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  1. I'm curious to know if the turret towers on top are going to be part of specific units. I've always wanted a Rapunzel tower in my apt!!
  2. Allendale is a charter twp. Which means it functions as a city but without the city expenses. One of the laws enacted in Michigan back in the 40's to counter the power the city of Detroit had been gaining. Also part of the noose around the neck of Michigan's cities during the white flight of the 60's-90's that prevented them from annexing the areas their tax bases were fleeing to.
  3. HAH! This happened to me there Saturday like 3 times. It also happened to me two nights ago near the labor fountain by the Ford Museum. Why are the birds in that area so aggressive right now??
  4. I've always wondered if they ever had discussions to rename Spectrum Health into the "Michigan State University Health System". That type of rebranding would raise the profile of both organizations, and give MSU's program a tool to rival U of M's system.
  5. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/06/kent_county_moves_forward_with.html This makes me nervous. Perhaps I could use a perspective adjustment but my fear is that they will sell this to the Faust-esque W. Michigan housing alliance for $10million dollars. I don't feel this and the Keeler going LIHTC would be the best uses for the area.
  6. Even before BU opened they never were busy when i'd walk by. I hadn't heard anyone say anything glowing about the restaurant. My guess is that it wasn't run to the standard of the echelon they were trying to be, combined with having a menu that didn't catch on. They didn't find their niche. BU opening was probably the nail in the coffin for them.
  7. Their stuff in downtown Holland is probably a better representation.
  8. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/06/new_paved_lot_near_grand_rapid.html#incart_2box_news_grand-rapids 300 new spaces by September. It's not the 30,000 new spaces everyone wants but it's a start
  9. I haven't seen it anywhere. Just doing math. Every major improvement they've done on that strip has been done with the ability to add another lane. Every bridge had to be upgraded. The ones over the grand were the last.
  10. I think they are getting close to finally adding that extra weave/merge lane all the way to Chicago Dr/Jenison. Halleler!
  11. Just try to imagine the visionary monument Orion would build if they somehow got their hands on the 201 Market property!
  12. From what I understand "Downtown Market" was already taken. I'm a little disappointed personally. I was hoping it would be named "Bridge St. Market live" or something more clever.
  13. To me the true horror are the screens that thinly veil the HVAC units in each apartment.
  14. I can only offer conjecture at best. I imagine it's a neighborhood to neighborhood situation. My impression is that family flight from GR is stabalizing. But this is based on the enrollment at the City Public Schools stabalizing or showing tepid gains after decades of declines. I'd be curious to know the enrollment at the private and charter schools. If the city is still experiencing thinning household numbers it's at it's lowest decline since the 70s.
  15. Most people know i'm a pretty big pop stats nerd, I'm confident this is an under estimate. The last 2 official census counts show the CB to be off by 6-10k people. I've been waiting for these numbers to be released for a couple months. Yesterday I did a quick study I took the estimate growth from 2010-2015 (7057) and divided by 5 (1,411) I added this number to the 2015 estimate and guessed the CB would estimate the 2016 pop to be 196,506. I was 51 people to high. If you look at their year over year estimates for GR they have basically been adding 1500 people per year since 2010. A good indicator they are not looking real deep at municipalities and following a formula. They especially struggle when it comes to estimating Michigan population stats because they always weight the previous decades economic cycle into the count and not the current cycle. For instance in 2000 they under estimated Grand Rapids by over 10,000 (the economy in the 1990s was red hot). While in 2010 they OVER estimated the city by 7,000 (Michigan's decade recession). Unless there is a major economic slow down I wouldn't be surprised to see the city of Grand Rapids official 2020 count to show 10% or more growth. 2017 numbers should show a larger increase since over 1000 housing units went online in the city AFTER this estimate period concluded. Does anyone have access to how many housing units have been introduced to the city since 2010? A couple things going on in EGR. Even with the city being built out, there is still a surprising amount of infill taking place. Also I see a lot of existing homes being torn down with new ones being built on top of them. East Grand Rapids is one of the highest rated cities in the state for families. I suspect a lot of the old blood in the city is retiring/down sizing/passing away. This is opening up housing stock for younger upper middle class families and a chunk of that population increase is a growing average house size.