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  1. I’m not sure if this is the best place to put this, but a friend of mine who works in the home furnishings business here in town told me today that Serena & Lily is going to open a store somewhere in South End. For those not familiar, it’s a high end home furnishings/decor/design store. They only have a handful of actual stores, mostly concentrated in the NE and West Coast. ATL is the closest one for now. They have a decidedly Hamptons aesthetic. A nice feather in our cap, if true, because they tend to be very choosey with brick and mortar locations.
  2. Is that odd since Hermes briefly had a store in the Neiman wing at SP about 7-8 years ago? It didn’t last too long.
  3. I hear you, but if the past several weeks is any guide, this story is going to develop with information coming forth in drips, and likely due to investigative journalism like today's Biz Journal's article. It's going to be difficult for people to remain unswayed by what they read layer by layer slowly over time and to not talk about it. Heck, we may never get the full story. As for RH saying they were told not to issue the bonds but they were "Sooo" close to doing just that - welp, there wasn't anything released by RH to the Biz Journal to support that that was the case. And if that's their main argument, wouldn't you think they'd include proof of the Panthers telling them to not issue any bonds to actually back up what they've been telling the public? I have no inside info at all, but I did watch a lot of Scooby Doo as a kid. And what I can't figure out is how RH missed a bond issuance deadline not once but twice but is now playing dumb. See this article about this very subject from almost a year ago: https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/panthers-ask-york-county-help-after-rock-hill-fails-secure-infrastructure-funding/SO3DKXUX65FRVO5AFFQE33EJ3A/ And how does this recent statement from RH's mayor about them worrying about falling on hard times because of "changed circumstances" square with this "we're rich!" quote from Gov. McMaster a month later? I get that state and local obligations were separate, but hell - RH benefits from the Charlotte Engine, which the rest of the SC doesn't even get. Wouldn't it be fair to assume RH is part of this "strongest condition ever" of SC?? RH Mayor John Gettys quoted on 15Mar22: The mayor added that changed circumstances since the deal with the Panthers was reached “necessitate us going back to the table and working on an agreement because times have changed.” SC Gov. McMaster quoted on 19Apr22: “In 2021, we broke a decade’s worth of records for job recruitment, investment, and expansion, announcing 18,000 new jobs and $5.6 billion in capital investment,” he added. “And our state government’s finances are in the strongest condition ever, with the largest budget surpluses, the largest rainy-day reserves, and the lowest debt in our history. South Carolina is winning, and we intend to keep winning. The best is yet to come!” Yet another example of the contradictory statements coming out of SC. And also notice whenever some SC official speaks, they use metaphors and catch phrases and redirection when speaking about this, instead of answering simple questions with actual facts? "No one can say that we didn't do our absolute and professional best." "Facts are stubborn things" (with no follow up about said "facts"). "David Tepper came to Rock Hill promising us Jerry Jones and ever since then he’s given us Dan Snyder.” "David Tepper is an arrogant narcissist." Really? What does any of that mean? You know what each of those comments sails right past? Proof. Facts. Answers. Evidence to back up what you're saying. But that's just the thing - they aren't actually saying anything. And that tells me a lot. Yes, we'll likely know the whole story or most of it after some time, but if the Panthers did tell them to not bother issuing bonds, that's likely because they were already 18 months late in doing just that and had missed two deadlines, and now RH is trying to grasp onto that as some sort of lifeline excuse. I think IF the Panthers told them not to bother, and I'm not entirely convinced of that, but if so, it was likely because they had already decided by that point (again, 18mo later while the Panthers were busy racking up hundreds of millions in construction costs) to pause this and pursue litigation to try to recoup some of the $170+MM they'd sunk into this thing while RH has spent the past year and a half napping or whatever else they were doing besides holding up their end. And I also think that's why the Panthers have been super tight-lipped about this. KJ, I know you don't want to pre-judge, and I get that, but I think this is currently the most fascinating subject here right now. This is like the PTL of our time. Well, I was around for that one too, so maybe the PTL of THIS time... Anyway, that's what I think happened. If I'm wrong, I won't run naked down Tryon St., and you can all thank me for that now.
