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  1. I can’t imagine the state is building incomplete interchanges anymore. I’m pretty sure what you’re looking at there is just property zones. It’s hard to tell the true scope. Looks to be more than enough space for them to build a ramp over the WB lanes from EB to NB. It wouldn’t make any sense for them not to, since more than half of the traffic they are trying to divert comes from traffic trying to head north.
  2. They definitely purchased enough land along M-231 to build a full limited access freeway. I used to drive that multiple times a week when I worked in Grand Haven. Half of the bridge over the Grand River is used as a bike/walking area, which I just assumed is slated for conversion to traffic if/when future freeway plans were implemented. It is definitely sorely needed. Ottawa County is about to pass Ingham County in population and be the 7th most populous county in Michigan. It has ONE direct north/south thoroughfare, and that’s US-31 on the Western edge of the county. If you want to travel north/south in any of the surging townships in the interior of the county, you have to zig zag through a series of country roads. There isn’t another north/south option until you get to Wilson Ave in Kent County, and even that is grossly under built for current traffic patterns. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d gladly pay the governors proposed gas tax if it brought the roads in the area to standard through much needed expansion. The Grand Rapids metro has one of the most under-developed road networks for its size. It’s not just a nuisance, it can be economically limiting. My assumption has always been that they invested so heavily in the SE Michigan infrastructure 60 years ago, that they have never had the resources to upgrade infrastructure here(I’m sure @Raildude's dad can correct me on that). The population in the Grand Rapids metro has doubled in that time, while SE MI has only grown about 25%. There is still no direct freeway connection from the state border. Though it sounds like they are finally finishing that last segment of US-31 in Berrien County which will complete it.
  3. Well if that wouldn't work there then what would?
  4. It does kind of look like they used one of those 1970's Styrofoam McDonald's sandwich clamshells as inspiration for the design.
  5. That can be said about pretty much EVERYTHING that came out of the 1980s.
  6. MJLO

    RFP - 201 Market

    I think it would be quite a while, maybe decades before redevelopment demand went that far up the river. Even if it does only kick the can down the road I think it's a great strategic move to free up land that is currently much more valuable to the city to redevelop now, The 201 Market properties can bridge a gap between downtown and the all of the cool ass warehouses south of Wealthy. The County property is walled off by the railroad behind it, at the end of a mile long stretch of industrial properties, at the elbow of Richmond and Scribner that leads to miles of working class west side housing stock. It's nowhere near the point of desirability to worry about potential gentrification. Does that take into account that the property already contains the infrastructure they need to move?
  7. When I worked at SH in an open office environment I wanted to put my head in an oven. It was one of the most counter intuitive office environments for my personality. Everyone I worked with were beyond nice and accommodating, but I still felt like the only gay at the church picnic. It was the only work environment in my career I never felt settled in. Fortunately for me it was short lived as SH started cutting people in consulting roles over the summer. I ended up taking a job back in an engineering capacity, and didn't stick around to see if my position was secure. That said I think this facility is key for the city. Those squawking about the price tag are forgetting that SH is a non-profit. A large portion of it's facilities are financed in part by fundraising, donations, and grants. They aren't about to raise the price of catheters so that Tina can have a riverfront view. I give them two thumbs up for considering the cities overall health and profile and opting to take the harder/more expensive road of building the more expensive facility. Don't forget the alternative to this location is for them to yank a couple thousand high paying jobs from downtown, and place them in a suburban office location. That would have meant downtown had lost it's largest corporate headquarters to the suburbs. It would lower the profile of the regions core, and impact overall vibrancy, which is essential for the city in terms of marketing and attracting more businesses, restaurants, retail etc.
  8. Of course they do it on Tuesday, I fly out on Mondays. Damn Them.
  9. The answer to this is always yes lol.
  10. It's being proposed by Wheeler Development Group which is apparently been organized from Orion Real Estate solutions. The Wheelers were the founders of Rockford Construction as well. They definitely have a track record for completing projects downtown, though they are also notorious for proposing buildings with 20+ stories, then delivering 12 stories(though that is more of a city wide curse). It will be interesting to see how far this progresses. They should have the experience to pull it off. Not a fan of the rendering shown but I'll reserve judgement for when more details emerge.
  11. I think Allegiant is testing eventually making GR/MI's West Coast a northern destination focus for warmer cities. Essentially more of a hub than just a focus city. I think this was a big driver behind the decision to more than double the amount of gates on concourse A, since right now Delta hogs the majority of them. With the volume of flights they keep adding here, almost all of the seasonal routes are sticking around longer and adding days. I'm not sure which of the seasonal ones haven't gone year round.
  12. Anybody got any North Monroe projects to talk about here? I keep thinking I'm in the Belknap thread lol.
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