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  1. Interesting turn of events. It’d be nice if they managed to reopen some of the CLT stores. I’m looking at you, SouthPark. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.citizen-times.com/amp/2925020001
  2. Anybody care to take a stab at what "Innovative skyline signage" might look like? https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/03/25/truist-financial-moves-to-put-its-mark-on-uptown.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline
  3. turbocraig

    Union County

    Speaking of Union Co, my friend that lives over there just forwarded this text. Yikes.
  4. You know, that actually makes more sense to me.
  5. That’s odd to me. They just remodeled this store maybe 5 or so years ago. It doesn’t feel dated and is always packed. The parking lot ties with Midtown TJs in the constantly-jammed competition, so it’s not like they need to remodel an old store that is losing customers because of it. Interesting...
  6. And another friend who’s from Ft Lauderdale and has lived here since the mid-90’s after graduating from Elon has parents that bought a house in Oakhurst and moved up from FLL a couple years ago. And brought their eldest grandson with them.
  7. Don’t limit the cut-off to 50! Those parents I mentioned? The ones that drove my stuff down here in 1994? They sold their house in NY and retired to Ballantyne in Sept 2018. They love it here. And my friend from PA’s parents.... also moved here after a decade stint in FL. It’s like watching mercury coalesce.
  8. Instead of junking up other threads with miscellaneous remembrances, I thought it might be nice to have a place to chat about where we all came from, what brought us here, when we arrived, when we moved away (and often when we moved back) to the QC. I couldn't find a thread that spoke directly to this, so apologies if one exists and I missed it. It's probably time for a fresh take on it anyway. I'll reiterate my last post in the SouthPark Mall thread to get things started: I had a couple friends who moved to Charlotte (from PA and FL) in late 1993 and had kept in touch with them (via cordless pull-the-antenna-up telephone) after their move. The PA friend had family in Waxhaw so the move was a relatively easy one for them. In our conversations, they kept raving about how much they liked it here (and this was in '93 and for those that were here and/or cognizant, CLT was a very different place then). I then planned a trip to come visit for a week in the middle of June, 1994 and arrived with only a suitcase with a week's worth of clothes. Toward the end of the week, I had decided that I really wanted to be here. It just felt right. I quit my menial job in NY over the phone, called my parents, and told them sorry, their only child wasn't coming back and thanks for everything and can you please drive all of my stuff here at your convenience - sooner than later please. And I never looked back. Ok, technically I did look back a lot because for years and years I would go back to visit family and friends, but in my romanticized memories, "He never looked back....". Ok, now you go.
  9. I remember AAA Triptix! A week after my 23rd bday in June, 1994, I went to our local AAA office and had them print me up one of those continually unfolding brochure-type things that planned your route from points A to B. I used it to drive from NY to CLT to visit some friends here for a week. I literally never went back. I called my parents to inform them and then asked if they could at some point drive down here and while they were at it, bring all of my sh!t with them. Theeeeenks! Ok. now I'm feeling like I'm helping to derail this thread again.
  10. Conceived by Governor Rockefeller because he was embarrassed of the city during a royal visit and wanted Albany to feel more cosmopolitan. Dystopian is a great word for it. The Egg is cool though. It has no shortage of beautiful old buildings for sure. Still not a fashion mecca. And I grew up about 30 mins from Saratoga. Love that place. “It’s the August place to be”.
  11. Has anybody coined the term 'parkingscraper' yet?
  12. Are those staggered grey aluminum panels the finished product in those areas? That looks terrible. Lord, I hate sounding like I'm always beotching with some of the details on this, the GB, etc. but I just want better for our town. Someone do something not half-assed. And if this isn't the final veneer, then I take it back.
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