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  1. The original plans called for Phase ll to be located on the 300 block of Main adjacent to 4th. The new plans call for it to be located between the KATV building and the Tech Park building on the 400 block of Main. It will contain office and wet lab space of 100,000 sq ft requiring a building of 6 floors.
  2. Brewski's Pub and Grub is now open.
  3. East Village

    A plumbing permit for a restaurant to be located in The Paint Factory has been applied for. The permit is under the name of Moses Tucker Shall Street Restaurant. Does anyone know what the actual name and type of restaurant this will be?
  4. The lack of new construction might be the result of lack of workforce. The 40,000 number has been used for years for downtown but has this number ever been correct? Metroplan's Demographic Review for 2017 says the number of workers has decreased for downtown and environs from 1990 to 2010 by 9000 down to 36,000. The environs include the State Capitol and Children's Hospital areas. The study also says the CBD decreased from 26,650 workers in 1980 to 15,880 in 2010, with almost 4,000 during the 2000-2010 period. I don't know if this number is correct either because the vacancy rate is well under 10% and it looks like the rates would be going up due to a decreasing workforce. Since 2000 very little office space has been removed except for the old Arkla Building and new space has been completed on Main and in the River Market. I don't know if a high-rise office building will be built in the near future but I could see a office/hotel/condo building as a possibility.
  5. River Market Tower/Place

    MT is now reporting that only 11 units remain.
  6. Little Rock missed a chance at a new high-rise when Bank of the Ozarks decided to build a new HQ building in west LR.
  7. Two new signs located on the 500 block of Main. One for Ballet Arkansas and the other for the Rep On the 600 block of Main the photo below shows a construction fence along the sidewalk on the east side. I don't think Three Fold would be happy as well as RAO. It depends on how long street construction last but it might result in the end for RAO.
  8. The River Market

    The Dust Bowl is coming along.
  9. South Main and the Quapaw Quarter

    Land is being cleared for a 35 unit apartment project located on the 1300 block of Scott.
  10. Argenta

    THRIVE Argenta
  11. Argenta

    Taggart has released a video of the plaza. Argenta Plaza Centennial Bank has turned down the option and is looking at the property it has now on the west side of Verizon Arena.
  12. Beer Time

    They are leaving their taproom in the River Market and will expand kitchen operations there. The owners said business is too good because of the local traffic and the area hotels to leave. It looks as if Core Brewing will be opening a public house on south Main in Little Rock.
  13. Is this not the same project announced a year ago for this property?
  14. The Hilton Garden Inn is now open for business.