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  1. Permits have been issued for the completion of the Main Street Lofts. The contractor says that work should be completed within a few months for the 34 units. This will bring the total of 110+ apartments on the 300/600 blocks of Main. If the planned Donaghey Building redevelopment is completed then another 150+ units will occupy the 700 block of Main. Main Street Lofts building from a few years ago before the ground floor was occupied.
  2. Link to: Poke Hula. Left off the Boyle Building because it is like a film loop. Over and over and over and nothing happens.
  3. 2017 has ended and construction in the downtown did not include any major projects except for the opening of the Hilton Garden Inn. Main Street saw the opening of Mulberry Flats and the Arkansas Democrat Loft apartments as well as Three Fold Noodles. Under construction is the rehab of the Rose Building which will contain apartments as well as A.W. Lin's and Ira's restaurants. The on again off again Donaghey Building redevelopment into 152 apartments is scheduled to start in the 2 quarter. It looks like it might happen this time because I don't think a post on Cromwell Architects' Facebook about the project would have appeared yesterday unless they think it will happen. On Capitol Avenue Dust Bowl Lanes opened this week and next door Fassler Hall should be open by the end of January. New to downtown will be two Poke restaurants opening soon. One in the River Market and the other on Center Street. The East Village will see the opening of the Paint Factory which will include the offices for Cromwell Architects as well as 12 Star Flats and Cathead's Diner. This summer should see the opening of the new eStem campus just down the street. Also, Rock Town Distillery will be leaving East Village for South Main. SOMA will see the addition of Rock Town Distillery and a tasting room for Core Brewing along with the 35 unit Villa View apartments. Looks like a busy 2018 for Argenta. THRIVE Argenta, with 164 living units, should open at the end of the year and starting soon should be the construction on Argenta Plaza as well as two office buildings around the Plaza. What will 2018 bring about for the growth of the downtown LR/NLR area? Will this year bring about a major development from MT? They are listing only 5 condo units remaining in their River Market Tower project. Will a new hotel project be announced for the area? Pinnacle Hotel Group is still showing a project on their website but they are getting ready to replace their Hampton Inn in Conway with a new hotel and nothing has been said about the LR project lately. Will developing Argenta see a hotel project announced this year? Will Yellow Rocket Concepts finally announce a restaurant for downtown? Will another rooftop bar open?
  4. The River Market

    The question I have is where would it be located? There is no vacant land in the River Market unless you include the property at River Market Avenue/3rd just west of the Simmons/Acxiom building or just west down 3rd at Cumberland where the Holiday Inn Express was to be located.
  5. The River Market

    According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette the Dust Bowl is now open and Fassler Hall will open at the end of the month.
  6. Little Rock Projects List

    Something to look forward to is a study being done for Rock Region Metro concerning the River Cities Travel Center. This block is being looked at for a transit-oriented development.
  7. End of year update: Hilton Garden Inn is now open. Boyle Building's status remains unknown. The Donaghey Building's status remains unknown. Holiday Inn Express is still listed on developers website. K-Lofts, now known as Mulberry Flats, is now open. The Clayton on Scott is now open. 12 Star Flats(12 units) at the Paint Factory should open next month. The 11 units in the Rose Building, now under redevelopment, should open after the first of the year. As you can see there is very little under development at this time.
  8. The Promenade At Chenal

    I was directing my comment as a form of disappointment. All these years of LR waiting on an Aloft and four floors is all it gets.
  9. The Promenade At Chenal

    The developer wanted a height increase so a four-story building could be constructed. Don't know what to say.
  10. River Market Tower/Place

    The River Market Tower's website is now posting there are only 5 units left.
  11. Mulberry Flats. aka K-Lofts, has opened after years of delay by former owners. Also the Marriott is for sale.
  12. River Market Tower/Place

    Sunday's paper described the remaining 7 units as all 2 bedroom/2 bath.
  13. Argenta

    NLR will be rebuilding the street grid but I think the address will be Main Street. The plaza will be between the building and Main Street and the building will face the plaza and Main Street. Look for construction to start soon on the plaza and the building is scheduled to open in January 2019.
  14. Argenta

    I wonder how long before we hear the outcry that the building is too tall for the historic district. Before Argenta Place was built it was to be five floors but ended up being three. There was also talk about the design not fitting in and that was changed also. Lets hope times have changed.
  15. Argenta

    First Orion announced they will be locating to a new HQ building on the 500 block of Main. The planned 6 story building will hold a workforce of 200 plus some retail space on the ground flood.