  4. Bentley's on 27 used to be on top of the DV building. Not sure if they were something else before it was Bentley's...
  5. Article in Biz Journal today about their FOIA request for City of Rock Hill docs to support their public statements about issuing bonds or even being “within days” of issuing them. Not a single doc/communication related to their debt obligation from 1Jan-8Mar. RH tells BJ that their doc release is “complete”. Hmmm… >>”The city responded with a document that included pages of exchanges related to the construction of the project — standard building permit and inspection process emails. That dispute over $225 million in infrastructure funding that had been boiling for almost a year? The one that led Tepper to call a halt to the entire project after spending more than $170 million? Nothing. It's not clear yet if the city is claiming exemptions for the internal communications related to the project or that they simply don't exist. But the city's public records response did not include a single email about the project or its financing between Rock Hill administrators or elected officials and Tepper Sports from Jan. 1, 2021, to March 8 of this year.” https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/04/22/rock-hill-panthers-financing-dispute.html
  6. Totally agree. The Panthers have at least been consistent in their refusal to comment until today's statement. It's been a whirlwind of excuses from Rock Hill or others speaking on their behalf for the past 5 weeks. I'm paraphrasing here, but first it was "We met our obligations" then it was "We never issued the bonds" then it was "Circumstances changed since we signed that contract so we're not going to honor our end now" then it was "They never got us the details we needed to issue the bonds" then it was "We were THIS close to issuing bonds" (not sure how those last two can coexist) then it was "How about the Panthers pay for it all and we can reimburse you over four decades instead" . This seems like mom walking into the living room and seeing a broken lamp and a group of kids stammering and stuttering and pointing fingers. Like amateur hour. Also, does it seem strange to anyone else that this entire development plan was complete enough to satisfy both state and local lawmakers to the tune of pitching in hundreds of millions of tax dollars, get through permitting and get halfway through construction but they didn't have enough detail for investors to underwrite... roads and water pipes? That seems super odd to me. But, I'm not in an SC planning department nor was I present during any contract negotiations nor involved in due diligence anywhere. Just a layman's view. I know lots of people don't like David Tepper for a variety of reasons, but this hasn't been a good look for Rock Hill/SC since everyone and their brother started shooting their mouths off in the press, almost immediately. It just seemed really unprofessional. I'm surprised to see the amount of blame folks in the press and online are putting on Tepper for this. I know lots of folks have different opinions and I'm not tryna be in a fight here, it's just my take on it. At least till more details come out.
  7. It’s sad to watch what’s happened to Gap and BR over the years. I worked at a Gap in NY when I was in college in the early 1990’s and when I moved here in 1994, I worked part time at the SP store when it was where Pottery Barn is now, across from BR. Those were the IT stores to shop at then. Our physical Gap store had a decidedly upscale look then, with maple columns and walls and brushed silver accents throughout. It had a 40’s department store vibe, which was what the company was doing at the time with their larger format stores. We got Gap Shoes when they came out too - very few stores did (I even applied the new ‘Gap Shoes’ logos to the front windows the night before we started selling them). I loved their shoes - my favorite boots I’ve ever owned were from there. Banana was always higher-end than we were in the hierarchy, but Gap clothes were still upscale and very in demand and wore like iron to boot. You paid a bit more for them than most competitive store brands, but they were worth it and they definitely set trends for mass market apparel. The company had its finger directly on the pulse of the Gen X market at that time. There was even a policy that Gap absolutely refused to brand its clothing with the word ‘Gap’ or the logo on anything but the inside tag, less they cheapen the brand’s image. As a matter of fact, Gap ran a promo for their 25th anniversary in 94 and if you bought two pairs of jeans, you got a free white Tshirt that said “Gap 25 years” or something like that on the front, and we ran out of them so quickly because no piece of Gap clothing had ever displayed the logo like those Tshirts did. A few years later, as soon as they started plastering ‘GAP’ all over their clothing, I knew it was the beginning of the end. I stopped into the current Gap a few weeks ago and instantly became depressed. It looks like a garage sale inside and even the upfitting of the store looks like it was done by a team from the old Trading Spaces TV show. The signage even looked like it was hand drawn on poster board. Good god it was awful. Truly sad that they just seemed to have lost their way over the years. I realize this discussion started with Banana, but I can’t help but think Gap isn’t too much longer for SP either. PS - I still have several Gap shirt pin tags from my time there - most the standard navy with white letters but I also have one with copper letters because I was a “Sales Specialist”. I was damn good, you best believe.
  8. I just walked into Banana Republic in SP and they are closing in two weeks. Half the store is empty. The ladies there said the only two stores left in CLT will be at Blakeney and Birkdale. That’s so surprising to me.
