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  1. Triad Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Photos of the newly opened eastern section of Greensboro's beltway. Along Hwy 29 at the I-785/I-840 stack interchange On HWY southbound. Travelers no longer need to take HWY 29 through Greensboro into death valley. Eventually I-785 will extend to Danville, VA along the HWY 29 corridor which is already a four lane highway. You can see that they have saved a space for the I-840 shields which won't be officially designated until the entire loop is complete over the next 4 years.
  2. North Carolina State Wide Development

    another rendering of the Westin Greensboro
  3. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    From what I understand it will open back up after construction.
  4. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    The city must be sure they have the votes next week for the Westin deck. The city posted on its website that February One Pl between Elm St and Davie St will be closed by the 15th of December for crane set up.
  5. North Carolina State Wide Development

    Two mixed-use parking decks in the works for downtown Greensboro. Both will have ground level retail and restaurants. The Westin Greensboro is scheduled to open in 2019. An 11 story hotel will be built atop a 6 story deck that will cross over a street and stretch a block. The other deck will be an 8 story deck to be built across the street from the ballpark. Developer Roy Carroll plans to build a 15 to 20 tower on top of the deck and it will include an Aloft hotel. Starwoods website says the Aloft will open in 2020. The tower will include residential and rumors are that a life insurance company will occupy office space. The developers will build the decks which will be city decks. The city will reimburse the developers. The decks will be paid for through a hike in downtown parking fees. There is a small group opposed to these projects due to the nature of the private/public partnership and the Westin deck could get tied up in a legal battle over an easement owned by an adjoining business. City council is expected to vote on the decks next tuesday. The Westin Greensboro / parking deck. 8 story parking deck The tower on top will likely be a striking contemporary skyscraper which fits with the design of urban Aloft hotels. Looks like the sides of the deck are angled. The glass face desguises the fact that it is a deck. Another rendering of thr Westin Greensboro. Across the street from the 8 story glass deck and future tower will be a 9 story office tower embedded within the ballpark.
  6. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    Rendering of the 8 story deck planned across the street from the ballpark and 9 story ballpark tower. Roy Carroll plans to build a 20 story mixed use tower with an Aloft hotel on top of this deck. Clearly the tower on top is going to be very contemporary. Its looking more and more likely that the planned tower above is Project 561. Developer Roy Carroll said Project 561 would have a contempory flair and he has instructed his architects to give it a wow factor. The deck fits his description. The Aloft is scheduled to open in 2020 which means tower construction will likely begin some time late next year or early 2019. Carroll also said project 561 would have a hotel. A local blog has said a "life insurance" company will occupy space in the tower and media reports residential also. Cool design the deck looks like the sides are angled. I also love how the design really hides the fact that its a parking deck. This is what I was hoping for. There is going to be a lot of density around that ballpark.
  7. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    Wow thanks for the post. Looks good! Looks like the Westin will be as tall as Center Pointe and the Jefferson Standard Building. It will really stand out in Greensboro's skyline now that it will be 11 stories on top of a 6 story deck. It will also be the city's second tallest hotel after the Sheraton Four Seasons by the mall.
  8. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    Looks like city council is moving forward on both the decks next Tuesday. One city councilman has to recuse himself because of close ties to the deal. This means it takes 5 votes to pass. A 4 to 4 vote means it fails for the Westin Deck. However he can vote on the Bellemeade deck. Even if council votes in favor of the Westin deck, construction may be stalled if Cone Denim sues the city. They have decided to separate both decks which means Roy Carroll's deck won't get tied up in the event legal issues delay the Westin deck. Officials: Cone Denim's legal access increases with deck | Government |
  9. Downtown Winston-Salem Developments

