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  1. Oh, sorry, I thought it was something that personally annoyed him. "shouting" is my signature, trademark, style. but whatever. I have some questions, What does Warn 10% mean? What does unincorporated area mean? And How do you become an administrator or global moderator?
  2. HERE it IS Atlanta's best landmark Atlanta Should have all the other criss-cross highway intersections named Theres one: Where I-20, I-75, and I-85 intersect downtown Where I-75 and I-285 intersect Where I - 285 ang GA 154 intersect I saw some others, but I'm not sure of them SPAGHETTI JunCTION - I-85 + I-285
  3. I like this one FROM http://www.georgia.org/film/ga_locations/i...a_downtown2.jpg
  4. This seems great, I cant wait for it to be done
  5. Atlanta Is developing a whole lot of things like The SymphonyCenter : The Symphony Tower The Symphony Hall Terminus Peachtree Portal Towers Allen Plaza - The big bright building and the small ones around it Block 3
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