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  1. That is still not going to fix the problem that cars are diverted off of Main St on to Broad. 99.9% of people are not going to get on Broad go around the Square and then get back on Main. They are going to stay on Broad and avoid the rest of Main altogether. Thus causing loss of business for the business above Church St. My personal opinion is that this is going to kill downtown again. While things are progressing here we are not Fort Worth yet and just because it works there doesn't mean it will work here. Especially when you are cutting off the main thoroughfare thru downtown. Just my humbl
  2. Apperantly Jennifer Evans is leaving Spartanburg for Orlando. https://www.facebook.com/unitedarts
  3. What dont you understand? Closing off traffic flow for the more pedestrian friendlyMSM killed downtown. Now they want to shut down Morgan Square to vehicles, thus routing them again down Broad or St John street. If people are not driving on Main Street they can not see new developments and out of sight out of mind. We have to remember that not everyone keeps up with what is happening downtown like we do. I Personally see this as a problem for those coming West to East but that may be because that is when I travel down Main street, If I'm going east to west I usually take St John. They s
  4. The one thing that strikes me while looking at these photos is that Spartanburg has wasted a lot of space for surface parking lots over the years.
  5. Is he gone already? It hasn't even been a week. What happened?
  6. This is kind of what was proposed in the master plan planning meetings.
  7. Does anyone know what is going in the former Marco's space at Hillcrest. now that they have moved to Converse Plaza?
  8. Magnolia street is coming along.
  9. I understand doing it now because the dining rooms are not opened, but closing off the square permently IDK shades of the Main Street Mall come to mind..
  10. Wall street was clsoed off to be a festival street. the events I have attended that encompass Wall st Spring St and the Grassy area next to the HJ parking lot seen=m to work well. The problem I have with chairs and table in the Square would be clean up. I can see it creating a mess very fast.
  11. Skyliner, the ferris wheel was brought my a private individual and Slide the City was brought by Hub-Bub an arts organization.
  12. They are a public art display called Lighten Up Spartanburg.
  13. They are demolishing the old Eckards/Rite Aid at Hillcrest. Anyone know what is planned for that site?
  14. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20190509/silver-hill-neighborhood-cambria-hotel-star-mill-designs-get-final-approval
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