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    Greenville Photo of the Day

    I saw this Corvair parked on Rowley St. at lunchtime today! Maybe a visitor to the Senior Center on E. Park Ave? When you took this pic, did you specifically notice the license plate? NDR4PRZ ("Nader for Prez!")
  2. silverseale

    The Food Thread

    I had an AMAZING chicken burrito at Chipotle on Friday. (Skipped the chips, though.) MUCH better than Moe's, IMO. (Haven't eaten at Salsaritas recently enough to compare those two.) And how nice that you can eat in and have it with a beer if you like.
  3. silverseale

    The Food Thread

    Chin Chin is AWESOME!!! They also make their own kim chee! I think they will give you a sample if you ask politely. (Have you ever priced that stuff at the health food store? $15 for a little 10-oz jar!). Added: although, we did get a quite a chuckle out of the painting over the kitchen. It looks like an A-bomb going off.
  4. silverseale

    Greenville Off-Topic

    Just as FYI, it appears that this is a "2.0" version of The Greenville News' "Upstate Link" product. Out of curiosity, I googled "Upstate Link," and Metromix Greenville is the first site to come up on the results list. The Greenville News is listed at the bottom of the site as a "partner," but I believe Gannett Newspapers owns Metromix as sort of a "franchise."
  5. silverseale

    Greenville Transit

    With a better transit system, we could have Zipcars ( parked at places like Millennium Campus, Jacobs, Fluor, and other convenient locations for those who don't want to drive (added: "to work"), but may need a car in a pinch during the day. It's a business opportunity for someone, I'm sure.
  6. silverseale

    Greenville Journal contents

    Like its identity? Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling rancorous re. the subject... I am perplexed. I don't comprehend the "need" to merge Spartanburg into "greater Greenville." When you homogenize things, the character of the discrete parts no longer exists. People would laugh at me if I offered them a strawberry-banana smoothie while insisting that the banana has no effect on how the strawberries taste.
  7. silverseale

    Greenville Off-Topic

    Yep, and I was actually *startled* the first time I saw them. Great idea, though, IMO. A bit of an "early warning system" there at Malfunction Junction is not a bad thing.
  8. silverseale

    Greenville Journal contents

    Now, that is truly a new one on me. I've lived in Greenville for 26 years and never has it occurred to me (or would it) that Spartanburg is "a part of Greater Greenville." Spartanburg has its own particular character.
  9. silverseale


    I rode by there yesterday... there's a sign up that indicates Urban Nirvana will open a spa here.
  10. silverseale

    Interested in Moving to Greenville?

    Shock Pancake, did you find a place yet? I've got a couple of hot tips for you, but was unable to private message you on the UP system. Let me know how to contact you and I'll share the info. if you still need it. Silver
  11. silverseale

    The Food Thread

    Wasn't there a Breugger's behind Haywood mall back in the mid-90's? In that little strip area that used to house a Drug Emporium?
  12. silverseale

    The Rumor Mill

    Can you say "Piggly Wiggly"??
  13. silverseale

    Greenville Transit

    An article of interest from USA Today: "Riders Crowd Public Transit Systems"
  14. silverseale

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    Finally had an opportunity to eat at PF Chang's last week. The decor was nice, but the food was only average. After hearing the buzz about Aladdin's, they're probably next on our list. Hubby will like those belly dancers.
  15. silverseale

    Greenville Transit

    Spartan, here's the blog post. The link to GTA is at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph.