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  1. thanks thanks for the great Triad tour! Awesome photos
  2. 400 Bellemeade (Project Slugger-Greensboro) Video flyover May Video flyover June The future 12-story AC Hotel, luxury apartments and office tower will be built across the street surrounding the parking deck that is going up. The hotel and office tower will rise taller than Project Slugger. The office tower will built around 20-stories. The apartments will be midrise ranging between 6 and 7 stories. Its going to be a tight densely urban development. Rendering of the complete Project Slugger tower. The Westin Greensboro has an updated rendering on its website. It will be built on top of a city deck. Construction is underway and it looks like they have drilled holes for the foundation. Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Greensboro is getting closer and closer to completion.
  3. Video fly throughs and photos May video flyover June video flyover
  4. 3d Google maps have been updated a little
  5. The renovation of the old Proximity Mill is nearly complete. It is being converted to apartments and will welcome residents in the upcoming months. The mill which is located about a mile northeast of downtown Greensboro, was part of the Cone Mills empire and is located adjacent to the Revolution Mill which was also converted to apartments, restaurants and shops. Images of the Printworks Lofts. The Proximity Hotel and Printworks restaurant was named after this mill.
  6. the hotel design is slightly better but yes the deck design is no better than the News and Record building across the street. I suggest the city hire an artist to dress that deck up. Turn it into a larger wall mural using a mesh material that would still allow air to get inside to prevent carbon monoxide issues. That's how they can make lemonade out of a lemon. Maybe even have a lighting effect at night. Some examples basically a screening system . Something like these are actually better than a better designed parking deck. It turns the deck into an a grand art piece. I sent city council members this suggestion.
  7. I'm disappointed in the downgrade of the deck design. They are keeping the street level retail but the deck design is dated circa late 1980s. I know the city tried to cut cost but they could have dressed it up better than that. It least turn it into a large mural with a mesh type material allowing the deck to remain open air to prevent carbon monoxide.
  8. Westin website says the Westin Greensboro will open in 2021. But has the hotel been redesigned? I ask because I know the city said it was building a 5-story deck instead of a 6- story deck and to cut cost the deck will have a less elaborate design. The redesigned rendering shows the changes in the deck https://www.westingreensboro.com/
  9. Wow! Best aerial I've seen yet of Project Slugger
  10. Here are some vintage Greensboro photos. Amazing those buildings in this photo are still there. The Hampton Inn and Suites is currently going up where this Krispy Kreme use to be downtown. Looking down Davie St which looked a lot like South Elm. A few commercial row buildings still stand. The tall building in the background is the King Cotton Hotel. The next 7 photos are of the O'henry Hotel This building is torn down and now the Tanger Center parking lot is in its place.
  11. Project Slugger in downtown Greensboro is getting closer to completion. The parking deck across the street is really making progress. The deck will be surrounded by a 12-story AC Hotel which will loom over the Project Slugger tower, apartments and eventually a tall office building up to 20-stories On the south end of downtown Greensboro, a developer who owns a few nightclubs in downtown Greensboro is currently renovating a building on South Elm Street and it will become Bourbon Bowl, a bar/restaurant/ bowling alley. It will have lush outdoor Cafe seating with a fountain. The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro is complete. They are just waiting for the Pandemic to be over with to open the doors.
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