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  1. Due to COVID-19 the Atlas Bar has closed but is has been announced that a second location for RockNRoll Sushi will take over the Atlas space. Also, last year Dos Rocas changed its name to Mockingbird Bar and Tacos.
  2. Little Rock will be building a new police headquarters at 615 W. Markham St. The new building will be a rehab of a 1920's two story brick building and will contain 18,000 sq. ft. Rendering from WDD Architects.
  3. 400 block of Main St. LR Parking deck on 6th St LR
  4. As the restrictions on business continues I thought a list of those shut down and not reopening would be appropriate. Atlas Bar in SOMA. Zeteo Coffee in the River Market. Cathead's Diner in the East Village. Rock City Eats is reporting that space will become a second location for McClard's BBQ out of Hot Springs.
  5. The schedule shows they start service at 8:20 AM everyday except Sunday. But right now, according to Rock Region's website, service is suspended due to covid-19.
  6. Holiday Inn Express Rock City Yacht Club. It will be adding a good amount of people living in East Village. The only problem I have is that RCYC does not have direct access to the west except on East 6th thanks to the Clinton Library turning it's back and fencing off the neighborhood to the east. This building on East 6th is being looked at for redevelopment.
  7. Construction continues on the Esplanade District. A zoning request was approved last month to allow for a mixed -use development for the 41 acre property. The streets are paved for the for the latest phase at Rockwater., "The Gardens at Rockwater."
  8. Maybe it is a paint job but I agree that it looks much better.
  9. SOMA's answer to covid-19 is an Outdoor Dinning Room which is a part of it's Entertainment District. 1424 South Main
  10. Simmons Arena has new cladding around the top to cover up the white part that always appeared to be dirty. Starbucks is being built between the Arena and I-30 at the old gas station location.
  11. Construction update from the Vue on Riverfront's website:
  12. A number of news outlets are reporting that Top Golf might soon be located at the corner of I-630 and University on property that was part of War Memorial Golf Course. Driving on I-630 today I noticed that construction has started on street work for the District at Midtown, which is across University from the Top Golf location.
  13. Video of Arts Center construction dated Jun 26, 2020. AAC
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