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  1. Wow. There’s a blast from the past. I thought/was ecstatic that I’d heard the last of that name years ago. Had I known the downvotes were going away just minutes ago, I would’ve loved to have given him the last one.
  2. So I tried out the new Lidl on Monroe Rd yesterday. I liked it. It was like a sleeker, fresher, brighter upgraded Aldi. And they have a little bakery department in the front too, which was a nice touch. I was surprised that about half their stock was national brands and the other half their in-house brands. Aldi is like 98% Aldi stuff. I don’t have any grocery store allegiances (although HT is dead to me), and if they ever build the one on South Blvd, which I think would be the closest one to downtown, I would definitely shop there too.
  3. Catalyst has little architectural lights all around the top that haven’t been lit in years. Sometimes I wonder if a storm or something makes a breaker trip and no one in building management even knows things like that are working or not. It wasn’t a show stopper display, but it was a nice touch. Turn ‘em back on! But... nice shot!
  4. I don’t think I recall Hearst being lit in anything but white. Even for games. I figured it doesn’t have the technology.
  5. That looks a lot like the new Kimpton Arras hotel in Asheville (the reskinned old BB&T building). I like it. Glad we’re getting one.
  6. Ugh. I’ve seen some pics but not all of these angles. Don’t we know someone that can get us all up there? For like 10 minutes even...
  7. Maybe.... or maybe it's "we're on a budget and it's only Charlotte, so who gives a f*ck." [insert red faced expletive-mouthed emoji here]
  8. These are fantastic! Strong work. I want to sit at that little table and chair set in the window.
  9. That column on the left looks terrible, all mismatched segments and various colors. And the two on the right don't even hit at the same spots at the top. The one on the left has probably a 6" gap at the top while the one on the far right looks like it's making contact. Oy vey... I wanted to believe this was gonna turn out relatively nice and from afar maybe it's selling it, but up close... welp the devil is certainly in the details.
  10. Of course. I'm sure lots of folks hit both stores. I just wonder if a Costco having gone there would still be open and thriving, despite the traffic and parking cluster that is Midtown. I'm betting it would, and with zero scientific data to support any of my claims. ;^)
  11. I totally agree. When they announced that BJ's was moving into the old HD Design space, I couldn't help but think that Costco would be a better fit there. They had just entered the market a few years prior to that and were the newer west-coast kid in town. I've had memberships previously to both and I really can't remember any appreciable difference because its been so long, but there was always something kinda "your father's Oldsmobile" about BJ's to me. Costco just seemed.... slightly cooler and less utilitarian I guess. I think a Costco there would have pulled more people from Target. Like combined Target/Costco runs.
  12. I didn’t till now. But I don’t even see the two sideways T’s at first either. In this example, I see the white. Like one capital T with the conjoined reflection of an upside down T. I guess I interpret the negative space instead of the outline. When I first saw the logo before reading the press release, that’s what I thought they were going for. I didn’t even see two sideways T’s. We should take a poll of who sees what.
  13. I literally just drove by there. Excellent work! When I saw that project started I wondered if it was going to be an EIFS annex kinda thing, but wow was I wrong. That turned out gorgeously. Great fenestration.
  14. I can say that first part is an outright lie, but I appreciate the compliment.
  15. You feeling like all of those components are going to be built?
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