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  1. I saw the sign last night while driving over the Broadway Bridge. Something different but nothing downtown compares to the Simmons/Acxiom building at night.
  2. As of now this project is dead at the Heifer location.
  3. The sigh is up at Aldi. Over at Central Landing road construction is in progress to connect E 6th Street to the new Community Center under construction. Also, construction fencing is going up on the northwest section of the development.
  4. Maly's Entertainment opened this week. Also, construction containers have been moved adjacent(south) of the Courtyard by Marriott. The plans for the Maly District show this will be the location for the 172,000+ square foot event center. Maly 's Entertainment Center Progress continues on Westrock Coffee's projects in Conway. $70 million, 530,000 square foot distribution center under construction. Westrock has demolished the former Kimberly-Clark plant next to I-40 and construction on a manufacturing facility will take it's place. The sign is up at Aldi.
  5. I wish it would have been Tex-Mex along the lines of Mi Cocina in the Dallas area or Cafe Del Rio in Lufkin, TX.
  6. Ground has been broken for the ASO building. Also, before the Planning Commission today is Lyon College's development plans for the Heifer Complex. The plans include the construction of two parking decks for 900+ cars. a Dental building, a Veterinary building, an Auditorium and retail space. In addition the street network will be expanded to include connections to 2nd and 4th Streets on the east side. The East Village should be construction central for the next few years with the ASO project, Lyon College development, the Artspace development planed to start next year and the addition to the Clinton Library, which is in the planning stages. Artspace rendering by AMR Architects
  7. Little Rock also received funding to plan a road diet for Broadway Street between 17th and Roosevelt Rd.
  8. Markham Street Road Diet "Markham Street is dangerous. In addition to the inherent dangers of a four-lane street in an urban environment ........, Markham between Kavanaugh and Pine stretch is particularly dangerous because it divides two residential neighborhoods (Stifft Station and Hillcrest), it's sidewalks are narrow and have utility poles in the middle of them, and it's topography makes sightlines short... There is a high crash frequency, especially in the Stifft Station Business District .......", from the City Of Little Rock. To correct this problem the City has been awarded funding to reconstruct Markham from Pearl Ave.( on the east, to Cedar St.( on the west). The Street will go from four lanes down to two with a center turn lane.
  9. Why was 2nd Street rebuilt the way it was when all those involved knew the south side would be a park and the block before I-30 would be a park on both sides? Below are pictures of 2nd Street east of Cumberland and west of Cumberland. East is made up of four lanes of traffic plus parking or a left turn lane. West is made up of two lanes of traffic . What blocks would you rather walk down?
  10. I agree but something to consider is the building will no longer be vacant. Also, would the AC Hotel have opened up if there was an operating hotel in this building. I look forward to see what type of restaurant opens in the building. Let's hope it adds to the collection of operating restaurants on the 300 block of Main.
  11. Update on Conway. University Lofts located on College. The Encore at Lewis Ranch. Maly's Entertainment. Plans are to open next month. Two items that are of interest before the planning commission next week. Braum's is seeking some adjustments in order to construct one of their largest units. This is the same location where What-A-Burger wanted to go but was turned down. Also, a change in zoning for Central Landing to remove single family and increase the property available for multi-family (700 to 1440 units). Central Landing fronts on three sides the new $40 million Aquatics Center scheduled to start construction in September.
  12. Tomorrow morning a groundbreaking ceremony will be held for The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Stella Boyle Smith Music Center.
  13. The Arkansas Attorney General has announced that his office will be moving into the Boyle Building at Capitol and Main. Renovations will be directed by Moses Tucker with plans to start later this month and lasting until late next year. Plans also include a restaurant and coffee bar on the first floor.
  14. The construction fence is up for the build out of the new Ald'si store to be located in Lewis Crossing. To the east Maly's Entertainment will be opening soon. Across Dave Ward Drive at Lewis Ranch the following projects are either in the works or have been announced/planed.: The Encore Apartments under construction., a 105 unit development. Five Guys to be located in the same building as Rock-N-Roll Sushi. The Purple Cow is listed as a future tenet. Two other plots are listed as under contract, one nest to Walk-On's and the other next to Texas Roadhouse.
  15. Ground has been broken for this project with opening in 2024.
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