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  1. It is irrelevant. Criminal acts committed by citizens are tragic, but act committed by the state are a nation emergency.
  2. I still believe that congressional action will be to most effective by cleaning the civil rights act of 1871 and something similar at the state level.
  3. Generally, you are right. Protests do not accomplish much. But like the protests in the 60's, when average Americans see their fellow citizens' rights trampled, the tide turns. I do not know if this will be different. But I have watched way to many videos in the past 24 hrs that makes my blood boil.
  4. The police take the brunt of the rage but not most of it. These protest are really about the system. This is way above our police force. The primary role of the police is not protection, it is to investigate crimes already committed. Only you can and will protect yourself.
  5. While it may be unfortunate, the general public may see OPD's response as appropriate against the rioters while respecting the protestors. But who knows.
  6. He left the restaurant. And the rapist is accused.
  7. Rick Scott mainly won by being anti establishment in a tea party year. The money did not hurt but it was his "outsiderness" that did it for him. If he ran the same campaign four years earlier, he would have lost to Charlie Christ.
  8. jack

    The Milk District

    It appears they have not closed.
  9. What is the old adage, put three Americans in a room and they will have an election. Seriously, you are right. The elected executive should have the ability to appoint all officials to form a cabinet. This applies to the state level as well.
  10. The best they can do is lease it. Most land owned by authority's are bought using FAA funds. FAA restrict sales of property purchased with their dollars.
  11. Only if it impacts cost or the design of the project. Plenty of developers build around trees when the parcel is large enough. It is tougher to do downtown because you want and need to build to the street. You see it more in master planned communities where they will design it in a way to maximize keeping the nicer trees. But those communities are always high-end.
  12. The western area of the garage is flat so they could connect. It reminds me of the garage in lake nona that was built in phases.
  13. I believe those trees are funded through the tree mitigation program paid by property owners that remove their trees.
  14. If a controversial item makes it to the council and fails to pass, the mayor has failed. A good mayor or administrator counts votes before it is voted on. If he does not have the votes, you don't bring it to the council. Being on the losing end for a mayor is embarrassing at best or signals that you are weak at worst. As long as it is reasonable. If a tree is sitting in the middle of the site, it would prohibit any reasonable development in the urban core.
  15. The pedestal would be for parking garage. If it is too narrow, the cost skyrocket.
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