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  1. From the CBJ: FC is now valued at $570MM, nearly double the $300MM expansion fee Tepper paid: “According to Sportico’s data, Charlotte FC is on pace to generate $71 million in revenue this season, fifth highest in the 28-team MLS. At a valuation of $570 million, Charlotte FC is the 12th most valuable team in the league.” https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/09/28/charlotte-fc-mls-tepper-sports.html
  2. That’s beautiful. Funny they smudged out the BofA logo on Legacy. And that translucent top on Duke looks incredible. I love how that looks, especially in real life.
  3. Low Bois is a Ford Focus sedan, circa 2010. And the Corvette isn’t going to be discontinued, but the next (C9) model will be driven electrically. They just came out with that mid-engined C8 a couple years ago. And not that it matters to anyone, but I liked the promise of a mid-engined Vette more than I like the execution. It’s thick and chunky/clunky to me. I prefer the C7. Great proportions.
  4. I didn’t know this, but I got a chuckle out of it anyway. Based on what I’ve heard from folks in the service industry here, Mr. Jordan doesn’t love parting with his money. I get it with ROI stuff, but I still laughed.
  5. CBJ article today on tower progress. With signage installed, exterior is complete except some streetscaping and a public art piece. Move in will occur between 1-3Q 2023. Interior is currently 40% complete. As for exterior lighting, they’ll be testing that over the next couple months and also will eventually take requests for special occasion lighting schemes like the old DEC does. I wonder how that will affect the “syncing” of schemes amongst various towers since the old DEC set the tone and now there will be two towers that accept requests. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/09/22/making-a-name-for-yourself-duke-energy-style.html “In the next couple of months, the company will be testing the exterior lighting that will frame the Duke Energy Plaza “with countless different light schemes”
  6. I saw it today on Graham St around 430! A really clean example. Looks like they just drove it off the showroom floor.
  7. Well, the inside bottom edge, at the actual roof. So the sign will be in the middle of all of it still.
  8. I couldn’t get a pic because I was driving but they had two rows of LEDs on the south facing side tonight at the bottom edge of both parapets. I think all of those top panels are going to illuminate/activate. That’d be cool.
  9. Ok I can’t believe I’m stepping into this, but online, the world is overwhelmingly two word “Sweet potatoes”. I’ve never even seen it spelled as one before. Together, it looks like one of those looong German words that’s really multiple words run together. Who’s responsible for telling The Internet it’s wrong? **side note: it should be required by law that all sweet potatoes should be harvested and then thrown directly into the garbage.
  10. Their website lists Detroit as HQ for Ally Financial, Sandy, UT as HQ for Ally Bank, and Charlotte is listed as “Corporate Center”… whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  11. No joke. Ramen, burgers, subs, Thai, fried pickles, Ahi tuna. Why no pizza or spanakopita? And only TWO sides on the whole menu? (fries or chipotle slaw). But honestly, the entire menu is very limited - just not a lot of stuff and what little there is sounds too random and unfocused for it to thrive, at least I think. And not to beat up on the place too much before I even try it, but... it is a little disingenuous to say on the website "We've been serving great food since 1954". I mean, you may have bought the sign and all, but is that an equivalency?
  12. Whoa, this pic brings back memories! That pic is from Austin City Limits in 2005 and I was there that year! Saw the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and a bunch of others I can't recall now. But I can recall people passing out just standing there in the crowd because of the Godawful heat. They started giving water out for free. Medics constantly making their way through the crowds. I remember hearing that there were 80K people there that year. Good times.
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