  9. I can’t speak to their burgers but In-N-Out fries are like hot dust. Somebody Bring Me Some Water. (credit: Melissa Etheridge)
  10. We lost Rivian (also an upstart) to Georgia and I don't know how much NC offered Rivian nor how much they're shelling out for VinFast, but Rivian committed to 7,500 jobs whereas VinFast is talking as many as 13,000. And yes, those could be pie-in-the-sky numbers, but they're out there in print. To your point, nothing is proven till it's proven, but the coming EV revolution is reminiscent of the early days of the ICE car industry a century ago. It'll be interesting to see where and if EV manufacturers cluster, both legacy and the many upstarts (current and yet to come). In the past ~decade we've witnessed the birth of brands like Tesla, Lucid, Fisker, Rivian, now VinFast and FaradayFuture (if they can ever get their sh!t together) and likely many more to come. Not all will survive, just like DuPont, Essex, Hudson, Cord, etc. back in the early days, but if we can plant the seeds that tell the world NC is fertile ground for the EV industry, and Toyota battery is certainly part of that, then maybe it's worth priming that pump. You can't win if you don't play.
  11. True. Lease prices haven't been revealed, but it's expected that the subscription will be $100-150/mo, with the caveat that they'll replace the battery pack when it degrades to 70% capacity. You may never own the car long enough to need to replace it, but it is a unique angle if you plan on keeping a car long-term (and the current average car owner is hanging onto their car for more than 7 years and that trend has been on the rise steadily). We'll see how they do, but I wouldn't bet against them just yet. They may be the next Hyundai or they could be the next Daihatsu.
  12. Maybe not many at first, but that does remind me of the view of Hyundai and Kia when they debuted in the US market in the late 1980s. Who’s gonna buy a car from a Korean manufacturer? I don’t know the content level for a $46K VinFast, but a base Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6, and VW ID.4 all start in the low-mid $40s and get 280-310 mi for range. Vinfast VF-8 touts about 310mi range and VF-9 about 400 on the US EPA scale. If they can load up standard features and best the range of the VAG, TSLA, Ford, etc, that’s about the best place they can hope to be to launch in the US market. Are they gonna set the sales charts on fire right out of the gate? Of course not. But neither did Hyundai/Kia. They offered more bang for the buck and a 100K mi. warranty vs. the legacy players here and went for the long view. And it paid off. Gotta start somewhere.
  13. Here’s another shot from the O article. Are we 100% sure that Johnny Harris didn’t come here in a time machine from Ancient Rome?
  14. Flew to Charleston for brunch and general walk around with my friends on their plane today. What a great day for it. Managed to get a few shots but quality is just so-so. These were the best.
  15. I did notice that at the far right of the counters at several (maybe not all) concessions, they had a mobile order pick up slot, so that’s what I’ll plan to do next time. The lines were looonnng everywhere, and we even went during game time when we thought they’d be somewhat cleared out. Nope.
  16. We were in 127 just to the left of you. High Energy! And I was proud of us for dubbing the national anthem.
  17. I'm not sure of the best place to put this, so I'll post it here. I have a friend who has a small business in hand-dying hemp textiles and making pillows, etc. from that. They moved here from Kansas City where she had a working studio/shop downtown there and at the moment she's working out of a large bonus room in their home, which is big, but still woefully undersized for what she needs and really limits how she functions. She ideally needs ~1000sf with concrete floors, higher ceilings, access to water (bathroom inside the space not a requirement if there's a communal restroom somewhere). She'd like it to be no more than a 20min drive from their home (Foxcroft). I figured there may be some commercial real estate people here that might be interested in chatting with her. Anyone who wants to/can help, please DM me. Thanks!
  18. And here was the News&O's response. I think we won that round. RDU1.pdf RDU2.pdf RDU3.pdf RDU4.pdf
  19. Not to start a flame war (if that's even still a thing), but I found these print-offs from the Observer from August 2001 under a drawer this week. I knew I had them somewhere. There was a lot more CLT/RDU rivalry back then it seemed, and the O and the N&O each did an editorial about the other city. A fun read and quaint to reread now. Here was the view of Raleigh: CLT1.pdf CLT2.pdf CLT3.pdf CLT4.pdf
  20. Are you talkin’ about me?? Well here’s a couple from our first 30 seconds after parking our car at Venice Beach yesterday. We should rename this thread “Cars of Various Locales Throughout the United States”. That just slips off the tongue. ^ dead. Take me now, Lord. v this one’s ok too, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  21. Nooooo… I had to go back and check. Mr K’s closed 05Mar21 according to the O article about it.
  22. I hear you, and all that makes sense, but it’s the Super Bowl, right? Are they worried it won’t sell out? If the NFL sells every ticket they can, and they will every time, why do they care what people do when they leave the stadium?
  23. Hmmm, interesting. So everything from Belk to, say, Dimensional Funds would be this Downtown? What would be the theoretical boundaries?
  24. Oh wow, I assumed this was that. It's like Christmas Eve again...
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