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  1. Sadly this could affect all ACC championship/tournament events in NC including ACC championship football in Charlotte. There are even states trying to lure the Bank of America headquarters away from Charlotte because of this stupid bill and if that ever happened it would be a devastating economic blow to Charlotte. Pat McCrory and his fellow Republicans in Raleigh have done so much damage to this state with this bill and if they are not voted out its only going to get worse. I do think Roy Cooper will be our next governor but nothing is going to change unless state legislators in the General Assembly are replaced. The state has taken power away from NC cities including the right to redraw it's own city district lines in some cities. The micromanagement is an attempt to make sure the Republicans hold all the cards.
  2. Think of it as Fun Fourth on steroids with multiple stages and vendors all throughout downtown. 30 groups will be performing on 7 stages including performances at Center-City Park and at the Railyard. A downtown trolley will help shuttle people around. There will be music covering many genres both nationally and internationally. This is the second year of a three year stint of the National Folk Festival being held in downtown Greensboro. Plenty of food, beverages, music and fun. Musicians and people from all over the country will be attending with an expected attendance of over 200,000 over the next three days. Thats over twice the attendance of the international home furnishings market in High Point. Next year will be the last year and afterwards, an annual statewide folk festival (The North Carolina Folk Festival) will take its place. What a great way to showcase the new LeBauer Park and its large aerial sculpture to people from all over the country. I enjoyed the festival last year and it should be even better this year. The National Folk Festival is one of the most prestigious and longest running music festivals in America and Greensboro joins the ranks of cities such as St Louis, Denver, Dallas, Milwaukee, Washington DC and Nashville which have hosted the festival.
  3. Looks like the massive midtown mid rise residential development may include a 10 story Aloft Hotel. The residential and retail portion next door. The residential portion will be built behind the current Red Cinemas movie theater. According to their Facebook page, the hotel, retail and restaurants would be a part of the first phase. The apartments would be built in the following phase
  4. Downtown parks and public plazas create an urban synergy that attracts people from all walks of life. Think of them as an oasis in an urban jungle. They also drive urban development and help steer urban design. Here are the three major park spaces in North Carolina's third largest city. A fourth major park is on the drawing board which would be located in the place of an old railyard in the heart of downtown and would be called "Rail Yard Park" it would include ponds, recreational activities and a stage pavilion. DOWNTOWN GREENSBORO, NC URBAN PARKS LeBauer Park, Center-City Park & the downtown Greenway loop The new LEBAUER PARK in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. The park is surrounded by The Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, Center-City Park, the main library, Greensboro Historical Museum and the future 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. LeBauer Park replaced Festival Park which was a grassy bland space with a simple small stage. This is one of two downtown parks in Greensboro that was built privately and given to the city of Greensboro. LeBauer Park will be one of the stage locations for the National Folk Festival which returns to Greensboro next month on a three year stint. Directly north of LeBauer Park is the Greensboro Childrens Museum and future location of an indoor/outdoor carousel. amenities: - interactive splash fountain with fog feature - concert lawn and stage - a massive sculpture above the concert lawn designed by world-renowned Janet Echelman - two cafe/restaurants, also areas designated for food trucks. - childrens play area - ornamental gardens - outdoor reading room - dog park - golf putting green - games such as cornhole, foosball, ping pong, chess, board games This was the old Festival Park and this is what replaced it. The art sculpture is the largest art installation in the Southeast and Greensboro is in company with cities like London, Sydney, New York, Boston, Seattle, Singapore, Amsterdam, Montreal and Vancouver which all have similar sculptures designed by Janet Echelman. Performing Arts Center site across the street CENTER - CITY PARK across the street from LeBauer Park - both LeBauer Park and Center-City Park essentially creates one big urban park space. DOWNTOWN GREENSBORO GREENWAY LOOP - The only urban greenway in the country that loops around its downtown.
  5. The place was packed during the official lighting
  6. I was able to get more picture before the park opened. It gets too crowed to really take any good pictures lol. Hopefully ill get a few more good night time shots when they officially light the sculpture tonight. outdoor reading room next to the library dog park Market Square (two local based restaurant chains) The fountain which will have a fog feature should be running before that National Folk Festival starts
  7. WOW this is amazing! I stopped by LeBauer Park tonight and they have the sculpture lit. I must say as I walked through the park tonight, I felt like I wasn't in Greensboro. Totally different experience at night. Here are some pictures I took. The sculpture has 35 miles of fiber. big plans for LeBauer Park...not just a pretty park another day time shot
  8. LeBauer Park is open!! news link I was able to take some pictures of LeBauer Park. I'll take more when I have time. LeBauer Park constrast with Center-City Park across the street. LeBauer Park is more of an activity park thats a little less formal than Center-City Park. There will be programmed events in the park to keep people coming. cafe/restaurants across the street from the restaurant/cafe plaza is a realigned street which use to be part of Summit Ave and will now be called Brenner Place, the address of the future Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. Looks like they have updated the street lighting as well. The concert lawn with the massive sculpture which will glow at night. In addition to concerts, the lawn and stage will be used to broadcast some events that take place in the performing arts center on a large screen. concert lawn stage The water fountain splash pad isnt running water just yet. plenty of activities for the family and there is also a putting green.
  9. interactive fountain
  10. LeBauer City Park is coming along nicely. The grand opening is next month and the sculpture over the seating lawn has been raised. I Cant wait to see it lit at night! The park will be open in time for the National Folk Festival. The seating lawn and stage will likely be one of the stage locations for the musical performances.
  11. LeBauer Park update The steel towers for the massive art sculpture over the concert lawn have been erected. The sculpture will glow at night. It will be one of a kind for North Carolina. Greensboro has really stepped up its game with high quality urban parks. with Center-City Park across the street its really going to feel like one big park and both parks were financed privately without city tax dollars thanks to non-profit organizations and very generous citizens. In fact most of downtown recent civic projects have been financed privately like the ballpark and even the future Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts across the street from LeBauer Park. Half of the money for the $65 million venue was donated by wealthy individuals and companies with the rest being financed with hotel/motel tax and user fees. Greensboro has figured out a way to build these transformative projects without taxpayer bonds. Otherwise they wouldn't happen. This is not in LeBauer Park but its a fountain in an alley along South Elm Street
  12. Construction on LeBauer City Park is well underway with a set opening date later this summer. The large sculpture over the concert lawn has been revealed and will be lit at night time. In addition, a small performing arts venue is under construction next to the future LeBauer Park. The venue will be added on to the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center and is part of an emerging cultural district which includes the cultural arts center, the main library, the children's museum, the Greensboro Historical Museum, the future Stevens Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Center - City Park and the future LeBauer Park ties all these cultural attractions together. link below includes photo
  13. Marty Kotis just purchased additional property adjacent to the theater going towards downtown. Kotis says the additional property would help his mid-rise project grow in size and scope. The new property could be the site of a high-rise hotel.
  14. streetscaping is well underway along the Gate City Blvd Corridor and they have finally replaced all the "High Point Rd" exit signs with Gate City Blvd along the interstate.
  15. Lets hope the transgendered bathroom fiasco wont hurt chances of industry coming to the airport.