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  1. Des Moines has an absolute monster economy for it's metro size(GDP ranked 50th, while it's metro is ranked in the 70s). It also has the strongest growth rates in the Midwest. I do think it being the top dog in it's state helps it do things on a bigger scale than what happens here.
  2. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/11/restaurant-retail-space-being-added-along-lyon-street-in-grand-rapids.html Article is just a recap of the conversation regarding the addition of retail to the street level. My question is regarding the overall renovation of the 5/3rd center. Sam Cummings said it’s going to cost almost $140 million to renovate the 5/3rd center. Since they technically sold 200 Ottawa to RDV is the current work being done on that building included in the price? Sounds like they have plans for the bigger building as well. Have they already been announced and I just missed that detail per usual?
  3. They are locating learning space for their residency program in that building. It is not the same as the North Monroe "Center for Innovation" plans.
  4. I am wondering if that letter is up because they needed to test some things prior to installing the facade.
  5. I think the Plymouth bridge portion of the project starts next summer.
  6. I don’t think it will close. From what I read It might be going into recievership. It needs like $15 million in capital upgrades to bring it to Crown Plaza brand requirements. It was sold to a California investor in 2015 who’s been using it as a cash cow, and doesn’t have the means to secure that level of financing. Worst case scenario IHG yanks their affiliation and it turns into the “Cascade Plaza Hotel” or something awful like that. Hopefully a sale will be forced and ownership with means for proper investment steps in. That area is still prime for a hotel that size, and an upscale brand.
  7. It’s been well over a year since that hotel has been mentioned. I was recently wondering if it had gone to the proposal graveyard. IIRC it was proposed as a Springhill Suites, will be interesting to see if that is still the branding they are pursuing. It just seems like such an odd location for a hotel to me. Aside from the LIHTC apartments next door the area is almost exclusively 9-5 industrial type businesses. From a walking stand point it’s a restaurant/amenities dead zone. If someone is staying there to be close to downtown they still pretty much need a car for everything.
  8. My guess is that the TJ's on Alpine was redundant with the Marshall's(same parent company) across the street? This conversation line reminds me that Greenridge Square has been on my mind lately. It's really started to look and feel like a dinosaur over the last decade. A total relic of late 80s/early 90s cookie cutter strips surrounded by seas of parking out front. Back in the 90s I just thought it was normal. Now I think it's hideous lol. It feels so hodge podged together the way they built whole strips hidden behind other strips. It's only saving grace is that there's very little retail alternative on that side of town so it doesn't have any direct competition. Though I wonder they have to be feeling some heat from all the investments happening on 28th St, and Knapps Corner. I know there's not even a snowballs chance in hell, but it would be bad ass if they'd bull doze it and turn it into more of a lifestyle format lining the freeway. That Target has to be one of the last of it's kind since all the other ones have been changed to the current supercenter format. Maybe they could even finish a connection for North Center Dr. to W. River Dr. and create a bit of a reliever! A guy can dream can't he?
  9. I was driving up the Beltline from 28th to Knapp yesterday. Passed Anna's then Morning Belle a bit later. I wished I would have taken pictures, I really was struck by how similar the schemes were.
  10. $100 million dollars is significantly more money than the cost of building 601 bond. I can't find the exact price tag, but initial news stories I can find had it listed for around $40 million. There's not enough information thus far to even speculate on what will come, but research for similar sized facilities could put this building anywhere from 4-8 floors. Medical office buildings typically use quite a bit more space per floor so this building/s will still probably add pretty good density to the neighborhood. My hope is that this facility will spur more apartments and other commercial activity in NoMo. Hopefully we will see more underutilized, or empty industrial spaces turn into mid rises
  11. My impression has been that CWD has their hands full with their current portfolio. Doesn't appear as if they are in growth mode at the moment, mostly focusing on bringing the buildings they own to current standards and filling them up?
  12. The hyperbolic, chicken little nature in which you express yourself. People have all kinds of points of view on here and rarely agree, but coming off the way you are, you're better left sticking to Mlive.
  13. I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed.... but i'm starting to see a theme here.
  14. That's not how this works....that's not how any of this works... Per the bolded: Not if they were doing so as part of a prospective business deal. If they were courting purchasing Anna's or rights to build Anna's then the early steps would be to go in and evaluate the business model ect. This type of lawsuit isn't uncommon for these types of things. I promise this isn't some kind of "bad cash flow " or way to try and raise some quick funds thing. There's all kinds of secrecy clauses and NDA's that go into those agreements before negotiations start. Whether Meritage actually pirated proprietary brand information from Anna's or not will be hashed out in court. It could be that they decided they had the resources to build a brunch concept without paying royalties to Anna's, and there is sour grapes from the lack of deal. Foodie brunch concepts like that aren't all that different you can find similarities pretty easy. Though it wouldn't surprise me at all if Meritage more or less copy and pasted what they saw from Anna's house. They've had ambitions to have their own proprietary chain going back a few years prior to Twisted Rooster, everything they do has ended up being some what forgettable thus far, why not plagiarize ?
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