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  1. Ugh. I think it's very disappointing that the spire is going away. It was much of an iconic exclamation point for the Medical Hill, not just for the building it was to be constructed into. The great thing about "wierd" architectural elements is exactly that...they're wierd and they make a place interesting. Instead of intimidating medical center goers, I think it would have been the opposite and woud have brought a sense of wonderment to visitors and employees alike.
  2. No, but you can find Nancy Grace there. I mean Nancy Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayce.
  3. Did you witness the building collapse just to your left, Zach?
  4. I've always wondered, does this park have a name? It's such a great asset!
  5. Very cool! The design of this building is so much fun. Makes me want to just get out my old type writer!
  6. Hell, you can't even park along Woodward in front of the Alexandrine Tower/Medical Tower across from Orchestra Hall without a bunch of trashed cars overnight.
  7. Park on the service drive and risk your car's glass shattered or worse, not there when you get back.
  8. Yah, I thought of that too, but I'd just bull doze them all and make some gigga-garages with housing on top and in front. It's kinda too bad that there isn't anything to connect to on the other side of the Lodge because that would be a great opportunity for uninterrupted pedestrian access to other points of interest. Yah, the athletic field is over there (along w/ bums and crime who feed on the "nobody around" mentality that the fields present.
  9. Oh man...Detroit is so ugly this time of year. Just looking at that picture (w/ Le Cigar) makes me want to go lie down and not wake up until that weather is here!
  10. What a great backdrop! I always thought those garages along Anthony Wayne Dr. (abutting the Lodge) should be rebuilt with housing on top. Anthony Wayne is turning into such a great strip...at least on the east (campus) side. Lot of potential there, that hopefully the university/city will take full advantage of.
  11. Michi

    Detroit Off Topic

    Wow, never saw that. What a pain. I never really ever bothered to look, but is Old Slumpy completely gone now?
  12. Michi

    Detroit Off Topic

    Detroit would be the last city to install any sort of cameras (even though they have before (Hart Plaza))...this city is so corrupt, it's how politicians gain power. You can have the mayor define what deceit it by him leaving no trail, and then you can have city council point the finger at him, but then do the same thing 1 month later...a'hem: Monica Conyers. Detroit exists because the leadership truely believes that its citizens are dumb enough, stupid enough and weak enough to accept the lowest standards of quality of life. If that's the only way the leadership can operate, then of course they don't want to babysit the public w/ cameras, because in reality and in the bottom line, as we have seen, it is the city that needs the babysitting. It's just too bad that there is no higher power above them in city administration that would enforce a normal status quo. Semi-controlled chaos...it's the best way to describe Detroit, at will, from chosen leadership style of the administration.
  13. Michi

    Detroit Off Topic

    Well, I understand privacy concerns, but the fact is how can you expect privacy when you're in public. I think public trumps that, so I agree, wolverine.
  14. Michi

    Detroit Off Topic

    I always think of the worst case scenario about my own intentions of wanting to live and potentially raise a family in the city. It's not my safety that I necessarily would worry about, but rather my family. And imagine the worst case happening when you have family visiting from out of town (most of whom were always against you living in a Detroit neighborhood). How could you live with yourself if that worst case scenario happened...and then to top it off with a nice cherry of no police response. Ugg! So many things keep people out of this city even though they would live here if they could.
  15. Thanks for the updade, dad! I always look forward to the progress photos. Is the last one of the set Children's?
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