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  1. Went to the final football (soccer, futbol) match last night vs Columbus. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than a typical Panthers game from beginning to end. It's a completely different atmosphere with an international flavor with lots of singing, and chanting for the entire match. It's pretty cool that we already had a built-in soccer crowd. The shot was taken pre-match obviously from the Supporters Section.
  2. While I was in the Duke Energy Plaza 12th floor yesterday, took a quick photo of this project's progress. Moving along I guess.
  3. To answer a few things and my thoughts, it was late last night when I posted the original two images. I was mainly in the parking level for a good bit and it was somewhat hot and sweltering. @AltNative yes, there are round HVAC ducts I saw (see image), just in the hallways that I saw. As to how expensive they are, that's out of my expertise. @Madison ParkitectThere may be from what I'm told, but I'll believe it when I see it @CLT2014 As a Duke employee, that observation was pretty funny . Once I start going on a more regular basis, I'll be mindful to take better images. The first usable floor won't be ready for employee occupancy until early next year.
  4. Hey gang. I had to do some prelim work inside the Duke Energy Plaza today. There's still so much work to be done so I didn't bother posting construction pics. Anyway, looks like the typical floor will have the open ceiling. Also, here's a shot obviously looking towards South End from the 12th floor.
  5. Visiting family in the Midwest. Currently in Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals-Reds game in this 100° Saturday afternoon heat. That said, as much as I love the view of the Charlotte skyline from Truist Field, the upper deck view from Busch Stadium is simply a stunning site in person. Obviously, this isn't a "Charlotte Photo of the Day", but it's an absolute iconic view of downtown and the Arch.
  6. While walking along East Blvd heading to South Blvd earlier today, I just happen to notice what appears to be a gazebo on top of this building. This building sits near the corner right next to the Shell gas station. Admittedly, I've passed this building on the way home 100s of time and don't even bother to notice. So I decide to use my less-than-amateur photography skills try to and take an "artistic" shot.
  7. According to the FAQ PDF I got in my Duke e-mail inbox, it's the same group based in Berlin. The FAQ also stated the company negotiated roughly the same monthly rate for Duke Employees for at least the next 5 years. The only thing that will change is the daily parking rate will go up for Duke employees who park at Mint Street on occasions. This doesn't affect me since I don't exactly work Uptown anymore. If I need to go, I simply bike or walk that half mile. Hope this clears it up.
  8. Well, just got this in my inbox. Mint Street Parking Deck is under contract to be sold to Millenium Venture Capital (MVC). Expected close on sale to be end od 2022 or early 2023.
  9. It's good to have the HeroesCon back after a 2 year hiatus. I've attended this event for the first time in 1998 and only missed a few since. I suspect some of you have attended this convention at one time or another. Unfortunately, there was no angle where I could get a shot of the entire thing. The only angle I had was this one from one of the elevators. Trust me, this was definitely larger than in years past in terms of amount of vendors and floor space leased. Shelton and staff did a great job once again.
  10. Sometimes it's good to show the not-so-glamorous shot. The shot of the DEP and downtown is from West Summit Ave not far from the train tracks. Lots were happening today from the soccer match to usual fare of bars restaurants as I rode around on my bike.
  11. I remember this model in 400 South Tryon when I used to work in the building. No doubt some of you will remember this as well. It's actually locked up in a conference room so I took a picture of it from the outside glass door for the benefit of those who don't happen to go in there as much.
  12. I forgot this balcony even existed. Nevertheless, it would be kinda cool to hang out on a lunch break.
  13. Had to work Uptown yesterday. So I went up to the 31st floor of 400 South Tryon and got a few pictures from a window during a break. Eh, not a bad pic with some glare. It's really stunning to see this building up close higher up. I really love the color of the glass when it's cloudy.
  14. I'm in Chicago today for business (actually Schaumburg but close enough). Anyway, it would be kinda cool for the farthest south part of South End to have something like this (maybe not quite as big and would have a look that would fit the area).
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