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  1. My guess would be a smidge over 500sf. Pretty much all of the units hitting the market over the last few years are tight. I think they are going for more of a "Euro-chic" living style(not to mention you can squeeze more dollars out of more square feet with tiny ass apartments). You can basically fit an IKEA love seat and chair in these living rooms, no matter how many bedrooms the common area's are too small. That is if you like big squishy couches like myself.
  2. OMG you have no idea. Going from automotive to health care has been more challenging than I thought in terms of mindset. I'm used to engineers and execs that swear in meetings and have no time for BS. Everything that is put out in healthcare is one buzz phrase connected to another. I feel like i'm constantly trying to solve riddles, or understand how to apply whatever fluffy phrase to whatever it is I'm trying to do.
  3. I agree the Detroiter's have been much more organized/ aggressive in their recruitment of companies downtown. I think the difference is that they are recruiting big public/private for profit companies to fill all that space. Another component to that is there is/was a HUGE glut of space to fill down there. Downtown Detroit is built to handle the daytime population of a major city. I think the built environment downtown GR may be more growth prohibitive that we realize. The streets are narrower than in most cities, cramming a couple thousand more people into some new corporate building would make already crowded streets even worse during rush times. There would be more folks that would be drawn to living in the core i'm sure, but i think it would still be a recruiting hindrance for people who don't want to deal with the hassle of parking and traffic. There aren't that many spaces for a big corporate campus to go anyway. The old GRATA lot is a good location, the open parking area between the 5/3rd building and the Calder. Our big corporate players couldn't give two craps about being downtown. I'm not sure how anyone can change that culture. Spectrum's a different bird given the optics surrounding health care. Some of this moving will free up space for further growth on the hill. They will still have the most dominating presence downtown, and will continue to add to the vibrancy and health of the core.
  4. Almost all of the administrative staff I know commute from the suburbs or in an adjacent CSA county. They are also the people who complain the most about the parking and shuttle situations. I can think of only one who lives in a proximity neighborhood. I would think this would be a reprieve for the vast majority of them.
  5. OMG it took me about 3 minutes to realize that was a sunset lol.
  6. They are flying to Tampa, Orlando, and Ft. Myers. That's the I-4 corridor, and Ft. Myers. If someone from TVC is flying to just about any other Allegiant destination their next best option is still GRR.
  7. You don’t think they will paint or anything?
  8. From what I can tell all Allegiant routes start as seasonal and are upgraded as demand is realized. For the life of me I can’t tell what their methodology is for creating new routes. Remember when Allegiant started in this market they only offered 2 flights a week to Orlando. They now offer daily flights to both Orlando and Tampa(PIE). I’m not sure if the Mesa route is also daily now. Sarasota doesn’t make sense to me because it’s so close to St. Pete. It also seemed odd that they would launch a Savannah route before both JAX and NOLA. I would think both of these routes will have more demand than Savannah(which is less than two hours from JAX and it’s cruise port.) There are 2.3 million people within a 60 mile radius of GRR. If I had to guess I’d say Allegiants focus on GR is starting to pull in travelers from as far away as South Bend and Traverse as well. There are heavy midwestern connections to the gulf shore of Florida so those routes make sense to me. I know Savannah is a decent sized tourist destination but I know very few people in this area who frequent it. I’m hoping the larger markets in JAX and NOLA make it past the seasonal phase. I already booked my first two trips on these routes lol.
  9. Is this a prediction or did they announce it? EDIT: It's the announcement. https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/allegiant-air-adds-2-nonstop-flights-from-ford-airport/ Honestly I'm pretty pleased with these two cities even if they are seasonal. I travel to both multiple times a year. I pretty much knew it was going to be Allegiant since they are constantly trying different routes. These are the best destinations they've added in a while. I was worried it was going to a couple more 2nd tier beach destinations. I'll take New Orleans and it's authenticity over Las Fake-as any day. I think we are still one or two mid sized corporate headquarters away from being considered for daily direct west coast service.
  10. That sounds vacationy like more allegiant destinations. My instincts tells me west coast is a long shot.
  11. If it's Allegiant I selfishly hope one of the routes is to Jacksonville and not some place I'll ever go like Branson MO. or something.
  12. Even then the problem remains parking, and then getting to work spaces. Building along Michigan wont help that.
  13. I bought my wave card at central station and created an online account it automatically reloads at $10. It tracks my usage and also shows when/how long until I reach weekly and monthly unlimited usage. I don't really use it though since my Spectrum badge gets me on any bus. I guess I didn't realize the wave app was 3rd party. I have a metro card for New York, and one for the CTA but I've never tried using the app for either. I've never thought about it I've always just loaded my cards when ever I am visiting and need to. Some good info below on how to use it. I thought it was pretty convenient. There is a chance I am not millennial or urban enough to realize it's behind the times lol. Also the app I was referring to is the bus tracker which definitely helps me plan on when to leave to get to whatever stop and all that. https://www.ridetherapid.org/the-wave
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