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  1. HR&A is a good firm. Most public employees do not have the skill to accurately evaluate such a large scale project. Hopefully they will not go the route of internal evaluation.
  2. Until recently, he thought mass immigration was a Koch brothers plot to weaken American workers. And he always thought America has a class problem, not a race problem. He changed his tune for this recent election but I don't believe he really changed his mind. That will be tough now that Republicans remembered they are supposed to care about deficits. And the amount the feds contribute to higher education will have to go up by a massive amount to cover free tuition. If not, every single state will have cover it. No red state will do this. Any GOP member (not named Donald Trump) advocating for this will get clubbed in the head.
  3. More profits have gone to capital but that is not the sole reason why the wage disparity. Much of it has to do with the change in the type of work (less manufacturing) and the prevalence of publicly traded companies. It also did not help when compensation shifted in the 90's from salary to awarding stock.
  4. You just made my argument for me with this data. Also, look at the spread between families or single person households. When we are talking about raising the standard of living, we are really focusing on household with children with one working parent. I don't know how much of the working population falls into that description.
  5. The legislative bodies need to look at the impact in each state of passing a nation wide minimum wage. In the NE, it probably wouldn't have a huge impact except in really rural areas. But Alabama, Mississippi? It will be rough in most of the state outside a couple of the cities. Look at the cost of living in these state, its probably half of what it is in Hawaii. We should not treat them the same.
  6. Medicare/Affordable Health Act is achievable, as well as cannibas. I don't see $15 as being realistic.
  7. jack

    Creative Village

    One, getting UCF and Valencia was a coup so kudos to everyone involved. That really allowed the project to take off. Second, office will be the program that will be no no where close to the original concept. Throw in Covid and it will be dramatically off. Regardless, I applaud the City and Ustler for making it happen. Now if they can focus on finishing what they started and getting the dang Magic development off of the ground. Bring in Ustler if they need to.
  8. It is reductive and similar to calling everything or everyone racist that they don't agree with. Or comparing something to slavery, the holocaust etc. 99% of the time, it is not true. The closest person to govern as a true socialist is Bernie Sanders and though he has some clout, he has been and will always be a back bencher. For the GOP, Steve King is the only person I can think that might truly be a racist. And he got bounced.
  9. Woodrow Wilson is the worst. Its not even close.
  10. jack

    Creative Village

    Just because you call it a name, does not make it so! Seriously, what were the chances it truly would be creative or match the original renderings? I am still shocked it got developed.
  11. So they want to acquire property to expand the park but just sold the parcels directly west? That was not well thought out. I know it is a different commission but come on.
  12. Shelby was other worldly when it came to bringing home the bacon. The investment made previously no doubt led to them winning the headquarters.
  13. We are exporting out craziness around the world, lol. Seriously, every negative metric for wealthy countries, we are on that back end of the rankings. Gun deaths, duo's, od's, obesity. Everything.
  14. You are making a good point that I missed. We (the government) spend a massive amount on healthcare and it does not even cover everyone. Imagine if it did. Even if we could afford it, I am not sure we should do it until the culture changes. To bring my point home about culture, did anyone see a riot breakout recently in any nordic country? No, because they do not do stupid sh*t. I think, unfortunately, your example is part of the reason why expansion has been difficult. Certain people justify benefiting from a system and turn around it deny it for others. Or in other words, Don't tread or me, but you can tread on thee. He is most of his kind are pretty trashy people. He is indicative of our culture swirling around a toilet bowl. What happened to real men?
  15. Those are two different issues. For McD's, they would argue they can't afford it which I have no idea. As to our government, we cannot afford it but it is about priorities. I would also point out that spending at the federal and state level for healthcare is not that far behind compared to other western countries. We just have way worse outcomes for what we pay. That is a cultural problem, not a spending problem.
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