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  1. Thanks, fortunately my flight has not gotten canceled yet
  2. I have a Delta Flight in early June to Tampa. So far I have not been canceled, here's to hoping... Just curious, what was the destination of your canceled flight?
  3. Jeff, my son is a GR Police Officer. I just checked with him and he tells me that every police department and sheriff's department in West Michigan is currently operating under the same order, which is to take no police action whatsoever other then emergency calls, or for crimes being committed. He told me that there are a lot of calls coming in that non-essential business are remaining open, but those calls are all being routed to 311 and then sent over to code enforcement.
  4. Several of our modular home construction plants had to close down last week because they could not get their materials from several key suppliers. About 50% of the lumber they use comes from Canada and they say getting the lumber they need is a problem as well.
  5. @joeDowntown @GRDadof3 @tSlater @jthrasher @organsnyder @uncus @elcelc @Raildude's dad Hey everyone, I am planning on all of you tomorrow for the lunch and learn at 733 Bates. I am looking forward to it. I am just doing pizza and drinks, nothing too fancy. I do have a short PPT that I am going to present that will help the discussion. If anyone else checking into this thread want to join us, let me know today so I know how to plan. If any of you want to invite a couple guests, we are open to that as well. Dave
  6. If moving it to the week of March 9 will mean more people can come, I have no problem with that. We can do March 12, the following Thursday...
  7. Jeff, you have organized these in the past, what is the best way to go about this? How about Thursday March 5? InnovaLab can serve pizza at a lunch and learn at the townhouses on Bates.
  8. InnovaLab would be willing to host a lunch and learn at our modular townhouse project on the 700 Block of Bates if UP folks wanted to learn about modular construction. Just say the word.
  9. In case anyone is interested this link will take you on a virtual 3D walk through of the Genesis/Urbaneer ADU. Genesis/Urbaneer ADU 3D Walkthrough
  10. Strange Coincidence. Genesis was an older line of homes made by Champion. When they decided to launch an ADU line they resurrected the name,
  11. At this year's International Building and Supply Show in Vegas, Champion Homes (our modular manufacturer) made this major ADU announcement. Its a pretty cool partnership between Skyline Champion and Grand Rapids own Urbaneer. We had an actual model on site for folks to tour. The response was overwhelming, albeit mostly from markets on the coast. Primarily Virginia, Bay Area, and Seattle. We are able to bring these in at a price point that is WAY under $200K. The problem is, zoning regulations, and the fact that you have to run separate water and sewer lines to the unit, you cant tie into the water and sewer lines from the house. That is a huge expense. What I would like to see is something very creative like several acres of smaller homes built with this method, kind of like a cottage court. How cool would it be for the City to purchase some of the woefully underutilized dead commercial space along 28th street, clear the site completely and then use it as an area to experiment with creative housing types. It would be a "Zoning Free Zone." I don't know we have to think outside the box.
  12. My Dad always said you can tell a person or organization’s priorities by looking at their check book. In other words you pay for the things that are important to you. In my opinion, aside from the all of the institutional barriers in place to get affordable housing built in GR (a point on which I am in 100% agreement) the City also fails to use their financial ability to support affordable housing.
  13. I started my work in Community Development in this neighborhood in 1995 when we founded Oakdale Neighbors. There is probably not a neighborhood in Grand Rapids I know better than this one. I have to comment on the concerns of gentrification and rising rents because of the Amplify efforts. Amplify has gone to enormous efforts to preserve affordability in this neighborhood. They have purchased existing rentals to guarantee affordable rents once the major development phase comes. Additionally, they have included a certain percentage of their new units will be attainable rent. To top this off they have contributed over $300,000 to help existing home owners do critical repairs and upgrades to their homes. No one is recognizing how this contributes to affordability. Almost all of the development they are planing for is on land that does not include existing homes, so there is no displacement. This then leaves the question of the rise of property values. The Oakdale Park Neighborhood, the last time I looked had about a 55% home ownership rate. Remember, there are a lot of multifamily homes in this neighborhood that were built in the 1920's and 1930's and built as multi family homes. This was very common with dutch immigrants as they would build a duplex. Live in one side and rent the other side to a new family coming over. Additionally, having Adams Park Apts really skews the home ownership rates in the neighborhood. The demographics of their target are is 55% Black, 25% Hispanic, and 20% White. If 80% of the households are Black and Hispanic, and 55% are homeowners then a rise of property values in this neighborhood has the possibility of raising the generational wealth of a LOT of Black and Hispanic families. Due to the Headlee Amendment in Michigan totally minimizes the property tax burden of these homeowner households that will see a sudden rise in property values. I do not hear any complaints about this project from the folks that live there. I do hear complaints from a bunch of "woke" folks that have no stake in the community or its improvement. Their argument does not hold water by any metric
  14. Sorry, I could not resist. Someone sent this to me. Sorry about the NSFW Language. If that breaks some forum rules, please feel free to delete, but this cracked me up.
  15. Yikes! They are asking $825,000 for this building.
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