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  1. So I'm not talking about the development that has occurred over the last 35 years where places like Cascade, Ada, and even Alpine township emerged and developed. The road infrastructure for the area which was mostly put in place 40s-60s heavily built for the inner ring for places like Wyoming and Kentwood. There is not nearly that much post war suburban development on the otherside of the river. The distribution is uneven and I don't think explaining the attractiveness of area schools in modern times has anything to do with build environments that were put in place decades prior.
  2. I've wondered why the metro area is so unevenly developed. Areas north and west of downtown turn rural within minutes of downtown. Whereas areas south and east of the river are fairly densely built out for miles. What gives?
  3. Is there anything signaling it would need to? It's not uncommon for hotel brands to have multiple properties in the same market, especially at this size and certainly bigger. Aside from that a hotel downtown doesn't particularly overlap the area the Wyoming location serves, so you're not really at risk for cannibalization. Hyatt Place is more or less a Tier 2 brand that competes with Hilton Garden, Courtyard, ect. It would not be the same as if a Hyatt flagship was going into that location, and the other hotel had the flagship, that might garner a rebranding.
  4. At what point does the hotel market also get saturated?
  5. I don't think that concept would come with a drive through.
  6. There are quite a few examples of Drive-Thru-less Chick Fil A's.
  7. I'm not surprised Bagger Dave's closed, but that's because of the position as a brand in the overall market. I have no insight on other restaurants, as far as I can tell most other joints aren't really in as weak of a position as they were. My guess would be that if other restaurants around downtown were to close, it would be because of the local restaurateurs doing their typical rebranding for tired spots that they do. But I don't have any reason to think empty store fronts are about to pop up at all.
  8. Suburban complexes offer incentives all of the time, it's really not a harbinger of doom. It's a sign of competition. I know that you have this genetic predisposition to default right to the book of revelation, but couldn't this also be somewhat expected? The market is being flooded with new units, there's no way they anticipated 100% occupancies and waitlists to continue during this time. If they truly aren't anticipating absorption to slow while thousands of units are introduced there are much bigger issues at work. I just cant imagine the property management companies and developers being surprised by this. Technically I shouldn't even suggest that absorption is slowing, there's just a crap ton more units to absorb. There's nothing to indicate that less units are being rented, or that the market for them has slowed. Saturation is a different animal.
  9. Honestly i'm not surprised. I also don't think it signals anything about chains being viable downtown. Bagger Dave's as a brand was somewhat vague and didn't really stand out as exceptional the few times I went there. They expanded too quick and without a solid niche. The one in Holland on US 31was open for all of about 6 months. Fridays was there for 20 years, i'm not sure they would have necessarily left that location if CWD wasn't planning on emptying out 50 Monroe already.
  10. You gotta start somewhere I kid Dave I kid.
  11. But boy do they miss Fables!
  12. They were definitely purposed for their most impactful economic use at the time. It is now time to repurpose them to their current most impactful economic use.
  13. I've always found it ironic that Holland as a "tourist" town has it's greatest asset (it's waterfront) flanked by a padnos scrap yard, an ugly power plant, and other unsightly industrial crap. Padnos is annoyingly located in a bunch of spots that would be prime for ANYTHING other than metal recycling.
  14. Someone needs to propose an apartment community that is replica'd after the Taj Majal at 10 mile and 131
  15. They rapidly started to lose relevancy sometime in the 90's, along with their sister brand. Peoples shopping habits changed, they no longer think to go to one of them when they need to grab something like they used to. Even if they are uncool the big boxes are still the most mainstream and convenient form the public uses to stay supplied. I don't think I've ever seen a brand be able to regain a part of the publics routine once they have faded.