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  1. Taggart Architects announced today is move in day. They are moving into their new home in the 600 Main Building. By April the rest of the building should be occupied as well as the Orion Building.
  2. The November passenger count has been released and for the month a decline of 3,000 + is listed. American was the only airline to see an increase(9,000+) while Southwest experienced a monthly decline of almost 8,000. Year to date the total surpassed 2 million in November instead of December 2018.
  3. Is this not the Paramount Life Building and also the building which suffered from part of it's facade falling onto the sidewalk in 2018?
  4. If you are talking about the Pyramid Life Building at 221 W 2nd Street then the apartments have been finished for sometime. They are known as the Residences 221 .
  5. The Orion Building is looking to have occupants in late January with a complete opening in March. Later Tusk and Trotter will open and the owners have also announced they will bring their Trash Creamery to Argenta. When the Orion Building is completed the "backyard" to the Argenta Plaza will open.
  6. Argenta Plaza is now open.
  7. The Library Kitchen and Lounge will be opening at the first of the year.
  8. Last week The Gardens at Rockwater held a groundbreaking for 42 single family homes. Today the Monde Group has announced phase l plans for its Esplanade District to be located on 41 acres west of Rockwater. This phase will consist of 92 apartment homes with groundbreaking after the first of the year(January 8th. 2020). After this phase it will ' expand to include single family residences, high-rise residential offerings, restaurants, bars, and a boutique hotel. "
  9. Conway is on a roll with new job announcements over the past few months. The first to announce was DXC Technology with 1200 new jobs to be added to the 450 now employed. This was followed by Structurlam Mass Timber expanding into the U.S. It will employ 130 workers building lamented beams for the construction industry. Also, SFI will expand by adding 75 to its workforce in steel fabrication. The 1400+ new jobs announced exceeds the 900 people unemployed shown in the October workforce numbers.
  10. I thought I would give an update on any activity in this area. Hotels: The AC is now scheduled to open in March, 2020. The Holiday Inn Express in East Village is a work in progress. Apartments: 1424 Main in SOMA should be open sometime in 2020 (16 units). A new project going through the planning and permit stage is a condo development to be located on a vacant lot at 10th and Rock (18 units). This location is within a block of the on going redevelopment of the Arkansas Arts Center. The outskirts of the East Village will soon see the opening of the apartments being constructed the Rock City Yacht Club (168 units). While not in downtown Little Rock the Vue on Riverfront is under construction across the river west of Dickey -Stephens Park (244 units).
  11. The Arkansas Arts Center building is almost completely demolished. This is a major project for Little Rock following a campaign of $128 million raised to fund the project and Arts Center. The new design will feature the old 1937 facade which will not be demolished.
  12. Argenta Plaza will open on Saturday with the Northern Lights Festival. The main area not to open will be the "backyard" due to construction on the Orion Building.
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