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  1. The crane/ auger rig is for the construction of a retaining wall (Specifically lag and pile earth retention system).
  2. GrDad I just notice that on the westward construction site they have poured the footing and assembled the base section of yet another tower crane. So I guess that
  3. How about adding this project to the midtown Green devlopment, I think that would be great location for something of this type.
  4. Lets cut the wall some slack, at least it will be better then the status quo. Also the Steep Grade on that site is limiting the possible alternatives to anything other then a wall of some sort.
  5. What we really need to be six lanes is I-196 and also we need to think of way to address traffic concerns in our city. Because road expansion is only one element of the problem. B)
  6. I think the towers/cancer center developments should have a web cam. What do you folks think about that?
  7. I recall a river restoration initiative a few years back. It proposed the removal of numerous small dams that line the river route though downtown, even the sixth street dam/fish ladder. Also the adding of natural landscape features such as rocks and native plant species along the river. What held this up was the funding. Analysis of the riverbed turn up years of hazardous sediment build up. If the cost can be over come river restoration would be a great project.
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