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  1. That picture is haunting...great shot!
  2. Thanks Allan for that info...sadly the study is exactly what I am looking for....I have tried contacting the city for info, but that was a no go, I have also tried to search out some info on the guy who owns it...all the articles I can find quote a price between $130 and $300 to renovate...WHERE IS EVERYONE GETTING THESE PRICES WHEN I CANT FIND A STUDY DONE????? HRUMPF. Any one with info on a feasibility study...I would really appreciate it. Side note: Great Job on the Atlanta site.
  3. Hey all, I am working on a project for one of my classes and am wondering if anyone has access to a feasiblity study done on the train station? I would love to get some hard stats and facts on it...links...charts? Any help would be great. THanks
  4. So out of the 4800 some of them are the dispatchers? The office staff? Or are all of them Police but some just not uniformed. Also how big is the actual area that these police have to cover, and does anyone know the comparison for a similar sized city?
  5. I have an off topic question....How many police does the city (proper) of Detroit Employ...600 sounds like a massive cut, will that leave all of three police for the entire city?
  6. Just an FYI guys...these things are happening all over the place, and personally I think the cars are very Detroit, it is the "motor city". They may be a bit over the top and funky, but that is the great part about them...I'm here in the good ole MN, and we have had Snoopy and Linus, I cant say they are super MN, but they are fun to see all over the place and kids really get a kick out of them, not to mention they raise tons of money at the end when they go up for auction. I want to think Chicago did cows????
  7. Ok, here is my two cents: I have been looking into coming to Detroit for the fall, with all the available real estate I thought it would be a breeze to find a decent loft downtown for a reasonable price (hey, I'm a student) I really wanted to be right in the core of things and I am coming from a outside market (aka, someone from another state wanting to move to Detroit). Downtown rental prices are comparable to downtown Minneapolis prices, and MN is in a housing boom, our real estate and rental prices are off the charts here. If the city is really trying to get people to move down there, and why build all the lofts if they're not, I personally think that maybe a rental special or two would be in order.
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