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  1. We don't fall them that, they asylum seekers do. It triggers a process that a normal border hopper does not receive. Right or wrong, we have a system and it is being taken advantage of. But the response it to not eliminate the asylum program, it is to have a clear policy of whom it applies too and properly expand the courts to deal with the high number of applicants.
  2. It would be one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood and meets the zoning. You need to have step downs before you transition to single family neighborhoods.
  3. Concrete is expensive no matter what. Block, PT, CIP or tilt wall, it is all expensive. You will save some money on BR, but financing, leverage and expenses are all going the wrong way.
  4. I would not hold my breath.
  5. Nevermind. what I said doe not apply. I still don't like it but if you take the governments blood money, its on you to deal with the consequences. I take back what I said. I am always telling my kids to read the entire paragraph before answering a question. I need to take my own advice. Anyways boys and girls, this is why you don't take government money. It makes you a slave to the public interest.
  6. Think about it, you are compelling companies what musical acts they should bring in or not bring it. Political views are not a protected class, thankfully. No one should be forced to business with anyone else. Besides, the legislature won't sign off and if they did, it would be enjoined immediately by the courts.
  7. No, this legislator is violating the venues property rights and freedom of association. This is what happens when you elect (not you personally) sjw's that are more concerned with getting on TV.
  8. That is not a violation. The government has a 1st amendment right as well. If the government threatens legal or congressional action, it is a different story.
  9. Yes, some companies are banning their employee from using it. Not a 1st amendment violation. State and federal departments have done the same. Not a violation.
  10. No ones 1st amendment speech has been violated. Full stop. Social media companies are privately owned and can make any rules they want. Agree or disagree, its their companies not the publics.
  11. Not sure of the material but something will be done to the columns. A wrap, paint, stucco, etc.
  12. Biden kept most of Trumps' crappy tariffs and trade deals in place. Maybe because they are both new deal democrats.
  13. Hooray for shade trees but boo for being cheap.
  14. It looks like the exterior work is done from the photo except the grills that are missing. At this stage, all work will be finishing out units. When is is expected to open?
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