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  1. The trash can in the foreground of the last picture is an especially nice touch
  2. From what I remember it made trashy look nice, or possibly tacky. The two are sometimes interchangeable.
  3. That was "Pour Aurthors" It was a wild west theme
  4. I don't think there would be a problem with bridge clearance until you get to Wealthy, possibly as early as Wilson. There is more than enough clearance on all of the bridges through Ottawa county. Although peak boating season doesnt start for a good month after the typical flooding periods are passed.
  5. Based on what you're saying I wonder did they include a hydrogen power plant for any of their projects? I feel like they should include a hydrogen power plant.
  6. Honestly that 2.1 million dollar price tag is not that much at all when considering such things. I almost think the DDA should dip into it's piggy bank and contribute. The implications on the downtown vibe, and increase for tourism i would think could be pretty significant.
  7. I don't know that I agree, I think that could be more great infill in that area depending on what it is. It may look pretty decent standing across the street from all of the Brookstone Apartments there. GRBJ talks about it going before the HPC soon, but again there is no indication as to what the intended use is.
  8. I bet they give it to one of the local firms and we get an 8 story siding box!!
  9. Should I be ashamed that I think that building in that location would be awesome?
  10. I'd say i'd be terrified of the x99 comentary if god forbid something brutalist went up.... But he'd probably like it.
  11. I think Jays fortune was divided up amongst the clan. It wasn't kept in trust the way Fred Meijers fortune is. This means there are no more Van Andel billionares at the moment. If they are still giving it's not the very public way it used to be .
  12. The point of Historic preservation is to "preserve" the past, not lock us in it. I have been beating this drum for the 12 years I have been on this website. There needs to be a modification to the HPC's charter that gives more leeway for discretion and common sense. The example of keeping a windowless building windowless for the sake of historic preservation hurts the city and it's neighborhoods more than it helps to preserve anything.
  13. School enrollment as a whole is up though from what I understand. It would be interesting to understand the bulk of the demographic coming into the area. I would think it's largely families without high school age children, and younger post collegiate millennials with no children. I can see where that wouldn't translate to a surge in high school enrollment. If the numbers for k-6 is down I think that would be more unusual. Emerging adults are having less children in general I wonder if that makes a difference, or if this is something seen across other regions.
  14. That cabal of European style socialists is making me nervous. That would be a great spot for a large corporate headquarters to be lured to. The city needs to incentivize the crap out of getting a multi billion dollar company there. The type of traffic that would generate would benefit all sectors they are working to invigorate. I know it's wishful thinking. I still don't see how the core advances past where it is until another major jobs source is anchored there.
  15. I agree that it's cheesy if not almost gimicky. To the point of x99, I think he's just happy to see a developer actually put some thought into design regardless of schtick. The end product may not be as tacky as some of us are assuming. It'll be memorable in any case. Way more aesthetic than the NW Indiana gateway into Chicago land IMHO