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  1. MJLO

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    http://www.grr.org/PDFs/NRs/nrStats0718.pdf Airport on track to be 2nd fastest growing airport in the nation. See July numbers. July 2017: 249,268 passengers July 2018: 291,304 passengers That's a 21% surge in passengers. It appears the airport is gaining momentum as the year goes on. Something to consider for those who think the airport is over priced, and overlooked.
  2. MJLO

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Yes they've been doing some kind of work on that sight between Mcdonald's and the old Jade Pig garage. That 200 ft section of road (Sinclair St?) looks torn up as well. I don't know if they are turning what was the street into develop-able land or just redoing it. Last I looked at it I couldn't tell if they were working to put a structure there or just moving earth around.
  3. MJLO

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Are you saying you've never experienced the game of East Beltline Frogger when having to intersect the 2 lanes of incoming traffic from the Ford Freeway to exit the EBL from EB 96? Tis down right dangerous. MDOT built dozens of enter left/exit right interchanges into metro GR's freeway network. It creates a situation where you have 1/4-1/2 mile to cross 3-4 lanes of traffic to exit. Tis where the term "Grand Rapids lane change" comes from. It turns timid drivers into dangerous obstacles
  4. MJLO

    New projects on the West Side

    I thought I saw those on FB, and then read the caption lol. If only Brady posted on here.
  5. MJLO

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Of all the emerging corridors in the city, I find Michigan St. from College to Fuller to be my least favorite and the most awkward. You have these new monstrosities speckled next to mostly rundown SFH, with several neglected or abandoned commercial buildings. It looks poorly planned in the least. I am hoping market conditions dictate that the rest of the street is filled in with matching structures and increased density.
  6. MJLO

    Population Growth

    I disagree. Where you say I'm biased, I think it's an intellectually dishonest representation. When you look at how rapidly the state started losing people, and then how quickly that trend was reversed, you're not dealing with normal economic conditions, or population trends. In a three year period(2007-2009) 135,000 residents fled the state. That's 80% of the statistic that's driving your narrative, but only 30% of the time frame. By 2020 those years will have been erased, the state will jump 23 spots or more in that same ranking. No other state can claim that. The economic period from 2007-2009 was not representative of normal economic patterns prior, nor does it account for the economic patterns since. It is HIGHLY unlikely such dramatic conditions will be present in the next economic slowdown. Do you honestly think economic conditions that extreme will present themselves to put the state in the same position? Not to mention the Automakers were forced to reorganize away from the toxic conditions that put Michigan in there in the first place. They are not the same companies. If such a case does happen, I promise you Michigan wouldn't be alone in misery like it was in the events leading to 2007-2009. It would not rank 50 out of 51 in that stat.
  7. MJLO

    Population Growth

    Absolutely meaningless statistic. What was happening in 2007 is completely different than circumstances in 2017. Michigan lost people from 2007-2011 so of course it's going to perform badly when factoring in the great recession. Michigan is currently running in the middle of the pack in terms of population growth since 2012, and it's gains have been increasing every year. Michigan started climbing in those rankings seven years ago. If you've been paying attention to statistics you'd see that Lansing has performed above average in MSA growth since 2012. The Detroit area has also been gaining people by increasing numbers since 2011. The state as a whole has been better performing since the auto bailout. Articles like this are misleading and do not portray accurately current conditions. In the case of Michigan you're looking at diametrically opposite economic conditions on either end. In 2009 Michigan was in full economic collapse(SE Michigan in particular). In 2018 Michigan is in the top 3rd for economic growth. Growth stats for the 11 largest MSA in Michigan since 2010
  8. MJLO

    Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    IMO We have not arrived as a metro until a Cheesecake Factory emerges.
  9. MJLO

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I find it best just to note these things in silence. Someone somewhere at Land and Co is currently saying "hold my beer" as you posted this. If there's an Mlive story about rent a cop security guards having to wear "shining armor" as their required uniforms you might get blamed .
  10. MJLO

    Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Seems a block or two away from where the momentum is. Bazzani must be banking on the neighborhood gentrifying that far north? Presumably they know more than we do I would imagine.
  11. Could be. That would have been right around the same time they would have started talks to partner with Rockford on the Morton as well.
  12. MJLO

    Van Andel Arena Expansion?

    Grand Rapids still anchors the number 44 media market which is larger than all of these cities it's being compared to. Radially within 80 miles there are close to 2.3 million people to pull from. I agree that major league sports franchise wouldn't happen. The area punches above it's weight in terms of market size. I do think a major league sports team would get more interest and support from the urban clusters around us, in comparison to the minor league teams we currently have. I think a triple A team would do just fine here.
  13. MJLO

    Downtown Muskegon Development

    https://www.grbj.com/articles/91159-firm-building-apartment-complex-at-lakeshore More downtown Muskegon development. Seems like all of the announcements right now are coming out of MKG.
  14. ^ Correct. This is the lot and proposed building they are speaking of
  15. MJLO

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I think any plans of actually expanding the arena or completing the bowl were scrapped a while ago. The arena is now 23 years old. The city should do what other cities with 23 year old arena's do, tear it down and build a bigger one.