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  1. But getting something like that so fundamentally wrong causes outrage amongst people that think it is an old building. We all know it was built fairly recently, but the average reader does not. FYI Lincoln residential and commercial has split apart. I don't know what that means for this deal, (probably nothing) but may have to do with the delay.
  2. They can waive the requirement. Retail and hotel I believe still have no minimum parking requirement in the core.
  3. This new district still allows RCID to build garages. Which means tax exempt bonds.
  4. So its not the team you desire, but rather an owner that is investing in the surrounding communities. Have they paid for their permits? If so, it is party time.
  5. You are getting old my friend. And I did the same thing but did it sooner. I hope downtown recovers. The amount of time, money, etc. spent trying to make it better while it has become so dead during the day and evening hours. But the primary culprit has been the lack of activity and foot traffic M-F during the day. The weekends are not bad but during the week feels like a ghost town. Crime does not help either.
  6. If I cannot get a direct flight, it ruins the whole trip. International is expected but okay. Anywhere on the east coast, it better be direct.
  7. I only do commercial and pool fences are governed by the health department, not the local jurisdiction. Also, fences are not required if other parameters are met.
  8. I don't think that writer understands what building codes are. They mention it and never give an example. I honestly don't think any jurisdiction can supersede state law when it comes to FBC.
  9. Wood (trees) are natural. Concrete and steel are not. Trees can be planted. There are other factors at play but that is the simplest way to describe it. It is why CLT is such a big deal for green building.
  10. Well, it is more sustainable than concrete or steel if it makes you feel better.
  11. I have a hard time believing they were exempt from the FBC. What if you believe that their (MAGA) ideas hurt more than help when it comes to the economy?
  12. I think it had to do more with poor performance of Disney + and other internal management issues. But earnings was what caused the board to pull the plug. Regardless, it is so difficult to do business in California, Disney had to consider moving as many jobs as they could to Florida. Besides, you can argue that Disney is leaving behind left wing authoritarianism for right wing authoritarianism, LOL. That can be tough to avoid but I understand that position. However, more government is never the solution.
  13. The only people that care about twitter are a bunch of journalists that are convinced we care what they think. If it disappeared tomorrow, 99% of the people would not notice.
  14. It will take more than 3 months to get a permit. Plus, unless she already as a term sheet, she will need to raise debt and execute all of the agreements. Throw in negotiating a GMP with a GC, finishing CD's, it would be 9-12 months from now.
  15. Yes, I am serious. Biden is putting up some big numbers but he is following a trend of previous presidents with deficit spending. Besides, it is the last 10 years that are the big problem. Not the previous 230.
  16. A brit needs to look in the mirror before he starts to point fingers at us. Our president nor our governors have any control on what the rest of the world did during Covid. We cannot control China's 0 covid policy the kept them locked on and off for 2 plus years. Same with most of Europe. Even if we kept out economy open, inflation would have still been a killer. Besides, we were only shut down for a few months. Only a handful of states kept lockdowns in place past 2020. Biden took office in January of 2021. The vast majority of the country was open with no restrictions. Do you think his $2 trillion stimulus bill caused inflation but the $22 trillion spent by his predecessors caused inflation?
  17. You will never hear me blame a president (or congress) unless they truly do something awful. The stock market, inflation etc. are way too complicated to lay at the feet of one man (or woman).
  18. I don't think we should use Trump's last day in office and compare it to now. Covid was wild and we were still dealing with the impact. It was way better in January 2021 compared to march 2020 but still.
  19. I think the desegregation order would not allowed Hungerford to stay. Of course it could have been reopened after the order was lifted. If Creative Village was not so close, Valencia would have been a good option. Realistically, residential is the best and only option. The roads are narrow and no easy access to I/4.
  20. Meh, I challenge that notion. America was pretty wild from the beginning between wild animals and wild people. It was lawless. I think the threat of tyranny was real, guns were also necessary to survive. Using the threat of tyranny to advocate for the 2nd amendment will not convert anyone on the fence. But you know what will, show someone the lawlessness of high crime neighborhoods. Most people I know that are gun owners are democrats.
  21. LOL, they are not going to get the commercial development they want. This will sit vacant for another 20 years. At this point, OCPS should just build another school. Magnet or something cool.
  22. The murder rate is higher in Illinois compared to Florida. The gun deaths are higher in Florida but that includes suicides.
  23. I think the exit would have been too close to Maitland Blvd and Lee Rd. FDOT could not have justified it. But on the other hand, that is why commercial development will be a tough sell. Access is not great and I don't know if the road network can handle a lot of retail or office space. Just because they want it does not mean it is realistic. Commercial will be tough here.
  24. They don't want the town to change demographically. So commercial is ideal for them. New tax base with a limited number of new voters. At least according to the news reports from the public testimonies Tuesday night.
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