    Because of the nature of my profession Im able to hear and see some developments that may be in the works. Through discussion with some coworkers I saw what appears to be a 10 story apartment building planned for Cherry St/4th st near the Nissen Building. Not sure if anyone else has heard about it.
  10. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    News and Record posted a lengthy article about a potential big speed bump for the parking deck that will be tied to the Westin Hotel. There is even a possibility it could derail the whole project because the hotel has to have the parking deck. The easement issue between the city and Cone Denim Entertainment Center is becoming a pretty big problem which could either delay the Westin hotel further due to redesigning the deck or if the city moves forward, cost the city millions in a lawsuit. Whats making things even more complicated is that they are combining the Westin deck with the ballpark deck in the same agenda item. So any delay on the Westin deck would delay the projects planned around the ballpark. Roy Carroll has asked the city to seperate the two deck projects and move his project forward on December 19. He states there is no reason to combine his deck project with the Westin deck. The city of Greensboro has made accommodation for the easement but Cone Denim is still not happy. It appears the city seems to be taking the path of moving the parking deck project forward anyway and the reason could be that they have already signed hard contracts with developers and a number of other parties. The city has got its knees too deep into this to back out. They have already bought the land, spent money on the deck design and it seems they are prepared to bite the bullet. Either way the city could get sued. We will see what city council decides, to move forward or delay again. If they decide to delay they need to seperate the two deck projects into different agenda items so it doesn't hold up the projects around the ballpark. The city needs to come up with something quick with the Westin deck. Either move forward anyway and risk getting sued or find a solution both parties can agree on because I fear the further this thing gets delayed it gives more time for the very small but loud opposition to mount. The last thing we need is another big fight like we had with the ballpark 15 years ago. The big error the city made was not checking easement records before purchasing the property. If they had checked those records they could have designed the deck accordingly from the start. And if I were Cone Denim, I wouldnt ask for too much because the hotel project and the parking its patrons would have would benefit their business greatly and that may be one of the city's argument. The talent that performs at Cone Denim would have a hotel to stay right next door. The city also said Cone could use the loading zone on East Market Street to park its buses as well. City Council knew about this months ago including a potential lawsuit against the city but despite that seem to support moving the deck along anyway. The city has to have the decks completed by December 2018. If they fail to do so they'll have to charge less to lease out spaces in the deck which is part of the funding mechanism for the decks. The city appears to be choosing to initiate condemnation proceedings for the easement. The Cone Denim owners are being over dramatic about the situation though. There might be a little inconvenience but not enough to put them out of business. The problem is they wouldnt have room to turn their buses around and would instead have to back out into East Market Street when leaving. One solution could be to have a special traffic light that would stop traffic flow while the buses are backing out. The city has done something similar with a few other businesses along with the depot. The city turns on a red light to stop traffic during peak times when all the city buses leave for their destination. I was able to look at first floor plans for the parking deck. There is space for restaurants and there is space for retail shops. However I think the city could give in a little as well without significant redesigns of the deck. The problem is that Cone Denim uses the Davie Street lot as an entry point for buses and trailers. The buses then exit on East Market Street. The deck totally cuts off the entry point. However, I noticed on the ground level plans for the deck is that the entrance is at the midway point of the deck. The path through the deck almost goes all the way through but is configured to the left towards parking right before the parking office. All the city has to do is move the parking office somewhere else and let the vehicle path go all the way through to the easement so the buses can still enter from Davie Street. Hell sacrifice a little bit more of the parking for Cone Denim to lease for its buses in addition to allowing them to park in the loading zone on the street. I already see one parking spot for a bus in the plan. Just make sure there is enough height clearance on the ground level for a bus. Another solution, which would delay the project for at least another 6 months would be to totally redesign the deck layout. Instead of the deck being spread out all the way from the hotel to East Market Street, extend the deck half a block so it will allow buses to have plenty of room to turn around. To make up the lost parking spaces in the deck, add another 8 floors underneath the hotel for parking which would make it a 25 story structure. It would add to the cost of construction and would probably be the most expensive solution. Construction could actually proceed with just the 6 story deck directly under the hotel instead of crossing over February One Place into Cone Denim's right of way, but it would limit the spaces to about 200 instead of 800. It would be enough for the hotel but the whole purpose of the city building the deck is so it would not only have spaces for the hotel, but spaces for the public at large as well. If the city moves forward with current plans anyway, buy them out so Cone Denim can relocate. The city has done that with other deals, Boston's House of Jazz and Blues had to move to make way for the performing arts center and there was no controversy there. Despite all this, I don't know if this problem will derail the hotel because the city is too far in the process to back out. No matter what the city decides to do its going to cost the city millions more. If they proceed the city gets sued by Cone Denim, If they don't proceed the city gets sued by the hotel developers. If they come up with a solution to make every totally happy it's going to cost to redesign the deck and if it's delayed too long, Westin may back out as being the flag. Even if the city wins the lawsuit, court proceedings could really drag this process and delay construction. But it appears the city wants to move forward. I guess they figure if they are going to get sued they want to get a deck and a hotel out of this instead of getting sued by the hotel developers and getting nothing out of it which would be a total waste of city money. Most of want to see the deck and hotel move forward but I prefer a solution that satisfies both sides so that it eliminates controversy and negative publicity. The opponents dont need any more ammunition. But it is embarrassing for the city to aquire land and sign contracts before checking to see if there are easements other property owners use. That falls back on the planning department and city attorney and no one wants to take the heat for it. Plans include: The 180-room hotel, believed to be a Westin, on Floors 7 through 17. A parking deck, which the developers would own, underneath the hotel on Floors 1 through 6 Renovations to Elm Street Center. Total investment: $30 million.
  11. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    I did some digging and I found some interesting info from a group's website that opposes the downtown decks. "On December 19, 2017, the City Council will vote to approve $56,000,000 in bond money to pay for two proposed parking decks in Downtown Greensboro that will benefit two new hotels, a new office building and a 20 billion dollar life insurance company." So apparently one of the decks, likely the 8-story deck/Carroll's mixed use tower, involves an insurance company. The website says life insurance company but remember about a year ago, Arch Capital said it will move its corporate headquarters to Greensboro and after a few big acquisitions it will be the largest mortagage insurance company in the United States. I wonder if its Arch Capital or some other insurance company coming to downtown. Btw I strongly disagree with the opponents C.A.V.E. message. Outside of downtown, zoning requires businesses to provide their own off street parking. Thats not the case for downtown. While downtown businesses can build their own parking, the city is obligated to provide parking for the public, visitors and private businesses like it did when it built two parking decks back in 1990 to provide parking for several office towers that were being built at the time.
  12. Downtown Greensboro is getting a Westin Hotel

    The news video link about Greensboro's skyline getting taller is about a few weeks old but it basically says once city council votes on the two parking decks next meeting, construction will begin on two tower projects, the 9-story ballpark tower (Project Slugger) and the 17-story Westin Greensboro.
  13. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    UNCG students have an idea for the facade of the Renaissance Plaza tower parking deck across the street from LeBauer Park and the future performing arts center. It would compliment the playfulness of LeBauer Park across the street. This may be a school project but I would really like to see this happen. We need more of this kind of art downtown. Our city leaders really do need to work with the talent at our universities.