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  1. As was this one.......when it was built in the 1860s.
  2. In your short time here you have exhibited a tendency toward hyperbole. Although given your outspoken personal feelings on it, i'm sure there are people who might be afraid to comment positively about it when speaking with you for fear of being judged
  3. Most of the people I talk to think it's cool and would want to live there. I think the bulk of the population is not opinionated enough (or in Mlive's case insane enough) to get on an internet discussion forum and espouse their views on it.
  4. The added weave/merge lane on I-96 east of the city really should begin at least M-6. An argument could be made that it should start at Lowell. It should continue through the 96/Ford Split to Fruitridge or the 8th Ave/Wilson interchange. Conversely the Ford Freeway should have an additional lane to at least M-6 in the west. Although I could see an argument being made to add one all the way to the Byron Rd/Chicago dr. Interchange in Zeeland based on the traffic patterns. This would give the area a network more representative of it's size, but still somewhat behind peer cities.
  5. After the 601 Bond project went silent for a year, I thought it was dead. It turns out sometimes it takes time to pull stuff together After that I have had more faith that things of this magnitude take time, and that it was probably still moving forward.
  6. That argument is great when you're getting into 4/5/6 lane each way territory. It's meaningless when you're looking at 2 directional lanes. Adding an extra weave merge lane to 3 is proven to increase flow/efficiency. More lanes = ability to accomodate more volume. The freeway network in Grand Rapids was built in the late 50's/early 60's when Kent County had literally HALF the amount of residents it does now. It was not meant to carry the amount of traffic it does, it needs to be modernized.
  7. It's hard to measure progress at this stage. Lots going on inside makes it hard to determine if the progress has slowed or not.
  8. I feel like you're hating on hot yoga. Nothing is safe!
  9. It's hard for me to believe that it's going to be 18 years old in November. It seems like Woodland has been renovated 3 times in that span, and it's going through another one. I wonder if General Growth doesn't have the financial position to invest in it, or if they are just using it as a cash cow and letting it decline. Either way that mall needs to be better managed or PREIT is going to completely take back the high end mall segment in town.
  10. Is there any good reason that can't be turned into a well lit pedestrian through way? It seems an awful waste to not provide another link N. Monroe to downtown. Especially since the GR Press is gone.
  11. The EBL does certainly feel busier. Especially when that shit show backs up between 4 and 7pm everyday. As someone who drives LMD daily I do think it has better traffic flow though. I think the city of Walker got their act together and actually adjusted the timing of their lights with Grand Rapids. Even as recent as six months ago it used to take 10-15 minutes extra to get through the cluster of lights leading up to the intersection at Wilson. Recently it's been moving much faster.
  12. http://mdot.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Viewer/index.html?appid=18a4b2f2ba3b4e079e935f8835862c73 Traffic definitely busier on area roads. 131 now carries over 100,000 cars daily between 44th st and the I-96 split. US-31 in Grand Haven is still the busiest stretch of Rd in 280k person Ottawa County. I find that a shame since it's not at all designed to handle that volume compared to roads that are less traveled.
  13. I dunno Joe. I think it'd make a fantastic NPR story about Gentrification being so bad in Ada Michigan McDonalds was forced to move.
  14. I was doing a development walkabout last night and realized that the Embassy Suites is going right to the sidewalk. I didn't assume it wasn't, I suppose I didn't think about it at all, but as they are starting to put steel up it struck me how imposing this will be at street level. I'm pretty excited to see it once the exterior is nearing completion.
  15. The current McDonalds structure there was built in 1997. The location itself was dates back to 1973. The guy in charge of the W. Michigan McOpCo from 2007-2015 was a facilities guru and remodeled w/additions every few years. That location has been one of the busiest in the region since at least the early 00's. It'd take more than $5 Million to get McDonalds out of there, the location does almost $4million in revenue annually. There's no way they'd give up that revenue stream without a sweet deal, or some kind of incorporation (with drive-thru) into a new development. A slight struggle they have is that lot is a bit small for the volume they do which can cause more cramped parking lot conditions compared to a normal Mickey D's.