban downtown cores. High Point's 2023 population is 115,347 Greensboro's 2023 population is 301,807 High Point
  12. Old AP store is being demolished at this moment.. for the Lofts at 110 MLK project
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