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  1. OMG Maybe they could get other developers to hide the castle with other buildings!!
  2. Go do house your house yoga and stop raining your logic on my ideas!
  3. Well I say it more tongue in cheek because I'm sure it would never happen. Though I've been to hilly places like West Virginia where they carve out large chunks of hills for streets to make them grade navigable. I think there's enough clearance back to where Fairbanks intersects with Fairview to make it an actually manageable slope. I am not the resident civil engineer so I'm sure I'll be corrected on it lol.
  4. Part of me wishes the city would connect Fairbanks down the hill to Division and complete the connectivity of the neighborhood.
  5. My impression has been that Allegiant was ramping up to make GR a northern summer destination for people looking to escape oppressive heat pre-covid. Grand Rapids had been marketed more and more as the gateway to Michigan's vacation country. It would be awesome to see if that momentum could be recaptured.
  6. MJLO

    RFP - 201 Market

    Boy I sure hope this is a catalyst for futher investment down Godfrey. So may cool old factories and warehouses that could be repurposed.
  7. Agreed. One vehicle waiting to turn at Podunk or Wabasis can cause a pretty long back up. I'm glad to see them adding infrastructure. M-57 has gotten a lot busier. MDOT traffic maps show it averaging over 20k vehicles a day in some segments.
  8. Maybe it's in queue to be put up at the Perrigo site?
  9. In the 30+ years i've been in W. Michigan I've only ever seen that part US-131 between 28th St. and Wealthy get minor repairs and patchwork. I wouldn't be surprised if some of that infrastructure is part of the original design that is 60ish years old at this point. They've redone several of the overpasses, but not Wealthy St. I've got to think that stretch of road is slated for an overhaul soon. Including the worn out and archaic Wealthy St. Interchange.
  10. Most new units that have come on the market in the core over the last 10 years are in the 450-600sf range. 700 units are more than doable at that site as it currently sits without additions. I think you're probably spot on. That would be a game changer for the SW side of downtown on that side of the river.
  11. MJLO

    RFP - 201 Market

    I guess if this is event space that can also be open space for the public it’s better. At least at that point it would be come more of a draw to that boundary of downtown. IMO the city should just abandon the property and relocate those departments on its own. I’m sure at the time those facilities were built that was the best use of the space, but now it’s an obstacle to a prime space in an area that could explode with investment. I think they were being naive, or perhaps even a bit hubris in thinking that the city had reached a point to sustain the type of mass scale development they were looking for. I think the incubation process that’s been used in Grand Rapids over the last few decades is still necessary to continue expanding the boundaries of the core. Move the departments at the cities cost. Open up the parcels and put in the infrastructure to make the river more accessible there. It will be at a cost, but I think it would pay for itself fairly quickly as it would turn property that currently is an expense into a revenue generating area fairly quickly.
  12. MJLO

    RFP - 201 Market

    Am I the only person who doesn't get excited when I hear Amphitheater? I picture a space that can be realistically used for maybe 7.5 months a year, redundant with several other venues downtown, and then otherwise an activity dead zone. I am not trying to be negative, I truly don't know how beneficial it would be. Are they expecting this to be another catalyst for revitalization, or will it just be a marketing asset the city will use once conventions and other events start back up again? Can someone list the positives that should me make more enthused about this land being used for this purpose?
  13. The sad part is based on Jan/Feb and the first part of March, the airport was going to blow its previous records out of the water in 2020. It would have topped 4million passengers.
  14. Lol disappointing yes, but it’s still early. Every Wheeler building starts above 20 and slowly gets whittled down to 12. Just wait for Venue Tower 2.0 to get built there lol.
  15. I have a friend who work manages an operations department for the Airport Authority, which is who told me. It didn't sound as if they were canceling the project, or delaying it indefinitely. I haven't discussed with him since June so I don't know what the current status is. They will still definitely need to customs entry corridors and stuff like that. I haven't flown since March so I don't know what work is currently going on.
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