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  1. Would not surprise me one bit. We are seeing outlandish price increases. One project was delayed by our customer from Jan to June. Big mistake, cost for their duplex went up $26K! Lumber and steel prices are in the stratosphere.
  2. That caught my eye as well. Seemed like they were open to the idea of reopening. Hmmm
  3. There is a US company called Boaxabl that does the same thing. I saw one of these, two story, at the IBS show in Vegas pre-covid. They are pretty cool and pretty expensive. https://www.boxabl.com/
  4. I bank at Old National. Tried to call the branch today with a question and could not get through. I emailed the branch manager and he called me back shortly. He said with all the construction going on at the building their phones have been going in and out all day. That would suck to attempt to run a business in that building while construction happens.
  5. To me Texas wins running away. Since you brought up this thread, it leads me to wonder...anyone know how occupancy is doing at the Castle? Last I heard (pre-covid) they were struggling to lease up, especially the larger units.
  6. The City of Oakland California gets it! This announcement is a game changer in the Affordable Housing Arena.
  7. This line reminds me of a line from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. Our family is constantly quoting lines from this classic. Cousin Eddie introduces Clark to his Rottweiler Snots. Then Eddie leans over to Clark and says, "A word of warning though. He has a little bit of Mississippi Leg Hound in him. Once he starts in on your leg, its best to just let him go."
  8. The investment company that purchased the old ICCF head quarters on Madison just south of this development purchased 920 Cherry and also sold ICCF back their old offices. I believe they are running their main operations out of the new offices in these photos and their construction and maintenance is being run out of the old Firehouse on Madison south of Hall
  9. I am VERY familiar with this project and echo your comment that it would be incredible to do a development like this in GR. Again, I assert that some of the dead or dying retail along 28th would be a perfect spot for something like this.
  10. When I was on City Commission in GR, Commissioner O Connor and I joked (in all honesty we were pretty serious) that the City should buy up underutilized or vacant retail lots along 28th street. We were talking BIG lots of land. And then declaring them Zoning Free Zones! Meaning a developer could come along and try something different and unique on the lot. As long as they could make it pencil out in their proforma...have at it. We envisioned maybe a whole neighborhood being built with smaller homes, kind of like a cottage court, or some other creative buildings not currently in the market. Of course that went over like a lead balloon.
  11. Seriously? We are looking to put a 1,400 sf home in that neighborhood and are wondering what the market is bringing for new construction. Granted our home will be further in the neighborhood but holy crap!
  12. Does anyone know if the single family homes being built on Fairview are going to be for sale or for lease? If for sale, any idea of the price point?
  13. What about the corner of Wealthy and Division on all the land owned by ICCF?
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