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  1. MJLO

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I have absolutely no problem with them developing it, i'm all about things getting better. You'll have to forgive me, in a past life I managed chain restaurants so some of that mentality is coming out in my thought process. My comment was me wearing my business hat. It think it's great that they are redeveloping an eyesore. I just find it odd that a brand like Starbucks would want to anchor it. There's a reason that Burger King closed 20 years ago and the property sat under utilized ever since. I have to think Starbucks is getting a hell of a deal in rent for the location.
  2. MJLO

    New projects on the West Side

    Ahh ok, so they are basically utilizing the existing structure. I imagine there won't be a lot of modifications to the property based on what I see.
  3. MJLO

    New projects on the West Side

    Were there any redenderings for this? I remember vaguely hearing but I don't remember what they were going to do.
  4. MJLO

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It's a diamond lane with limited restrictions. Basically it's busses only M-F during rush times if you read the signs. If you see someone driving in that lane Tuesday 2:30 in the afternoon, they are doing so legally.
  5. MJLO

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I think that holds true when you start talking 4,5,6 lanes ect. At this point adding a weave/merge would ease flow during non rush times, and increase safety for those entering the freeway. Bringing all GR freeways to 3 lanes in the metro area would bring the area to a minimum of adequate infrastructure. I don't think it would ease congestion at rush periods though it might to a small point. On GR Freeways not named US-131 you have two options for speed. Option A: 82 mph in the left lane, or have someone so close behind you, you're almost to 3rd base. Option B: 66 MPH in the right lane. IMO Option B is more dangerous because you often have to slam on your brakes to let even slower merging traffic enter. Getting into the left lane usually isn't an option with cars passing too quickly. Anyone who's been stuck behind a dangerously cautious senior citizen(among others) knows this game.
  6. MJLO

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

  7. MJLO

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I think you'll find this Starbucks will not be up to it's potential for it's prospective customer base. It will not be convenient for customers traveling North on Fuller, and it sits on the wrong side of the intersection to be accessible to commuters East of Fuller and South of Michigan, on their way to jobs on the hill. I can see commuters taking a back way down Race St for convenience. However the railroad tracks make it very unlikely they could create a connection to the Walgreens parking lot to give people more options to get in and out.
  8. MJLO

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    OMG! Would you please get drone footage from the center of the I-196/US-131 interchange at 5PM showing all 4 directions at a crawl but with downtown in the background. This would be badass Also I know what you're talking about when it comes to LMD. It backs up at Wilson for 2 or 3 miles some nights heading WB, and about a mile heading east. (Don't get me started on Wilson itself. ) I take that way home from Grand Haven a few days a week. The Western suburbs are grossly under built with infrastructure. I don't think there's a better example of the inadequate road network handling 3-4x's the volume it was intended to. Though I think I-96 from 28th St to the I-196 split is close.
  9. The longer you wait, the better they get as they grow into themselves
  10. MJLO

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    I've had this back of my head theory that one day Spectrum could re-brand itself as the Michigan State University Health System. It would be pretty big for both entities. It would be big for Grand Rapids as well. I think the biomed cluster here would be far more nationally recognized under a name like that.
  11. MJLO

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Just the stats for African Americans. Using the census bureau fact finder website, and only using the line item listed as "black alone ", It does not account for those who are multi-racial either. I redid the numbers for the inner ring and metro area to include Latino's, Asians, and White people. The OMB recently realigned the GR metro, removed Barry County, and added Ionia County back in. You will note that Latino's constitute the largest minority group in the Grand Rapids metro area, as they have for more than a decade. Asians represent the largest exponentially increasing demographic, but the smallest number. Notice that each minority group is increasing in number, in both the inner ring, and the metro at large. Also note that the numbers for the metro at large are increasing at a greater rate than the inner ring. This means that the largely whiter outer ring areas of the metro are becoming more diverse. I imagine that if I opened this study up to more municipalities we'd see it in certain communities and not others. Blacks represent the smallest percentage increase, but are still increasing. Also note that whites represent the largest numerical increase in the metro area, but the smallest percentage increase.
  12. MJLO

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Same things I'd like to see in my neighborhood. In addition to the decent grocery store/market - a pharmacy, small gym(not like the Y with the Y stigma's), and cheap practical place to get a haircut. I know that chains are largely considered evil, I still think their presence is a bellwether for neighborhood health. A couple of them sprinkled in with the quaint boutiques would add an echelon of convenience that would cement resident demand in the neighborhood.
  13. MJLO

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    The poster SSP17, and the account immediately created after my first post AKIP are the same guy. I've made an enemy out of him when I've had to stand up to some of his toxic behaviors in the past. He has good days and bad, and honestly can be one of the most well thought out individuals when he wants to be. I believe he also has an account on here based on what he's said on the other website. Though if he does his style here is very different. I'm sad you closed the thread, it didn't seem that it was going that bad even with people calling out some of the trolling. I was going to post more numbers. I think you should consider reopening it and giving it another few posts to see where it goes. It may just fizzle on it's own. Don't be afraid to let people talk trash about GR Whether they do it on that discussion forum, or another, or in person it won't affect the momentum in the city. I also think as mods if we aren't afraid to let the trolls trash talk other places, say for instance Sunbelt cities, then in fairness we have to be prepared when they do it to a city we like It creates an opportunity to show what the actual numbers say compared to assumptions, and my nerd ass will always have numbers for them. The below screenshot shows the growth for the African American demographic in the city and inner ring suburbs, as well as the metro area at large. The city of Grand Rapids IS seeing a decline in it's African American population, but mostly they are simply moving over the border to Kentwood, and Wyoming. I also think it's pretty clear that a lot of this attrition is due to gentrification in city neighborhoods. I'm a white guy, I can't speak to the social or economic conditions for the community, I can't tell you if they are improving, and I would be a moron to even attempt to. I can tell you that the AA community at large is still gaining population in W. Michigan. Feel free to copy and use this chart where you see fit. The numbers are taken directly from the census' fact finder website.
  14. MJLO

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    My concern with the Wealthy St. corridor is that it's very "boutiquey" in its retail offerings, which while quaint, doesn't seem to be very practical, or sustainable. As I walked through the area tonight from Eastern down to the Wealthy St. Bakery, I counted at least a half dozen salons, only 1 yoga studio , a few apparel shops, what appears to be a specialty florist, maybe some cool knick-knack shops, among others. There doesn't really seem to be anything practical from a neighborhood standpoint. If I still lived there I feel like I'd have to still trudge out to Knapp's Corner, maybe Michigan or Bridge, to do my everyday errands. I suppose I could get my hair cut at one of the Salons, but I've always been intimidated by the posh type places that charge $40 for a basic haircut. I still feel like it's largely missing that practical component that would keep people on the strip to do their daily chores, vs having to get in the car.
  15. MJLO

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Yeah I'll say I definitely appreciate the community on here. Not really any hair on fire trolls that are pissed off or resentful of their past. While we have our disagreements it tends to be pretty straight forward discussion. Quite possibly the best place on the internet to understand what's happening in GR