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  1. Other development new. The city recently voted to sell property to an Atlanta developer next to Union Square on the south end of downtown. The development will consist of a 5-story apartments called Union Square Apartments with ground floor commercial space, plaza and a 7-story parking deck with fabric screening. The downtown greenway backs the development. It will be the second phase of the Union Square development. The third phase will include more residential and a hotel.
  2. Pretty cool projects planned for Downtown. VISION 2030 - presented by the City of Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Inc. - A large public market at the depot - forget trolleys which were the big thing in the 1990s.....self driving shuttles for alternative downtown public transportation is the new 21st century option. The self driving vehicles routes will also connect downtown with the Greensboro Coliseum Complex and Koury Convention Center. There will be designated autonomous shuttle lanes downtown which will be a part of the downtown screetscape plan that will widen sidewalks and add landscaped plazas on wide one way streets that are currently not as pedestrian friendly. - shipping containers built into retail spaces at the depot which we are starting to see in some of the larger cities. They are funky cool and very urban. I can also see developer Marty Kotis doing this on the property he owns on the southern end of downtown. - mixed-use development - downtown gateways - Battleground Entertainment District - 3,000 to 5,000 seat downtown arena. And more. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/2030-vision-shipping-containers-as-shops-a-downtown-arena-what-greensboro-will-look-like-years-from-now/83-a873ea11-b404-45a7-8811-2acf861e6214 Here is a link to to 2030 vision plan https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4d4gawbaxae5pb/DT-GBoro-2030-Strat-Plan_Draft-Document_2020-11-17.pdf?dl=0 Some Charette renderings which show development around the depot which include a public market, shipping container retail, midrise development. Container hub and mixed-use option at the corner of Davie and Washington Street at the depot. The container hub would be fitting for its location at the train station/bus depot. Large public market for vendors. Downtown gateways at South End/ LoDo Battleground Entertainment District near the ballpark which will include entertainment venues, live music venues, small theater venues, restaurants, bars and retail. This will become downtown Greensboro's second entertainment district and will anchor the North End of downtown like the South End entertainment district. The section of Battleground Ave shown in the rendering below would be shut down on weekends to activate festival street activities. Multi- purpose Downtown arena (3,000 - 5,000 seats) . Every decade we see a major venue being proposed for downtown. In the early 2000s it was the ballpark. In the 2010s it was the performing arts center. In this decade a small arena is being proposed. Because we have the 23,000 seat Greensboro Coliseum, it doesn't make sense to build a larger arena downtown but there is a niche for a small arena. Let's bring minor league hockey back to the city and maybe arena football and they can play in a downtown arena that is being implemented in the vision plan. The arena would also be used for concerts, conferences and local school/college events. The only site ripe for such an arena is the News and Record site. There is enough land for a small arena, small convention center and some residential and office. This may be why the city is building a new parking deck along Davie Street to prepare for such development. The arena and convention center needs to be in one building. Another thing I like about this proposal is that we are doing something Durham has not done yet lol. I can see all of these projects being implemented. The plan reminds me of the downtown plan presented by Action Greensboro in 1999. Just about everything in that plan has been built even though it seemed lofty at the time. The arena will become an anchor venue like the ballpark and the performing arts center. While the News and Record site would likely be the preferred site for an arena, technically it could be built on the opposite corner of the ballpark east of Carroll South of the Ballpark/AC Hotel and South of Carroll at Bellemeade/Hyatt Place. But owners of the property would have to be willing to sell. Currently the site consists of law offices and a parking lot. But there are less road blocks with the News and Record site. Plus it would be part of a larger development complex which would include the Westin Hotel across the street and a potential adjoining convention center to an arena. This would be huge for downtown and would attract more out of town visitors to the city center which would lead to further hotel development. If an arena is built, it needs to be something architecturally significant and ultra modern. Enough with the so so average architecture. While the Steven Tanger Center is great, there were missed opportunities to build a PAC that could architecturally make Greensboro stand out. Most of the money was spent on the inside and it shows
  3. This is definitely great news. I'm really looking forward to a passenger rail service linking Raleigh/Greensboro/Charlotte to Atlanta. That should cut a 5 hour commute down quite a bit. Not everyone takes airplanes like myself. Too scared to fly.
