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  1. I used to be a Delta Platnium and now just a gold, but I like flying out of Tally and Delta. Bottom line it sucks flying unless you are on a private jet. But if you are not happy about Tally....it is about to get a LOT worse because Panama City is about to open an international airport that will kill Tally. So get ready for change.
  2. "What source tells you there's no money to be made here? " The fact that even with a million dollar subsidy, we had a discount carrier leave Tally. Economics it seems tells us.
  3. If there was money to be made in Tally....they would be in Tally. So it isn't a Big City item for this...it is a money item. And Tally doesn't have it...or they would be here.
  4. TJ, You don't get big city amenities and then corporations....doesn't work like that. The tail is wagging the dog. You take what advantages you have and work them until you grow them. Tally has failed to do that so it won't have airlines like you want.
  5. They have no financial reason to 'step in'. Tally is a money loser. As a frequent flyer, I am grateful for delta. It takes more businesss travelers to make tally an attractive market. Common theme for multiple topics in Tally.....without more corporations, Tally simply doesn't have the money to sustain certain luxuries.
  6. "I recently learned the city has also recently made a deal with the parent company of GT technologies to bring in 149 more jobs for the Commonwealth area, with the average salary set at $37,000.00, full benifits. " Adding jobs is great. That salary amount is also nice.....but Torrey Pines and the average research jobs is TWICE that amount. So again, I don't understand why we sent dozens of politicians on taxpayer money for vacations to Austin, Madison, and Raliegh, explicity stated we wanted to foster research and now we only offer incentives to manufacturers. It doesn't make sense. FSU offered Torrey Pines $40 Million in incentives, the local govt offered little to nothing. There were other research groups that relocated in the state that Tally made no real attempt to attract. The local govt also helped kill FSU's plan for "University Park" a larger research park because it didn't think FSU should have a controlling interest (despite FSU spending over $200 Million to build it). Is a job better than no job? Yes. But it really makes no sense to me how this all progressed and why what was originally planned. Much like Gaines Street being sold as one thing and then the politicians doing another. It doesn't give you confidence in what our local politicians claim the are shooting for.
  7. I have no idea why the COT would put all that money in to attract a airline manufacturer but refused to give anything to attract Torrey Pines (bio research). FSU put up about $40 Million to attract Torrey Pines and the COT refused to work as a team and help bring them in. So the COT is more interested in manufacturing and not research? I think research is much more likely to attract other research than manufacturing is like to attract other manufacturing.....plus research is more $$$. Not to mention it builds on some of what Tally already has. I also though the COT was targeting research which they showed when visiting Madison, Raleigh, and Austin. Am I the only one confused by the direction (or lack thereof) in this regards?
  8. stjoe


    TaureanJ, I agree that simply saying something sucks is not productive. But often what is 'negative' is in the eye of the beholder. Often on this board someone will say "I am glad Tally is building more, because it isn't developed enough" or something like that. That could be construed (sp?) as negative by those who are anti-development. But those that are pro development think it is just fine for example. Just a thought.
  9. stjoe


    I would guess Brad Johnson or Deal Palmer.
  10. I realize Leon County runs IP and that is why I believe it is a failure. Either you mistyped or I don't understand what you are saying. If FSU had control of IP years ago, it would be a large source (MUCH larger than it is now) of high paying jobs. That would of been a good start for the city. No airline will every be knocking down Tally's door begging to come or come back (as stated in your scenerio). That is pure hope as opposed to fact. I never said Delta didn't take advantage ....they did. But that doesn't change that Tally is not a desirable market for anyone...including Delta and subsidizing ANOTHER comp for them could send them packing. Doesn't matter..Tally won't get another in Tally unless high paying jobs come to Tally. Whether you respect Delta or not is COMPLETELY irrelevant...your emotions are thinking for you here (not an insult...I do this all the time). I am simply saying...Tally has ONE OPTION...Delta...period...the end.
  11. "Could we not offer Southwest the same incentives we offered AirTran to do a little 1-Year trial in our city to see if they'd like to serve us. What would they have to lose?" Delta. As a Platinum member of Delta, I can tell you, they feel it is unfair to subsidize their comp. You can say "who cares" and that is fine, but if Delta leaves Tally....we are screwed. Bottom line is this. Tally has to focus on getting high paying jobs FIRST. Yes, it is a catch 22...ie you need airlines to attract jobs, etc. But the first win eventually must be better jobs. Tally has NEVER understood it is about brining in better jobs. It has always been anti business and this situation is just one of the many fruits of that attitude. But t simply doesn't know how to do this unless they get lucky enough to ride the coatails of one of the universities (like the recent get from Canada...that was all about the Mag Lab). The city should of worked hard with FSU....pushed a REAL research park (Innovation Park is a complete bust) with FSU running it....perhaps pushing another one for FAMU right next to FSU's (so they are near each other....but with one DISTINCT boss...ie you can't have two bosses...you get nowhere). At the end of the day....Tally simply doesn't know how to be a player with high paying jobs....and that creates a airline market that is of no interest to anyone.
  12. hey, I chime in when I can. I think this board does great
  13. I am waiting for the punch line here. No, I wasn't there unfortunately. That is why I love this site...I can count on your updates with sweet pics.
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