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  1. The IRS audits poor people far more than they do the wealthy on a per capita basis. It's primarily the EITC the go after. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/irs-audit-eitc-five-times-as-likely-to-get-audited/ Progressives have previously sounded the alarm about this but must have gotten amnesia. The IRS is probably being practical. Why go after a really rich person that has an army of lawyers and accounts to make sure they do not run afoul of federal rules when you can just hit a poor person that files their own taxes and makes mistakes. If it was the medical lobby, (doctors) it is still up the the federal agencies to say no.
  2. Oliver Wendell Holmes - " if my fellow citizens want to go to hell, it is my job to help them" Too bad they are only hiring agents not improving tech. And if you think they will be going after the wealthy, you are very mistaken. I think this is great and should be applauded. But no one is asking why you ever had to purchase these items over the counter to begin with.
  3. Man, kids are soft these days. That was no where close to a bar brawl.
  4. I'm talking more of the guys with guns. Shootings usually happen in the streets. Also, that is what OPD has said previously.
  5. I am not sure what you do when many of the people causing problems don't go inside any of these bars. They just show up to walk around.
  6. Assuming you mean that the big driver for both those cities are their historic cores. That is their tourist attractions and where all of the money is spend. Its like our I Drive and Attractions areas. I enjoy both of those cities but they do not feel real. Good place to have a good time on vacation. Savannah also has had lots of redevelopment on the waterfront. Kessler built a major complex on the water front where the power plant was.
  7. She is probably the most effective speaker of the house in 30 years of either caucus. I cannot think of anyone else in my lifetime besides Tip O'Neil that was as powerful which explains why she is so hated.
  8. I hate to tell you but no one is getting fired for anything you mentioned. It would be a violation of tenure and academic freedom. Unless you can find something that violates the university's code of conduct, professors are mostly untouchable. Ethnic, racial and whatever discrimination sucks but that is life. It has always been part of humanity, and will always be there in one form or another. Don't get me started on the republicans of today were the democrats of yesterday. It is very complicated but there is a lot of truth to it. The simplest answer if you look at the Deep South. Most states were democratic states until 2000. Texas is a great example. Rick Perry was a democrat until the 90's and held office and held office as one. Texas was a blue state locally even though they were voting for republicans for president. Same with Alabama, etc. But these guys were more into wealth redistribution and attacking elites. They considered themselves the working mans party. Republicans were dominant in the north post civil war and the midwest. They have always been the party of the well to do and small government etc. But the populist wing dominates it now because of the migration of the Dixiecrats into the party. Ultimately, because we have a two party system, we have coalitions that don't make sense.
  9. I assume you are referring to Hillsdale, not Hillman. Liberty is an evangelical southern college while Hillsdale's foundation is in conservatism. Very different atmosphere. Hillsdale unfortunately has gone social justicey lately has they rebrand as a national/populist conservative university. Your concern about whitewashing is very accurate and unfortunate. Kids are going to learn about these things one way or another. I'd rather it be from a professor/teacher than from TikTok. And when kids/young adults feel like facts are being withheld from them, they will lash out and reject everything,
  10. It's a challenge because many of us are not full throated defenders of public education. Especially at the K-12 level where attendance is compulsory. Your view of higher education is dated. The people getting fired are left of center professors because of students that are extremely left. They step out of line with a racial, free speech, or any comment that does not meet current orthodoxy, and the school finds reason to fire them. There are many SJW conservative students that push for firing as well but they are not as powerful as the other side. As to indoctrination, no one of sound mind can be indoctrinated. If parents don't prepare their kids to think critically, they don't belong in a university setting.
  11. I am sure liberal arts majors swung towards democrats a lot earlier. But I don't think these new voters are true democrats. It reminds me of all the new Republican voter during the tea party area who were all just a mix of anti Obama and anti establishment. Valid search warrant is still a raid. And I hope they have more than looking for classified documents.
  12. Colleges have had liberal professors since the 1950's "see God, Man and Yale".. They have been accused of this for so long that our natural reaction is to agree with it. But if you follow F.I.R.E, they see a trend where the conflicts are coming from the students, not the faculty. pre 20212, most of their lawsuits were directed at faculty staff for free speech violations of the students. Now, it is faculty having their free speech violated due to complaints from the students. the inmates are running the asylum. Just want to remind everyone that this is the challenge with public education. Not everyone agrees to how it should be provided. Especially when a legislature gets involved.
  13. No, he probably did. But he has the authority to declassify information. If he took them prior to the turnover, he could say he declassified them and the raid was unnecesary.
  14. Remember, democrats winning college graduates is a recent phenomenon, I think Obama was the 1st democrat ever. And trump was the 1st republican to ever lose white college graduates.
  15. @AmIRealis correct. You may not like to renovations but was the primary partner in all of them. He got over his skis by expanding to other market but the real knife to the throat was the recession. I also don't think office condos in high rises made sense and the recession killed that market.
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