  4. Guess we should call it the First National Bank Building now. Tired of Project Slugger and 400 Bellemeade lol. Its actually the regional headquarters for First National Bank. Tenants are in the building now. I really love this building and to think the future AC Hotel and office tower across the street will both rise taller than this building. I may stop by there tonight to get some night shots with the new signage lit. The parking deck has electric car charging stations.
  5. They have not start yet. They have installed signs at the top of 400 Bellemeade. I've also noticed it appears the parking deck is open.
  6. Nice. Another hotel for midtown. Nearby Hotel Denim is pretty cool also.
  7. Not sure but the first steps seems to be taking place. I imagine construction will begin within a few years.
  8. Bailey Village site work is definitely underway
  9. Phase 2 of Union Square at South Elm Street and Gate City Blvd on city council's agenda. The project is to include a 7- story parking deck with 5 story apartments wrapping around part of the deck. Commercial and retail will also be included . https://greensboro.com/business/apartments-and-parking-extend-downtown-gateway-in-deal-with-greensboro/article_56109e9e-85b2-11eb-86e0-5b8e37c07bda.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1 https://www.rhinotimes.com/news/further-development-of-union-square-on-city-council-agenda/
  10. Don't know why construction is at a snails pace in downtown Greensboro. Project Slugger is the only construction project in recent memory that got off the ground and completed fairly quick.
  11. Hampton Inn and Suites downtown Greensboro
  12. Here is a look back at Downtown projects. Renderings vs final development. Interesting to see how close they were to the renderings. However it appears they haven't included that glass awning structure at the top of Project Slugger. I really hope they include that because its a nice architectural touch. But there are subtle differences in each of the renderings which is typical in construction projects.
  13. Ridiculously slow but more signage and some black awnings have been installed. Not a lot of exterior changes as I look at my posts from April 2020, almost a year ago. Construction started in September 2018!
  14. I'll take development around a stadium over design any day of the week.
  15. I agree, and it could be because it was the only available property at the time for the stadium in the downtown area. Its more like a neighborhood ballpark on the "outskirts/ edge" of the downtown core rather than a urban park like in Durham, Greensboro and Charlotte. The location is similar to Greensboro's old baseball stadium location. (War Memorial Stadium). The process did seemed a bit rushed as if they were in a hurry to get a ballpark in the downtown area. A little more patience and it could have been incorporated within the core of downtown which is where most ballparks are being built these days. The stadium itself is beautiful though. They knocked that out of the ballpark no pun intended. But would be nice to see something built similar to Project Slugger in Greensboro
  16. Goodbye, South Atlantic League and Carolina League. For the first time since 1968 Greensboro and Winston-Salem will be playing in the same league. Would have been nice if it were AA because both are "double A cities" with double A standard ballparks. But it will be great to see some local baseball competition between two competitive cities. Both leagues are still moving up from lower A leagues to high A. https://greensboro.com/sports/greensboro-winston-salem-baseball-teams-placed-in-new-high-a-east-league/article_c8d57040-6d51-11eb-984d-7f9056a90aa3.html
  17. Greensboro, North Carolina
  18. My time lapse tik tok video of the Boro. Greensboro Sunset
  19. Construction update Fox 8 news. I love the pocket parks along the Greenway https://myfox8.com/community/improvements-made-to-downtown-greenway-in-greensboro/
  20. Fantastic facility! Now if we can get this pandemic over with. Tanger Center 2nd floor terrace overlooking Lebauer Park.
  21. Recap video of construction and interior shots.
  22. Can't wait to see the water fountains with the fire flames on the patio
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