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  1. Not to stir the pot but ARB is design focused. Swapping out units but keeping the exterior of the facade the same is not an ARB issue. It is more of an issue with planning which has a separate reviewer. Ask that person if it was approved without units on the ground floor. Or if the applicant asked for a modification after the fact. Also check the construction plans at the city.
  2. I am still here! I have been traveling and working non stop for the past year and do not check the site very often.
  3. That wasJack Jennings. Finfrock has been doing GC work fairly recently. They did the deal on Lee and Orlando ave.
  4. That has nothing to do with it. The buildings are reflective of its owners or potential buyers. We are a middle class city with middle class looking buildings. You need a CEO that builds something dramatic no matter the cost, or buyers that are spending $1,000 a foot (for condos). We have neither.
  5. One developer controls everything. Some people really like the suburbs. And Lake Nona is turning into more than the suburbs with the town center.
  6. The spread between existing lease rates and new construction is real. On top of that, many firms are open office, decreasing demand.
  7. I should have clarified. The traffic is fine to me, not great but not unbearable. The house are the appropriate size for the buyers The moment the city starts regulating design I am grabbing by gun (figuratively speaking) The Trader Joes plaza met parking codes. Restaurants cannibalizing each other - competition is good.
  8. Under 30. I am knocking on the door of 40 and seem to be out of the loop.
  9. I believe the opposite of everything you just said.
  10. 75' from the bottom of the highest occupied floor. That is related to code. Personally, I would not call a building under 20 stories a high rise.
  11. Where do young people shop? Just curious.
  12. The art requirement if for a density bonus. But it is up to the developer where to put it. Kuhn did the sculptures on Orange. Chance did panels on the side of the garage. The VUE used the exterior lights.
  13. It does not hurt but the people that can move tend to have passive incomes. Those folks probably already have a home here and claim residency. The taxes the wealthy pay do amount to a windfall for us, We tend to have high property taxes and the wealthy love Florida and show that by buying 2nd, 3rd, etc, homes. Homes that pay high property taxes. State and local. But on another note, I think the SALT elimination is bs.
  14. Not exactly. The original developer died during construction. There was a friendly foreclosure and the bank completed construction. I can't recall what the delay was.
  15. Well, it would be pretty silly to build it without tenants. But I though they should have kept the garage until they were ready to go.
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