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  1. I can confirm there is no 13th floor labeled since I have a PDF drawing related to the work I'll be doing. It skips from 12 to 14 and 41 is the last floor.
  2. Thanks man! I'll be here long enough to see the Charlotte Metro Tower (to be renamed Duke Energy Plaza) top out.
  3. Kind of a hazy morning from my 5th floor, so this ain't perfect today. Only a few windows left to install at Lowe's. Portman still rising. Charlotte Metro Tower is starting to get higher and it looks like will surpass Ally soon. Speaking of said tower, once it gets completed, it will be re-named. Good. I never liked the "Charlotte Metro Tower" name anyway.
  4. Bought this Nikon DSLR 5600 just so I can take this photo for you guys. Sure beats using Galaxy S10. Gone other than that little tip is my view of the BOAT. Lowe's topped out. Portman rising. Charlotte Metro Tower is rising as well.
  5. I can see Portman sneaking up past those apartment buildings from my 5th floor "penthouse"
  6. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. You can a smattering of hikers and trail runners. Not only that, during the winter months, it's pretty dead if it's cold, save for the hardcore bikers and trail runners. And I don't have to worry too much about others when I train all day during those cold months.
  7. You're right, I barely see the tip since they added another level.
  8. The Truist name in lights at night is really tacky from 77 and 277. I don't offend easily, but I was taken aback on how the lights screamed at you while barrelling down 77. Somehow, this Art Deco building went from elegant to a "hot mess" by adding something that really didn't need to be added.
  9. This thing is blocking my view of the BOA tower. Looks like I will not be seeing the pyramid crown at all in several weeks.
  10. I was here like many of you when it was built from the ground up. This will always be Hearst Tower to me. It screams way more Art Deco and classic sounding to me than Truist Center. Truist Center sounds just kinda "blah." I take that, it's just "blah."
  11. Here's the backside to this project. This building is more massive than I thought.
  12. So awesome this building will be 43 stories (41 occupied space, no 13th floor), 1,498,000 square feet to be occupied sometime in 2023.
  13. Was so nice to be able to walk from New Bern to Tremont after a 2nd Achilles surgery. Good to see this project moving along.
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