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  1. New lighting scheme caught my eye tonight. I got a video but it’s too big to post. The strips stay lit solid for maybe 10 seconds then fade from left to right, rinse and repeat.
  2. Went out for a random top-down drive late last night and made our way back home down Tryon St. and this site was humming at 1045P. I didn't realize they are working on this... 24hrs/day?
  3. It’ll be sad when they tear down the Shine Salon building. That’s a gorgeous house.
  4. Not really. Other than this bit that says it’s not cancelled, just on indefinite hold for now. Which actually isn’t news, so I guess no, there is no news contained herein. Smith said the companies don’t have a firm date for when they might start work on the hotel. “There’s been no indication that they plan not to go forward,” she said. “It’s just that the world has changed a bit since we’ve started.”
  5. I can’t with the window-sticker inspired appliqué on that C-pillar. Does not compute. But I did see one in all black on 77 the other day and that was a looker.
  6. It’s on now. It’s been on a handful of times in the past couple weeks. And I posted this somewhere on 27Dec and it looked like they were testing some new kind of lighting but I haven’t seen this again since.
  7. In Mr. Johnson’s 2nd grade class in 1979, Chad Hutchins barfed Lucky Charms all over his desk top and started a chain reaction. #neverforget
  8. Looks like the official announcement is coming tomorrow. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article250071454.html
  9. Why should I have to suffer alone?
  10. This is an amazing shot! But that damn uplight is STILL out on LU1. My OCD....
  11. I agree. I've only been to Lidl (on Monroe Rd) twice but I do like that little bakery section when you walk in and they seem to have more in the way of specialty type stuff. And they're product mix is maybe 55% Lidl / 45% national brands, whereas Aldi is more like 95 / 5. Not that that matters. I shop at multiple stores and I'm not a grocery snob.
  12. Was that for me? If so, thanks! Our tv doesn’t buffer and our internet is as fast as anything else, which was already acceptable, so I’m fine. And the bundled price for Spectrums service was even lower than GF’s already low $50/mo. Whatever has changed is the best performing set up we seem to have had and meets our needs. But thanks for the info. I feel like a child in this conversation.
  13. I honestly don't remember a lot of the details, other than GF was supposed to be 1000MB and it didn't come close to that. We had buffering issues with streaming (which was our issue with U-Verse to begin with) and our internet didn't seem appreciably faster. Granted we don't have any hardwired devices so I know my laptop isn't going to get that, but you think you'd see some noticeable difference. I called Google probably twice about it and they had me do speed testing on their site and they said at the device, whatever we were getting was within the acceptable window. And I want to say it was way off. Like mid-upper 300s maybe. If that's a normal differential vs. something cabled then Ok, but we didn't notice an improvement on our stuff. I'm not techie in any way - we're not using Cray supercomputers here or anything like that, just regular TV and internetting, so maybe for other applications it's better, but for our basic needs, I wasn't wowed. Maybe we're some weird anomaly and it's great everywhere else.
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