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  1. skirby

    The District at Midtown

    KTHV was showing a video yesterday of the old Sears being demolished. It also reported that the four story medical building next to Sears would be demolished starting today.
  2. " That's complete BS. I took it the way everybody else who reads that took it. " Don't speak for me. The main BS I see on this post is from you and you telling theman to shut up. It is his opinion and as far as property developers go everyone knows that most of them are hype. If it wasn't for tax breaks them most rehab wouldn't get done unless property was valued at the market value of its actually worth. The developer of the Donaghney Building advertised it to be a $30 + million dollar project with $5 million in Chinese green card money. I guess maybe the Chinese didn't like LR or figured out that the price tag for the project was way too much.
  3. skirby

    The River Market

    After living in Chicago I really like Gusanos at one time but tastes change and now I go for the thin crust at Iriana's.
  4. skirby


    It is included.
  5. We all know Chi puts some money into the Boyle Building but I never saw any work done on the Donaghey Building. When it was purchased the last time it was done with the purpose of using the EB-5 program. This program allows foreign investors to obtain a green card after putting up at least $500,000. Anyway, most of these historic rehab projects involve some sort of tax breaks otherwise nothing would ever get done with them. I don't see anything happening with these two buildings in the near future. Downtown LR is dead right now as far as development goes. The only two projects I know of are the AC Hotel and 11 units of apartment being developed in the Rose Building. Unless the AC is an overwhelming success and Phase II of the Tech Park gets funding I really don't see a lot happening.
  6. skirby


    NLR is working on a proposal to have Newmark Moses Tucker look for a developer for city owned property between Main and soon to be Simmons Bank Arena. The property will include 5 acres and two buildings containing city offices. The property is expected to bring in around $3.5 million for the city. Jimmy Moses thinks the property would be a good fit for a hotel which would draw 300 to 400 people a night to downtown. At this time NMT has a 1.28 acre piece of vacant property adjacent to the northeast of the city property listed for sale.
  7. skirby

    The River Market

    I agree and something needs to be done. I don't think getting a Top Golf will solve any of the problems the new mayor will face but he was acting like it was the best thing since sliced bread.
  8. skirby

    The River Market

    Andina Cafe and Coffee Roastery at 3rd and River Market Avenue has announced it will be closing. A long time fixture of the River Market the owners says the closing has to do with an increase in rent and the increase of panhandlers in the area driving away foot traffic. Instead of the newly elected mayor of LR begging Top Golf to open up he should figure out what to do with the ever increasing problem with panhandlers.
  9. Chi has finally listed the Boyle Building for sale. It would have been nice if he would have finished his plans for the Aloft because it would have been a good fit with the AC Hotel going in down the street.
  10. skirby

    Everything Conway

    As mentioned above the apartment project is one of eight projects planned for the development. The other seven projects ranging in area from three acres to thirty will be announced sometime during the first quarter of next year. These projects will include retail, office and entertainment with construction to start just before or just after the announcement. The owner of the property is in talks to expand the development with adjacent property.
  11. skirby

    River Rail

    Bummer, I'll still have to shell out the big bucks to ride it to the Razorback basketball game tonight. The powers in charge no longer refer to the streetcar system as the River Rail but it is now known as the METRO Streetcar, which is about appealing as a piece of gum on a sidewalk.
  12. Rendering of Phase II of the Tech Park's development. The KATV building looks a lot better with the windows uncovered.
  13. skirby

    Everything Conway

    Update of projects under construction or planned. Under construction: Burkhalter's apartment project at Central Landing. Panda Express located at I-40 and 64. Steak and Shake set to open this week on Dave Ward. Dave Ward Pedestrian Overpass. Hampton Inn to be located at the old Ruby Tuesday's site. Planned: Springdale-based Foghorn's has purchased the old Outback building and plans to open in 2019. Office building for women's clinics at Conway Regional Hospital. New 80,000 square foot health sciences building at UCA. Study for a connector linking up 65 and 64.
  14. skirby

    East Village

    The Rail Yard opened yesterday. It is calling itself an urban beer garden with a space for rotating food trucks along with the permanent location of Count Porkula BBQ. Also of importance for East Village the Residences at Harbortown, 168 unit apartment development, has applied for its plumbing permit.
  15. skirby

    South Main and the Quapaw Quarter

    Dos Rocas is now open.