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  1. I see KJH post often in the Triangle forum when I check that out every quarter or so. He’s so ubiquitous I don’t know how he has time to make the doughnuts.
  2. “Mirrors on the ceiling… the pink champagne on ice…”
  3. I thought they were switching to steel for the last 4.5 stories of curtain wall but it looks like it’s a continuation of the concrete?
  4. A little more info today in the Biz Journal about Atrium/W-F campus. It’s a free read, which is odd for them. Looks like there are a few new renderings maybe. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/09/21/innovation-district-atrium-health-research-midtown.html
  5. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. Had no idea it was a black church, since the sign says “For All People”. It’s just an unattractive building to me. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Looks like Mattie’s Diner was on the move today to its new home at 3100 The Plaza. Article is subscriber only but says it should open in about two months and they are rehabbing an old tire shop next door that will be attached to the diner and contain additional seating and also the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m not sure if this will be an auxiliary kitchen since Mattie’s had the one inside the trailer already. Looking forward to trying their new vegan meatloaf! https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/whats-in-store/article254197998.html
  7. Just saw this on Axios. Not sure if this is old news.. https://charlotte.axios.com/272624/26-story-tower-with-skyline-views-breaks-ground-soon-in-dilworth/
  8. I wonder if that United Church for Little People has any plans to sell anytime soon. I'd love to see that eyesore disappear. (*yes, I know that's not that church's name but every time I see one that pops into my head for some reason...)
  9. This is an old pic with FNB still under construction and new Duke nowhere to be found. I win.
  10. So this is new. I hope it stays and isn’t just temporary for their rebranding.
  11. Admitting total ignorance. I had to look up 'ghost kitchen' and am now even more confused on how that correlates with a HQ? So, like meal delivery services for Truist or something, as an example? Totally in the dark over here.
  12. I hope. We heard that about Maddie's Diner at the Music Factory and where did that go? No, seriously... Where did it go? Aaaaactually.... I googled and somehow missed this article from the O a couple months back. Sorry for the subject derailment, but I'm good for one of those from time to time. And I can't wait for that vegan meatloaf! Everyone else here probably already knew about this: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-around-town/c5-development/article252176643.html Ok, back to this other diner...
  13. It’s just begging for there to be a Mile High Club on the 30th floor, or 40th or whatever this is supposed to be. If they stay strippin’ at the bottom.
  14. Is that the building next to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille? If so, that's Mrs. Howard, a very high-end interior furnishings store. It's beautiful outside and stunning inside. I would absolutely advocate for keeping that intact. http://www.mrshoward.com/Mrs-Howard
  15. If we aren’t on social media, can we just literally follow you around instead?
  16. That is a great pic. So what’s this now with a Charlotte mural on the roof of the Binaco building at 5th and Tryon? Was this a known thing?
  17. That made me laugh. Is that anything like Sugarwalls?
  18. I agree. There’s something cozy and familiar about Lowe’s that reminds me of Earth Fare mixed with Ingles. Probably because any time we go to a Lowe’s or Ingles I’m on my way out of town or to the mountains and they’re always the grocery store that happens to be around. They give me good vibes.
  19. Do we have a definitive as to what floor they're on now? The bottom is obscured in pics, but I count somewhere around 39 levels (which should be it since there's no 13). Is that right?
  20. ^ I believe that is correct. If you do the math subtracting the roof height above sea level vs street level, you get 537'2" to the roof (on the Tryon side), then it's about 70' of parapet and such, bringing it to 597'8" total height on that tallest side.
  21. A good friend of mine moved here from RIC about 3 years ago. He’s part owner in Ardent, if you know them. Anyway I asked him for his sound bite thoughts and he said: “Charlotte is very liveable similar to Richmond. But if you like the “cool richmond,” it’s going to be a lot less cool here. But you will find people and places that are.” So… I don’t know if that was helpful to anyone… I just thought I had something relevant to add to the mix.
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