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  1. Yep, I did. But they had locked it eventually when the homeless took over the building at night. I was there 2006-2008. Great old photo of Jacobsons btw. It seems like it has been closed forever when you look at the building when it's really only been 6 years.
  2. Oh, its club $mooth. Haven't seen that place in awhile.
  3. I know, I almost kind of want to run around with a hammer and break the windows for them. I'm sure it looked much better when it opened during that time of architecture, but it sure didn't age all that well.
  4. Yeah definitely, the West tower is huge up close to the street.
  5. Again I'll echo my posts and a few others. Zingerman's is a "good sandwich shop." But I always cut the hype because I didn't believe it would blow people away. Although the experience there is probably better than any sandwich shop I've been to. It's in a cool neighborhood, and it's got a great vibe to the place. No other deli can beat that, but it reminds me of this exact place in Glencoe, IL where as good as the sandwiches were, it doesn't justify a high price. I try to avoid eating out a lot to save some money, but I do enjoy No Thai, Blue Nile, Amer's, Madras Masala, Grizzly Peak
  6. Yeah the DTE building is quite prominent in that view.
  7. I think it screws up when there are certain symbols in the image url. Like $ or !.
  8. Go ahead and post them anywhere! We really don't have an official thread, rather a new thread every time someone gets a bunch of photos together lol. The cranes you saw down the street were for North Quad: The original version of the design was a generic modern pile of crap. They hired RAM Sterm to do it right More on that building here: http://www.plantext.bf.umich.edu/projects/...uad/design.html A construction photo: http://www.umich.edu/~ifmuth/$/aacon10.jpg Next time you visit, walk to the State and South U business districts near the University. They are just (if not more
  9. The top one is nice. I think it's the first one anyone has taken showing an idea of how 4Eleven lofts will look massing-wise among its neighbors, although it appears theres a few more floors to go. It actually looks kind of dead around town. I guess because I'm always there, August-April and never during the summer when thirty something thousand less people are around.
  10. Our graduate program in urban planning is full of people who took the program undergrad at MSU. I've gotten completely used to it already lol. Glad you enjoyed your visit! You captured the recently constructed cornice nicely in the last photograph. It's hard to believe there used to be nothing there but a blank wall.
  11. It doesn't matter how chaotic the downtown street grid appears or how messed up freeway junctions are. Ever notice how traffic just seems to "work" in Detroit? A driver may depart from their lane, but all of traffic shifts accordingly. No one honks the horn, people just do their thing and keep driving. Alot of the safe cities on that list have predictable traffic control and circulation, four way stops, and speed limits citywide below 30 mph (like Manhattan, except for freeways)
  12. Sheesh, look at the edge of the parapet of MCS. 3 years ago it was in excellent condition. Now it's destroyed. Here comes more water infiltration. The north walls are in terrible shape due to receiving no sunshine to evaporate water quickly, whereas the South side of the building's facade remains in decent condition.
  13. ^ The construction site was taken down for Kingsley and restored to a grass lot unfortunately. It looks like they are beginning to pour foundation for the SW building on North Quad. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together.
  14. North Quad as of today: Looking NW
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