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  1. I took this from inside the tower dome of the Babcock building. It probably goes without saying - that abandoned mental facility is creepy. Also, there were about 93651684 wasps buzzing around me up there as I was snapping the photo, so pardon the lower quality.
  2. i had the chance to drive by the obelisk yesterday. the sidewalk, benches, and tables are a nice addition, but i was noticing that the paiting of Ra was a lot more faded than the last time i saw it. it definitely could use some restoration. this is off the subject, but as i was driving through rosewood headed back home, i saw where there are building a new terminal at the owens field airport. it looks like it'll be looking pretty good when it's finished. (they really should re-pave jim hamilton blvd though.)
  3. emerging.me, Thanks for that! I will definately have to go by there again real soon. Man, I learn something new everyday on here.
  4. I noticed you mentioned and marked on the map the "Ra Obelisk." I used to love driving by that thing every so often just to look, but haven't been down that way in a while. I've always wondered though - does anyone know the story behind its being there?
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