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  1. They modified their plans before they went vertical. Adding or subtracting floors are not easy when you start work. Subtracting is easier but a waste of money since the foundation is built for a larger tower. On top of that, you have material change that may lead you back to MPB and ARB. Get you stuff right before you break ground. Making changes after the fact is expensive. His son runs the company and he wants to focus on the midwest. They have done some cool stuff in Nashville and other cities in the midwest. But yes, they are mostly in Columbus.
  2. So they are off by a factor of 9. Great journalism.
  3. They would not reduce floors in the middle of construction. It is what it is.
  4. The idea that the national economy and crime is dependent on who is in the White House is laughable.
  5. That building is beautiful.
  6. The lot that backs up to the lake, that is Bainbridge's site.
  7. Very high demand. To have that much acreage coming available in a city that dynamic is AMAZING! The K-Force site is adjacent to a large assemblage by a local investor, Daryl Shaw. He is master planning it with Kettler. In other words, this is a BFD.
  8. If that is true, these centers are probably sitting emptier more so than 20 years ago but the shows they do get are larger. That is intriguing as it means the impact of losing one of these shows are tremendous.
  9. That is correct but it shares a pool of money produced by taxes on hotel rooms. I'm sure it is the same arrangement in Vegas and Chicago. I'm not going as far as Spencer but what is the ROI on this expansion? Will we put more heads in beds? Is there demand for a larger convention center?
  10. Yes for operations, but TDT pays for the debt service. That behemoth could never pay its way completely.
  11. So no discussion of should they do the expansion. Only about revenue collections.
  12. How tall is it? It looks similar to the previous project that was approved.
  13. That s not going to happen. Maxwell may have written a piece about it but the expansions in Central Florida never met projections to issue debt. It had to be subsidized by the existing roads like 408. The tolls on the 408 should have been removed years ago with only a couple of tolls with a nominal fee to pay for maintenance. I hope the older ones get removed but I am not optimistic. Its more than likely that we will go on another road building spree.
  14. Its a marketing bill to show he is on your side. They all know its theater.
  15. Totally agree. Abolish the TDT (mostly) and raise the sales tax. Our commissioners should step up and tell the citizens everyone needs to pay for services. No more free lunches. Keep a small portion of the TDT to pay off the debt service and maintenance. The general fund of the County can pay for marketing tourism if necessary. There are plenty of other industries that have low wages. Food service is example. Should we tax restaurat patrons to offset their low wages?
  16. Eskamani said the current system of funneling tax dollars to tourism interests while local workers struggle “prioritizes tourists over residents.” That is why it is called tourist development tax and not general fund taxes. If you want to do more for residents, raise taxes on actual residents. She, like most people around here want a free lunch and see tourist taxes as a way to get something for nothing. It's gross.
  17. There is basically no use w/o a garage. If this was centrally located near parking, someone could come up with a cool use.
  18. Incumbency is very powerful. Besides, Orlando is a pretty well ran City and most people are happy with it.
  19. I thought you'd appreciate this. Reid and Dyson are clowns but when their ridiculousness moves beyond the realm of normal idiotic behavior, they should be commended. They are truly raising (or lowering) the bar. https://www.yahoo.com/now/dyson-winsome-sears-black-face-151354030.html “To have a Black face speaking in behalf of a White supremacist legacy is nothing new,” Michael Eric Dyson said of Sears’ win. The problem with go big or go home is the voters reject you a few years later and all gets overturned. Then we have this seesaw of extremism.
  20. So I assume they have a deal in the Senate. Or Pelosi is daring moderates in the Senate to vote it down. And it is not only Machnin. He and Sinema are taking all the heat but I bet there are more that were/are opposed to the larger spending package.
  21. I have no problems with him and I am sure most of his constituents do not either. I was referring to his competitors. If you are happy, why change. Stuart on the other hand looks like he has real competition. I don't live in his district and do not follow CP politics so I don't know what their beef is. Besides the Rosemont golf course redevelopment.
  22. It could be a reflection of the candidates. District 3 has quality candidates and a competitive race, District 1 does not.
  23. This is not directed at poorer countries. It's aimed at Ireland.
  24. This is beyond cringey. Europe is a large diverse continent with all of the blemishes you describe above. Anytime I hear someone that is from that continent trans talk us, I remind them of the blood and treasure that was spent in WW2. Especially someone French. And don't get me started on the rank anti semitism in parts of Europe. We have our problems but we deal with it.
  25. Trump never came across a strong leader to me. He always looked weak to my eyes. However, I could see him beating Biden in 2024 for all of the reasons you mention. Kamala Harris added nothing to the ticket or the White House. All she did was make a small group of people happy that would vote for Biden regardless. Best case for the DNC and the USA is Biden is a one termer, Harris decides to save face by not running to replace him. Hopefully Trump will realize that his time has passed and does not get in. Voila, the Republic is Saved!
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