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  1. Nooooo… I had to go back and check. Mr K’s closed 05Mar21 according to the O article about it.
  2. I hear you, and all that makes sense, but it’s the Super Bowl, right? Are they worried it won’t sell out? If the NFL sells every ticket they can, and they will every time, why do they care what people do when they leave the stadium?
  3. Hmmm, interesting. So everything from Belk to, say, Dimensional Funds would be this Downtown? What would be the theoretical boundaries?
  4. Oh wow, I assumed this was that. It's like Christmas Eve again...
  5. It is actually the one I go to if I ever need a rental, so I wouldn’t hate it.
  6. Sorry, what I meant was they pushed just about everyone (else) out of the Corp Center in order to reclaim that space.
  7. Ok, KJ... you keep dropping BA hints in a lot of your posts here. And I can't not see that you went out of your way to write "Banks in America", with its very specific capitalization. I don't think that's random. How much space does BA need here? They supposedly pushed just about everyone out of the Corp Center and then took LU1. Why the need for so much space if it is them?
  8. You finally made me bite the bullet and buy a subscription. I hope Tony is paying you commission.
  9. Here's a rendering from the Biz that I hadn't seen posted here, looking east down Morehead. You can see a bit more of the side of the office tower and the angle that rises up the side and defines the inset of the balcony levels.
  10. What great composition here! Step ups/downs from left and right. Strong work.
  11. This has ALWAYS been my hope since they started talking about a second 7th St tower. Just like BA and Wells have signage on secondary buildings but not on their HQs. You just know what they are without needing to shout about it. Hopefully this is their plan. Or someone there stumbles on this thread and agrees it’s a great idea…
  12. I bought 2 tickets last night. So that should help…
  13. Wowza! Where is this one again?
  14. I know two people that were on that flight!
  15. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/119359-ctc-redevelopment-crescent-bpr-whitepoint-proposals-for-transit-center-redo-more/page/6/#comments
  16. This thread should be renamed ‘Cars of the SE’.
  17. We had almost identical experiences. I was living on Chambwood behind Van Landingham in P-M. That night I could hear big branches splitting off the trees and crashing around. I was awakened about 3A by a huge crash and went to the living room to see about 6’ worth of a huge dagger-like branch coming through the ceiling. Chambwood is a small crescent shaped street and my house was the only one on the street to keep power. I had orange extension cords running to a few neighbors and had friends stay with me who lost power, even with the giant tree branch hanging through the ceiling. I’ve never experienced anything like that before or since. Surreal.
  18. Just add the 3% as a credit card processing fee then. It’s not atypical these days and it’s $3 on a $100 tab. If someone can afford to eat out at a restaurant with table service, they can afford an extra 3%. I don’t expect the poor check out girl at Harris Teeter to be docked for my convenience to use a credit card there. Why should the folks who are already legally able to be paid less than minimum wage have to take this on the chin? And I don’t write this from the point of you disagreeing with me, because I don’t think that’s the case. I’m just miffed that these restaurants are paying for the cost of doing business on the backs of these workers. It doesn’t pass the smell test.
  19. Someone sent this to me from Reddit. Essex (and any M5 Hospitality group restaurant) plans to start skimming credit card processing fees from servers’ tips. Apparently this is a legal thing in NC, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly sh!tty to do. I googled M5 but it isn’t super clear what other restaurants are part of this. I won’t be patronizing them again. How, in this environment, when service industry workers are so hard to come by, do you implement this and think it’s a good idea? And the person who initially posted this (with the restaurant name blurred out) was fired for that. I like how they justify it with “but everyone is doing it”, but if you tell anyone we’re doing it, you’re done here. GTFO.
  20. I hadn’t heard of them but looking them up today, they purchased Quarterside (Luxury Apartments - yellow font) back in October. Wonder if they’ll undo that awkward paint scheme with any rebranding. Not to derail the subject…
  21. Thanks to both of you for that. I’ve never thought of any part of East Blvd to be anything other than Dilworth in the 28 years I’ve lived here. When I’m on East Blvd, Midtown feels decidedly “over there” to me. I’m sure that will change as that area redevelops, but it still feels weird saying I’m in Midtown when I’m in that Starbucks.
  22. Ok is it just me or is that some clunky-sounding content? And is the north side of East now Midtown? Like the Midtown Harris Teeter right there on East? And was Midtown always the home of the original suburb of Charlotte? The brainchild of Eddie “Midtown & Down” Dilworth Latta?
  23. The other house that was the toy store is now Isabella’s, a home furnishings store. It’s a nice little operation. Sad when/if that goes, but you’re probably right.
  24. I think that one’s called ‘The Addams’.
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