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  1. I was here like many of you when it was built from the ground up. This will always be Hearst Tower to me. It screams way more Art Deco and classic sounding to me than Truist Center. Truist Center sounds just kinda "blah." I take that, it's just "blah."
  2. Here's the backside to this project. This building is more massive than I thought.
  3. So awesome this building will be 43 stories (41 occupied space, no 13th floor), 1,498,000 square feet to be occupied sometime in 2023.
  4. Was so nice to be able to walk from New Bern to Tremont after a 2nd Achilles surgery. Good to see this project moving along.
  5. Action from the Mint Museum eating spot
  6. dxartist


    Having lived in South End for a few years now, this does not surprise me after seeing what's now being built on the opposite side of Tryon Street.
  7. Had to work uptown today. I noticed this angle as I was on the 2nd floor of the old Energy Center building. Kinda neat to see it peaking over the Mint Street Parking Deck.
  8. Lobby looks huge on the inside (from a few years back) in old archives.
  9. Actually, NationsBank bought BankAmerica Corp. I don't recall why the "of" was inserted to become Bank of America. Can anyone shed some light?
  10. Working Uptown today. Pic from 400 South Tryon building
  11. From this angle, this kinda reminds me of Jabba the Hut's sail barge from Return of the Jedi with the canopy set like that.
  12. Ha! Thanks for the kind words, but I didn't do anything special. Since I work the company, I logged on my laptop like any other work morning and literally stumbled on the image on intranet. I had a smile on my face and thought, "Well, the guys at UP would love this."
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