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  1. Rumblings of another attempt to bring Historic District status to Elizabeth. Article says there’s an ECA meeting tonight about it. Article doesn’t reveal much actual news, just that debate is swirling again and the usual arguments for and against by residents. There was a vote back when I lived in Elizabeth in the very late 90’s that failed, in addition to a few more since then, I believe. There’s also a link to a video of a 2hr zoom meeting if anyone is dealing with insomnia. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article273122760.html
  2. I also have no idea where Zara would go in the mall, but I hope we get a decent sized store that reflects the size of the city. The Zara at Crossgates Mall in Albany NY has been there a few years and is 30K sf on two levels. For comparison, our H&M is 21K sf.
  3. I've been in that Macy's recently and the lower level where the Men's Dept, housewares, and Basement or Backstage or whatever that is, looks like a Ross. Crap strewn everywhere, unfolded merch, sparse inventory in sections. It has major "Everything Must Go" vibes. Just trashy.
  4. So is US Bank still going here? Isn’t that what’s been hinted at here for about a year?
  5. I LOVE this Camden Cowork building! I’ve never seen it before.
  6. That's how it was when I first moved here. Drum circles and barrel fires. You had to drive 2mph through there because of all the people crossing the streets randomly. Good times. But I digress...
  7. It’s like they’re rubbing it in our faces. From today’s Axios newsletter. Does anyone know what the hold up is here?
  8. Yeah, what about that??? Here’s a pic a friend sent to me last week. From the social district in downtown Mooresville. MOORESVILLE I said. I wish we were as cosmopolitan and forward thinking as Mooresville.
  9. I know someone who owns a business here and actually helped them to upfit their space about 8yrs ago. I’m 99% sure each of the spaces in that building are individually owned, condo-style. Maybe the person your friend talked to sub-leased from an individual owner that isn’t renewing their particular unit?
  10. Somebody help me here… “The city’s consultant — Moran — cast the [NASCAR] Hall as a tacky intrusion on his vision for Charlotte’s "festival district." “How do you generate and maximize revenue but in an authentic way?” Moran said. “I think we want to avoid a NASCAR Hall of Fame feel where you are seeing a lot of brands slapped around or a lot of LED signage.” But wait, because also.. “Moran said the city could sell the naming rights to the entire area — a first for Charlotte. As an example, he pointed to names like “The Bank of America District” or “The District Presented by Bank of America.”” This can’t fail.
  11. It says "Tonight's sunset"... But where's Duke? And Truist still has the old floodlights at the top. Hmmm...
  12. Well I knew this was coming but it still hurts to see this beautiful house where Fuse Salon was leveled. So sad. Wish it had been moved somewhere, if that was even possible.
  13. I'll fight anyone who thinks Linda's Fudge Cake from CF isn't one of the best chocolate cakes out there. I've never liked cheesecake and nothing else from their menu is memorable to me (maybe some avocado egg roll thing) but I can't recall having a bad meal there. But the menu really is Big.
  14. Is there some hidden meaning behind this question?
  15. Biz Journal reporting today that another Cheesecake Factory is coming to town. Taking over the old Gap space in Birkdale.
  16. Wells is vacating One and Two WF altogether, according to the O today. Consolidating everyone in Three WF and the old DEC. I'm sure that tower will be re-branded soon. From the O: "The bank will move employees out of the One and Two Wells Fargo Center buildings, according to a memo sent to Charlotte-area employees on Tuesday morning. Offices will be consolidated, with workers moving to the Three Wells Fargo Center and 550 S. Tryon Street, the former Duke Energy building. That tower on S. Tryon Street will effectively become the bank’s new Charlotte headquarters. By the end of this year, Wells Fargo will occupy 95% of the office space at 550 S. Tryon, the memo said. The bank already owned the building." Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article271848872.html#storylink=cpy
  17. This could be the worst pic ever taken, but the signage is lit tonight.
  18. I saw that when it first was published at the beginning of Covid. I’ve made them a few times and they do NOT disappoint!
  19. 485 from 77 to Johnston Rd looks like you're driving through a landfill. My aunt and uncle from SF came to stay with my parents a couple weeks ago and I drove out there for dinner one night while they were here and I thought, my God. This is their first impression of the city right from the airport. I know it's a state highway and their responsibility, but good God it's atrocious.
  20. Durham at 100 and Raleigh at 83. Nasty. In all seriousness, they must not have driven around 485 or (insert any) on/off ramp in this entire city…
  21. Sad news from FC: https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/19/football/anton-walkes-charlotte-fc-death-spt-intl/index.html
  22. Thanks for this. So for comparison, the Vue is 576’. That’s great.
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