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  1. We finally have a rendering of the new police station, not much design, a very utilitarian looking building. which is fine for the police station, Hopefully more design will go into the new city county building. Spartanburg police chief, city manager discuss timeline, SPD building (goupstate.com)
  2. Soon the westside won't be the only shopping district in Spartanburg. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2022/09/19/east-side-le-baron-plaza-remodel-bring-national-retail-restaurants/69496066007/
  3. Does anyone know how much earmark money Spartanburg got in the state budget this year. I heard there was $12 million in the Senate budget for downtown infrastructure once again.
  4. It was suppose to be used for road repairs.
  5. It is definitely on the northwestern edge of downtown, but I wouldn't call it the west side. There was a push at onetime to expand streetscaping out to the Artist Collective. Does anyone know where that stand right now?
  6. I think it is kind of great expanding what people think of as downtown, plus they are right down the street from the new fire station.
  7. We have had several Indian restaurants and the always close down because of lack of business.
  8. I'm liking how the windsor facade will be matching the one at 109 main st , it maintains a sense of continuity.
  9. What new neighborhood? I know there was talk about a pocket neighborhood going in there but I havent seen or heard anything else about it.
  10. Since the proposed development up the street includes a parking element maybe they can work with them to gain some spots.
  11. The Fretwell Project seem to be progressing nicely.
  12. The Western End of Spartanburg is constantly growing, not much news there. The fact that more and more homes and apartments are being build downtown and on the East side, shows the strength of Spartanburg's growth and redevelopment. Come visit sometime, its not the same place it was 5, 10, 15 years ago.
  13. I like this project and am glad it is happening but the one question no one has been able to answer for me is how this is this going to affect the lower Drayton trail and it's connection to the rest of The Dan.
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