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  1. My guess is that it was probably more than 30,000. Like you said there was seating on the field. The big outdoor amphitheaters in Charlotte and Raleigh could have easily handled it they are close to the interstates. But it was a logistical failure in Winston-Salem and blaming it on a storm that quickly moved through was ridiculous. Part of it probably has to do with that fact that Winston-Salem rarely has events of that size and it was a little bit of a learning curve for the city. Even smaller concerts around 15,000 to 18,000 which is common at the Greensboro Coliseum is rare in Winston-Salem. The Triad does need a very large amphitheater similar to the ones in Charlotte and Raleigh for events north of 30,000 people but near I-40 and in the center of the Triad. Maybe in Triad Park.
  2. Yeah we are talking about Paul McCartney. People around the country came to see him. Salem Pkwy and Highway 52 just can't handle that kind of traffic. The highway infrastructure is decades behind. It was so bad people were saying they'd never come back there for an event. Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte have the infrastructure to handle it. Local representatives need to lobby for more state and federal funds. I wonder if there is a way to widen Highway 52?
  3. I just feel like there are ways of cutting costs without sacrificing design. These structures are going to be standing for decades. Downtown gets a poor grade when it comes to architectural design of its developments. There has been nothing built that makes you say WOW. DGI needs to work with these developers and steer them in the right direction. Or maybe there needs to be some sort of design ordinance downtown. Historic districts have them, why not downtown? But that design is not worthy of the Westin name brand. I wasn't a big fan of this design below either but its better than the current one. At least there was an effort to hide the deck below the hotel.
  4. This is a perfect example as to why Winston-Salem's highway infrastructure really needs to be upgraded. https://www.wxii12.com/article/horrible-traffic-headaches-anger-paul-mccartney-fans/40067787
  5. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a place holder for the website until the final design was revealed. Literally an 8 year could design this and probably better. From the back its basically just a glass box with zero character and the exposed cheaply built deck below makes it look worse. I just don't understand why the developer went with this.
  6. Its 11 total. Was 12 until the city reduced the deck height by one floor. I must say though I'm not digging the east side of the hotel. They could have masked the deck below the hotel so that it wouldn't look like a generic parking deck and the hotel on this side is basically a cube. The front is ok. What is it with downtown Greensboro developers and their designs? Based on how the hotel is going up this does appear to be the final design. One would hope there are at least a few last minute changes to spruce the design up a little. Front rear (east side) well at least they are including street level retail so thar the deck doesn't create a completely dead block. Reminds me of a beach house on stilts. Maybe they are expecting a flood from the so called underground river in downtown Greensboro. They did it right with the Hampton Inn in downtown Roanoke. The brick portion is the deck.
  7. Its 11 total. Was 12 until the city reduced the deck height by one floor
  8. Westin photo update. 1/3 the way up
  9. True that food halls are becoming common now. But yes this does give Winston-Salem a variety of different cuisine options. This is a great way to redevelop that building instead of the typical apartment lofts.
  10. Looks like the purchaser of a 30 acre site off of I-40 in Greensboro is the same Greenville, South Carolina developer who builds Top Golfs. Pretty interesting. The layout of the site, acreage, its location and highway/road access fits the mold of a Top Golf. The acreage suggests a large Top Golf venue and not the smaller venues. Currently there are two locations in Charlotte and a Durham location. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2022/04/28/triad-top-golf.html
  11. There is a new color scheme for the aerial sculpture at Lebauer Park. The color scheme will change every 5 years. https://greensboro.com/community/rockingham_now/news/aerial-sculpture-returns-to-greensboros-lebauer-park-with-new-color-scheme/article_dfa326d8-c4b6-11ec-a80c-1b8aac5079d0.html
  12. More on the new restaurants opening in downtown Greensboro thanks to the opening of the Tanger Center. One of them will be a New Orleans style restaurant with live music. 10 are opening but DGI anticipates up to 20 new restaurants downtown. The Steven Tanger Center has really created a vibrancy that downtown has never seen drawing in people from out of town. It won't surprise me to see developers snatch up property near the Tanger Center and I do think downtown is ready for a small convention center. If the Koury Convention Center had been 30 years too late it would have been built downtown. Despite that there is room in Greensboro for two convention facilities. There is a niche for a smaller convention center downtown between 75,000 to 100,000 square feet. https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/downtown-greensboro-sees-restaurant-boom/83-0538435d-72fb-42f3-ad24-0571d6ea89ef
  13. Looks like they got a letter from RockHouse Live's attorneys. It was very easy for folks to think this establishment was part of their chain. Its the same as if someone opened up an independent fast food restaurant called McDonald's.
  14. Downtown High Point starting to get on a little roll here with new bars, breweries and restaurants. New micro winery coming to downtown High Point on Wrenn St. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2022/04/22/new-micro-winery-coming-to-downtown-high-point.html
  15. Following Greensboro and Winston-Salem, downtown High Point is opening a social district allowing people to drink alcohol on public streets. One of the very few examples of the Triad being the first. All three Triad cities have started downtown social district before Charlotte Raleigh and Durham. Greensboro was the first major North Carolina city to do so. They have been doing this in places like New Orleans and Savannah for a while. This is definitely a plus for the downtown area, will help attract more people and encourage more people walking the downtown streets. https://myfox8.com/news/north-carolina/high-point/downtown-high-point-adding-social-district/
  16. Casual bar with late night good planned near ballpark and Greenway in former auto repair shop. This is needed. While the bars stay open until 2am very few restaurants do. Also five announced restaurants are opening downtown Northern Roots coffee shop, Black Flamingo bar and restaurant, Jake's Diner and Abbey Taphouse event center. plus five that have not been announced yet. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2022/04/21/neighbors-casual-downtown-bar.html
  17. The parking deck needs a screening system for sure.
  18. They are upscale apartments and I agree I love the contemporary style. The apartment have large windows too.
  19. They are on floor 3 so they are a quarter of the way up.
  20. Downtown Greensboro development Lofts @ 110 MLK at the corner of South Elm Street 140 apartment units, retail space and rooftop dining. Carroll Ballpark South - 150-room AC Hotel, 280 apartments and 30,000 square feet of restaurant, retail and conference space Proposed retail container hub near the depot Continued construction on the Westin Greensboro In addition two other downtown apartment developments are in the works, 10 new restaurants opening up downtown this year due to increase demand from the Steven Tanger Center traffic. The Hampton Inn & Suites will open in June
  21. DGI president Zack Matheny mentioned that several city leaders were working on a "major" unnamed project for downtown. Its related to entice the Atlantic Coast Conference to keep its conference office in Greensboro
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