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  1. Yeah I don't disagree with that. That's a problem with these OMB standards for calculating Metro areas. Decentralized population clusters like West Michigan create a problem. Grand Rapids doesn't feel like a 1.5 million metro area, yet it has more people living within a 40 mile radius of it than many 1.5 million metros. Also the inclusion of exurban counties in metro area's is more common than you might think. For instance Omaha's metro is nearly 2,000 sq mi larger than Grand Rapids with 100k less people. It's all relative I suppose.
  2. Ok so I've figured out how to use the census reporter tool that shows commuting patterns between counties and MSA's etc. The most recent data only goes to 2018. I must be reading the data wrong. Not only does it show Barry County with enough commuters to be included in the GR MSA (28.9%) It shows that more people commute to Kent from Barry for work vs. folks who both live and work in Barry County. Additionally the 2018 numbers show the strongest commuting percentage to date between the counties. Similar results when I look at Newaygo County, with 29.5% of their workforce commuting into
  3. I'd say this is very true. That's not even counting the amount of snow birds that migrate north between mid April and Memorial day.
  4. Well remember the NW lower gained over 10k residents for the decade. If you just look at the 2019-20 number it shows a loss but that's almost entirely attributed to Mecosta county so there clearly was an over estimation. My guess is that models weren't set up to anticipate the attrition of student populations. I think that's more of a one time adjustment. Overall the NW Lower is holding its own mostly due to the Traverse City/Petoskey/Charlevoix regions. Ignore the 2011 date over the screen shot the numbers in the 2nd column are for 2019. I didn't check that before I screen
  5. Here's the breakdown for Muskegon. Overall the county grew pretty uniform at about 2%. There were low spots with Muskegon City, Twp, and Heights losing population(the Heights by a noticeable margin). There were also higher growth spots with Egelston TWP leading the county at 12% growth. WARNING FRIVOLOUS RANT COMING: Tiny Roosevelt Park also posted an impressive 8% growth rate, though in raw numbers it's only 341 people. To be fair an inner ring burb that's only one square mile growing at all is good. Roosevelt Park has always been one biggest of the poster children for the r
  6. That comment was not related to redistricting, it was related to metro alignment which happens at the county level. Redistricting happens at a microscopic census tract level. You are correct, the GR MSA is too big for just one congressional seat. I believe the current MSA has parts of 3 different congressional districts. I have no clue what it will look like with this new citizen based redistricting commission. In regards to my comment. The OMB reassesses the alignment of metropolitan areas every 5 years. In 2002 the original GR MSA which included 4 counties was split in to 4 sepa
  7. OK so I've got some numbers compiled let's hope I haven't mistyped anything but here goes. EDIT: sorry everyone it looks like the website shifted away from embedded photos at some point. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/7033/26524381924_c70b07cf36_o.png[/img] As always I start with the inner ring and work my way out. This years census showed that estimates for Michigan were under by about 90k residents. I had speculated that this underestimate came from a political climate that either incentivized immigrant populations to be under the radar, or perhaps discounted those who were
  8. I have a compulsory fascination with population stats and how they compare geographically. I'm not sure I can wait lol, it's worth the effort for me.
  9. Official 2020 census numbers are out. Though I can't find any easy to convert data sets so it's going to take a couple days to build some stuff to report. A few quick notes from what I see. Most of the states underestimates from 2020 happened in SE Michigan/Detroit metro. GR metro was underestimated from the 2020 numbers by about 6,000 so the official total is 1,087,592. Most of those underestimates came in suburban areas, Ottawa, Montcalm, and Ionia counties. Kent County was shorted a little but was largely accurate. Here's the quickfacts data for those counties. Note you have to loo
  10. Yeah that definitely has the feel of "urban renewal" cladding.
  11. Do you think it will age worse than the old facade? I really like the update to the skyline.
  12. Man I'd be nervous to invest capital in new cinema space right now. Though that's why these decisions are made by smarter people than I.
  13. There’s this myth that the addition of weave merge lanes are supposed to reduce rush hour traffic. That’s not what they are for. Congestion is inevitable. They improve overall flow. Anyone that’s driven that stretch of I-96 knows the frustration of being trapped behind someone going under the speed limit, or having to choose to let someone ride their rear end, or speed up to well over the speed limit while passing. They Improve flow and safety, and yes do accommodate additional volume as well. Grand Rapids freeway infrastructure is about 3 decades behind its needs. The small
  14. Ironically both Holland and Holland Twp are less "traditionally" white than Ann Arbor the bastion of diversity. Neither are as "white" as one might expect without looking at their racial breakdowns. No one has ever been able to explain to me what the difference between, "white alone" is vs. "white alone, not hispanic or latino". The only thing I can guess is that those of mixed white/latino background can be categorized as white, or kind of not white? I digress though, when you take out the top line "white alone" portion they are quite a bit more mixed as most cities that have higher la
  15. I agree that downtown Holland is thriving though it always felt boutiquey to me and not really having equivalent offerings that would attract the traditional mall crowd.
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