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  1. Wow. If that's true, it'll be an impressive coup. According to their website, only eight cities in the US have Prada stores (counting two locations in the NYC region). Missing from the list are what I would think would be obvious selections like Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Dallas. This may be one that I have to see to believe. I remember where Champs was, but can't for the life of me remember where the other two stores were. I'd think Prada would want to be in the Neiman's wing (not that there's any available space there), not across from the food court.
  2. Uh lessee Pat, I'll take the 911 GT2 for $120,000 and... the Amana Radarange for $1250, the vintage popcorn maker for $400.. and... the rest on a gift certificate.
  3. From today's O. Seems like this can't be good news for the NC Music Lacktory. Wasn't there talk of the Comedy Zone going there? Looks like that's another vendor/venue they can cross off their list of hopefuls. http://www.charlotte.com/484/story/312321.html
  4. They are indeed open. I had lunch there today. Very good. The concept is kinda like Subway, but semi-gourmet. You can choose preselected sandwiches or salads from the menu, or tweak/build your own and they make it for you right there while you watch. They've done a very nice job "upscaling" the interior and outside patio from that Corner Deli place that occupied the space before.
  5. It's just a shame that the most unique part of the office tower (the "S" shaped center section) will only be seen from above. From ground level, it's just lost in the large slab-like sides. If they made that center S about 4 stories taller, the interest factor would increase tremendously.
  6. Doug Smith's blog has some info on this. According to the developer, they are incorporating the original facade: http://askdougsmith.blogspot.com/2007/09/w...its-market.html
  7. turbocraig

    The Vue

    Did this or will this happen today?
  8. ^And that relates to Charlotte's NM because.... ? I realize you were answering the question of a subsequent poster, but I think most of us saw that atlforlife's amateur remark for what it was.
  9. Steven or mljones, I've been wondering how well Neiman Marcus has been doing at SP. Sometimes I'll go in there and it's packed to the rafters, other times, I'm dodging tumbleweeds. I know retailers judges store performance on year-over-year results and they should be just about there now. Any word/rumblings/feelings?
  10. ^^Why would you lump the theater and tower together in that regard? The theater's only involvement with Encore is the fact that it finally gets renovated in the deal. It won't be reserved exclusively for the people living there.
  11. I'm not sure where to stick this, so I guess this sort of fits (?). I had no idea that Annie Liebovitz and Beyonce were here in July shooting pics for an American Express ad campaign. Neither bothered to call me. I'm not sure if any other heavy-hitters were here, but the caption under this pic refers to Charlotte (,NC for all you out there that are keeping track of that sort of thing). http://www.charlotte.com/200/story/275033.html
  12. It's called Crisp. I never ate at that Corner Hole or whatever was there before, so I can't speak for the quality of the food, but it always looked kinda ramshackle to me. Crisp looks like its going to be very polished based on the exterior signage and awnings they're putting up.
  13. ^^Here's a fun tidbit: Cincinnati (5/3 Bank HQ) and Charlotte (First Charter HQ) are both nicknamed The Queen City. Hmmph.
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