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  1. cityboi

    Publix in midtown Greensboro

    Some proposals for midtown to make midtown more pedestrian friendly and artistic streetscape improvements.
  2. cityboi

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    New brewery coming downtown. Will be called South End Brewery and will include a beer garden.
  3. cityboi

    New High Point Stadium

    3 story office building with retail and restaurant on ground level will be built behind center field. The building will be completed in 2020. The ballpark will be complete this May. The building will be called Market Center. This is actually 1 of 5 buildings planned around the ballpark. In addition to the 5 buildings, Greensboro developer Roy Carroll will build a hotel. Im amazed at how quickly High Point is making all this happen. Most cities it takes years. Very exciting for downtown High Point.
  4. cityboi

    Publix in midtown Greensboro

    Yep. What trickbot said. The great thing as that the future Greenway that leads out of downtown to the northwest part of the city borders the property. The last renderings I posted shows phase 1 and 2 which is the retail and hotel. The apartments are phase 3. Also looks like the hotel was moved on the opposite side of the project. It a mammoth development. The length of it is impressive. Yup we sure do
  5. cityboi

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    Sounds like a great idea as long as they don't make it look lame or corny
  6. cityboi

    Publix in midtown Greensboro

    Marty Kotis plans to start on the retail portion of his midtown development soon.
  7. Rendering of Atlantis described by Plato versus the "Richat Structure" which is over 30 miles across. From our perspective of time according to Plato, Atlantis existed about 12,000 years ago, long before the ancient Sumerians which are the earliest recorded civilization. That would put the city's existence close to 10,500 B.C. That date is interesting and the Atlantis story originated with the Egyptians who passed it down to Plato. If you look at the arrangement of the Great Pyramids, they are laid out on the ground to match the constellation of Orion is it appeared in the sky in 10,500 B.C. that's around the time Atlantis has said to have been destroyed by major natural catastrophes. Evidence also shows a world wide flood took place around that time, which is also the basis of the great flood stories in many religions. Psychic Edgar Cayce also stated decades ago the the hall of records of Atlantis are located in an underground chamber under the left paw of the sphinx. Modern ground penetrating radar have recently detected such a chamber under the paw of the sphinx. So there are a number of Egyptian connections with Atlantis. Compelling evidence that the Lost City of Atlantis is not a myth and whats left of it has been hiding in plain sight. The most compelling evidence I've ever seen. Everything from location, the terrain including the the number of rings and size of the Richat structure matches the multi ring city of land and water of Atlantis described by Plato. An ancient map also shows this area of Africa to be Atlantis. Add to the fact that according to Plato, one of the Kings of Atlantis was called Atlas. A nearby modern day civilization says their first king was named Atlas and the mountain range near the multi-ring anomaly is called the Atlas Mountains. There is also evidence of past flowing water in the rings all the way to ocean. It would not be the first time a "mythology" city turned out to be real. The city of Troy was once considered a myth and it was found. Every location that has been proposed to be the site of Atlantis were all interesting but this is the first proposed site that fits the bill. Part 1. Part 2.
  8. Carroll at Bellemeade/Hyatt Place websites up Leasing rates $1,000 to $2,000 per month. 300 plus units. Hyatt Place downtown now accepting reservations. Carroll at Bellemeade Apartments Renderings
  9. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

    Original O'Henry Hotel in downtown Greensboro built in 1919. The hotel caught on fire and was demolished in 1979. It had 300 rooms and was located where the Bellemeade parking deck is today diagonally across the street from the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. Named after Greensboro native William Sydney Porter, a famous American short story writer who used O'Henry as his pen name. He was known for writing The Gift of the Magi. A newer O'Henry Hotel was built at Friendly Shopping Center in the late 1990s. The hotel also included the adjoining 4 story section. The new one is nice but it doesn't have the character the old one had. More of the original hotel after years of aging. The King Cotton Hotel being demolished. The beautiful O'Henry. 300 rooms was considered really big in those days. Winston-Salem's historic hotels were also demolished years ago. The Robert E. Lee Hotel. Hotel Zinzindorf in Winston-Salem. Burned down in 1892. Historic Mcadoo Hotel in downtown Greensboro later called the Benbow House Hotel.
  10. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

    Vintage downtown Greensboro 1970 Aerial: the second highrise from the right was the old King Cotton Hotel built in 1926. It was demolished in 1971. Construction of the 10 story First Union building. Today its the Self Help building. King Cotton Hotel Older photos First Guilford County Courthouse Old Cascade Saloon today I wish more of this kind of architecture had been preserved.
  11. cityboi

    Triad Photo of the Day

    Downtown Greensboro