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  1. Thanks Allan for the add. The more we see of our city, perhaps the more good can come. We're doing what we can. DetroitYes, we'd like to promote you too but somehow we can't sign up on a yahoo address and would rather not use our ISP's address. Peace to Detroit
  2. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep most of the talent they're talking a really low cap. Peace
  3. About 4 years ago, Seattle did PIGS! Pigs in the malls, pigs on the streets, pigs in the hotels. It's for charity.
  4. I always hear about how the site was designed for two towers and what better place? That seems, IMO, to be common in Detroit. Grand plans, nothing happens and darnit I love my city!
  5. Game by game, guys and gals, there's only one left! Wade or no Wade. The final score will count more than any injury- now so I don't come off as cocky I'm crossing my fingers Peace to Detroit and Miami
  6. Remember Piston's fans, we're two games away! That's 2 games. Nothing we haven't done before right?- i hope . Depth is key, and I think the distractions are over with the coach. We've seen it before, Miami is a good team, but the depth IMO is not there in a 7 game series, and let's hope these words don't come back at me in a few days Peace from Will, DetroitBazaar
  7. True, and I applaud the loft/condo development going on leading up to the Superbowl particularily along Woodward. There are some really nice places indeed. After the Superbowl though, the momentum needs to keep going. I want to see the day when Detroit- a city of just under a million, approves as many housing permits as say, Canton- roughly 50,000 residents. We need to have a consistent flow of folks aside from the ballgames. I'd have to drive for miles to get the things I need on a daily basis- groceries, lumber, prescriptions. The entertainment venues are flourishing and that is a majo
  8. 300 dollars? I'm there! Might be nice if it's in good condition.
  9. You may get a decent old place for about 550 or less in the Cass Corridor/Second toward Wayne State. I've been looking. Wouldn't mind getting some property to build on as well.
  10. Hope these plans blossom and certainly the National Theater on Monroe would be a grand plan for downtown. In our efforts to clean areas in the neighborhoods of the city, we continue to see buildings with "for rent" "for sale" signs on them. When one calls the number, it's been disconnected or noone calls back. Let's hope some of the outer areas can be redeveloped. Speaking of downtown, unless there are residents there, no retailer will spend any money to eek out a living. Sure CrossWinds is building their 7 years in the making condos- the same company that made it happen in 2 in Royal
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