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  1. Well its official, the ACC relocating headquarters to Charlotte https://greensboro.com/sports/college/acc-relocating-headquarters-to-charlotte-from-greensboro/article_86f3f809-1d53-5a4e-beca-0dbc206515db.html
  2. The legendary George Clinton Saturday night at the NC Folk Festival. Got a spot close to the stage. That place was slamming! Took a few hours to get all my hearing back lol
  3. Some photos I took of the first day of the NC Folk Festival
  4. I think the city needs to grow on all fronts expanding its city limits as well as infill growth. The city is doing both.
  5. Greensboro's population seems to growing at a faster rate. The 2020 census reported the city's population at a little over 299,000. In 2022 the population is now 304,909. In just two years Greensboro gained about 5,000 people through a mix of annexation and immigration . At that rate in another two years Greensboro's population will be 310,000. With companies like Toyota and Boom coming to town we should see the growth rate increase more. If Greensboro were to annex its entire urban area today, the city would have about 370,000 people. By comparison, Winston-Salem is growing a little slower. In 2020 the city had 250,765 people. In 2022 the city's population is 252,175. The city has gained less than 2,000 people in two years.
  6. The historic Jefferson Standard building will become 100 years old next year. It was built in 1923 and resembles several buildings across the country Jefferson Standard Building- Greensboro Old National Bank Building in Spokane Washington Standard Building in Cleveland Equitable Building in NYC. Nissen Building- Winston-Salem
  7. The festival has been rain free since 2015 but looking at this week's forecast it could get rained out all weekend which will affect attendance. We've been getting an unusual amount of rain this summer.
  8. Looks like the apartment buildings are nearly complete. Can't wait for the grocery store.
  9. Tents going up for next weekends North Carolina Folk Festival
  10. My guess is that there were cost overruns due to a number of issues including lawsuits, unforeseen property issues that led to the uninspiring design. That explains why the design went from pretty good to plain.
  11. Here is the latest photo. Not sure why its going to take until next spring to finish the deck. Looks almost complete now.
  12. The Hampton Inn took 2 to 3 years to build and its only 6 stories. You are right, everywhere else in the city construction goes up fast, even during the so called worker shortage era. I don't know why downtown projects are so slow.
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