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  1. RFP - 201 Market

    I'm assuming these are just concept renderings of what "could be"?
  2. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Yeah I don't think it should be surprising that the rental market might hit a lull for a bit as all these units need to get absorbed. I did a sweep of all the major market rate developers they haven't dropped their advertised prices yet. So while it sounds like they may be getting ready to, the reality doesn't look like it's materialized yet. They would pull my stubborn butt back out of the suburbs if prices downtown dropped $200/mo. There has to be other single professionals like me who don't want to mess with a mortgage and stay just outside of downtown hoping that 2013 prices come back Can't be all bad.
  3. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I was kind of confused about the logic behind that one myself.
  4. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    It depends on how they define how tall a 22 story crane is. The person who wrote the quote likely had little technical concept of these things. A modern 22 floor building can be anywhere from 250-400ft these days. I heard it mentioned that the crane was barely taller than the courthouse. The courthouse is 206ft tall so if the boom is above the courthouse even a little bit it may be around 220ft which if you devide by 10 would equate to the laymans definition of 22 stories. It very well may be topped out.
  5. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Are the towers not being built simultaneously?
  6. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Bigby on the other side of Michigan and Fuller?
  7. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    I think they will be hindered by the location a bit. It's already a cluster on that strip of Fuller between Michigan St. and the Ford, I think people will have a bitch of a time pulling in and out for their $5 coffee. That said I think it's a much welcome addition to what's there. I was literally thinking that something needed to go there yesterday morning on my way home from yoga......the irony.
  8. I take this means the proposed buildings for this site are a go?
  9. I don't think the example of the NA reply is that bad. I do think the response could have been better thought out, but the jist made sense. I felt the other reply was a bit weak in making the case, came across less rational. The situation more made me think of other NIMBY situations where the individuals are downright absurd in their claims. Honestly the NIMBY's in the city aren't that bad. The further you get out into the suburbs and rural areas, the more egregious the examples become.
  10. I totally understand why the NA's are involved. I think where the criticism starts to come in is that so many of the NIMBY voices are so hyperbole ridden it's hard not to read the cases they make without rolling eyes. If in these situations they would have a voice that was unemotional and presenting a fact based case, the impression would be harder to refute. To be clear I don't think Neighborhood Associations are NIMBY's , but so many NIMBY's are hard to take serious. They tend to come across as if they are fresh off the Mlive comments. It's unfortunate these voices tend to represent the face of the rest of the neighborhood.
  11. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Agreed. I think it's a cool statement, and I kinda like it, and like Beyonce, I ain't sorry!
  12. New projects on the West Side

    Did I hear someone say that building is planned to be 5 stories?
  13. RFP - 201 Market

    I understand what you mean. Although I also wonder if it's not all bad for them to control the process like this. One of the things this area has become notorious for is over eager development enthusiasts and media disclosing details on potential new developments making it more difficult for prospective developers to go through initial stages.
  14. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    I was glad the GR EDC arms didn't put on a circus. I think it speaks to a level of professionalism and experience not seen in some of the gimmicks that were sent out for attention. There are a handful of other cities that also have kept details under wraps.
  15. Based on the demographics of the neighborhood my guess would be recent college grads and empty nesters. This of course if they don't go for LIHTC, which i don't see them doing. According to CensusReporter.org that portion of the East Hills has a lower per capita income, but an unusually high educational attainment with 46.3% of residents having a bachelors degree or higher. Full disclosure I live in this census tract. From what I can tell most of the people moving here are professionals and college students. This and the fact that there are still parts of the neighborhood transitioning would explain the lower income stats. As it continues to gentrify I would expect that number to rise. Developments like this are an indicator of that. Here's the link to censusreporter.org https://censusreporter.org/profiles/14000US26081002500-census-tract-25-kent-mi/